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My 2 Cents on Terminal
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My 2 Cents on Episode 2.2: Terminal

Our tri-weekly midnight Lexx fixx continues, and must say I couldn’t be happier. Finally I’m getting to catch up on everything I missed over the years. Like I said before, it feels a bit awkward to watch, knowing how it will all eventually end, but I take heart in the fact that A) it’s Lexx, and B) it’s new to me, so in a way the show hasn’t really ended.

I caught Terminal last night, which I’d never seen before, and all in all, it really is a difficult episode to watch. When you consider the fact that the last 1/3 of the episode is basically Zev getting tortured, it really leaves a bad taste in your mouth. However, that’s what happens when you have a cast of truly likable characters. You feel for them. This worked well for the villain as well, as I truly came to hate Dr. Kazan and his cronies. By the end of the ep I was on pins and needles waiting for them to die. To tell the truth I was hoping for Kai to launch into one of his patented killing sprees, but alas it was not to be. Still, Kazan and his people got it good (Kazan’s death, I believe, was an homage to Alien).

Speaking of which, I never knew that Zev could morph into a full-fledged cluster lizard. It was a cool sequence, though I must admit that overall, this episode did not boast the show’s best special effects. I realize this is an unfair assessment, as the effects would go on to get much better. After all, look at the visual tour de force that was Battle, which I believe was the show’s crowning achievement as far as effects go. Still, in the end, special effects alone do not a story make. Lexx always has been about the characters, which is why I felt this was a particularly powerful episode, because we had to see the characters we love suffering. It was a good ep, but not necessarily one I’d watch over and over again.

Finally, is it just me, or did Mantrid’s drone cloud form the D.O. iris symbol? I like how his dismantling of everything helps tie the season together, as well as show just how powerful he really is.

Cheery bye.


2 MORE Cents on Episode 2.2: Terminal

Sorry this took so damn long. Between working double shifts, and trying to find time to do some writing on a little side project, my future seems about as bleak as that of a gerbil in the clutches of Richard Gere. Anyhoo, here is my original Terminal review from way back

Ok, before I take the safety off and break into a long, redundancy-laden diatribe about how evil Dr. Kazzan was and how many different ways he deserved to die, I must take issue with this episode.

Submitted for your approval: Kai wakes up and accidentally (or so the story goes) massages Stan’s heart with his brace.  So far, so good (except for Stan, who must have yanked Kai awake from one of those “driving a freight train through a tunnel” dreams that defy waking interpretation).

It’s quite clear that Stan, like everyone who has crossed Kai, has not only been left with a bigass gaping hole in his chest that would make Charlton Heston proud, BUT, and this is very important, a bigass hole in his security guard uniform. Now, I’m perfectly willing to accept that these characters inhabit a universe in which one’s heart can be pureed, frozen, yanked out of the body, placed in a plexiglass pressure cooker and magically zapped back to life. After all, this is fiction, and suspension of disbelief is both the norm, and part of the fun. However, I TOTALLY, UTTERLY, COMPLETELY, WHOLEHEARTEDLY, BEYOND 1/10,000th OF A SHADOW OF A DOUBT REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT A DOUBLE-KNIT GARMENT CAN BE WRENT ASUNDER BY A DIAMOND-PRECISION KILLING INSTRUMENT, ONLY TO MAGICALLY REGENERATE WITHOUT LEAVING SO MUCH AS A TRACE OF THE INCURRED CARNAGE BEHIND. LEXX, FOR HOWEVER MUCH I MAY LOVE THEE (and I do, I really truly do), I’M GONNA HAVE TO CALL BULLSHIT ON THAT PARTICULAR MOVE.

Would it have been so hard for the beans to slip in a quick line about how it was so nice of the folks at Medsat to repair Stan’s uniform? Or, or…follow me here, a humorous exchange in which Kai discloses that the dead, as we have all probably suspected from time to time, are damn good seamstresses. Either of these scenarios would have worked for me, but I guess I’ll never be afforded that particular peace of mind, and may as well abandon the subject altogether before I lose so much sleep that I take to staying up all night staring at my dishwasher waiting for God to emerge and make a crack about taking a left turn at Albuquerque.

Lord have mercy, did I ever go off on a tangent there. This can’t bode well for the history of heart disease that runs in my family.

What else can I say about Dr. Kazzan that hasn’t been said already? Like Prince, this guy is a damn good villain. But, that’s just about where the comparisons end. Prince is likable, witty, frequently funny, intriguing, mesmerizing, and a bunch of other adjectives that appeal primarily to the ladies.  In short, you want to see more of him. Kazzan is an evil sonofabitch, plain and simple. Sure, the guy is a smooth talker when he is first introduced, and seems like he could be a pretty likable guy. However, when his true colors are revealed, he can’t die fast enough. Personally, I wouldn’t have complained at all if Kai had completely broken character and gone on a deck-by-deck, room-by-room killing spree, forsaking his brace and opting to bludgeon Kazzan and his cronies to death with bedpans and a surgical grade sledgehammer (trust me, they have those). His death scene is cool enough (shades of ALIEN, as I’ve mentioned before), but after watching him torture Zev for 1/3 of the episode, it hardly seems like enough. Perhaps if Kai were mind warped ala Wake the Dead, and then given explicit marching orders by 790…that would be a start. But, in hypothetical hindsight, such quasi-comedic carnage would take away from the emotional impact of the episode’s ending, so perhaps its all for the better.

Well, sorry this review took so long. I finally got around to watching my tape of Lyekka last night, and I’ll try and knock out the re-review as quickly as possible. Well, that’s it for now. Guess I’d better hit the sack before I start to overanalyze something else.

Cheery bye.

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A statement you made above was 'you feel for the characters in this episode'.  That is very true, and you see some kind of bond between Kai and Zev.  Why else would he have wanted to save her yellow goo?

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This was the most emotional ep for Kai in S2. Zev sacrifices herself for him and he obviously is very much affected by it...After this, he seems to close down emotionally for good.




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