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 Posted: Fri Sep 16th, 2022 12:39 am


I'm not much of a talker, anxiety makes it hard interacting so I'd always stay quiet. I wish I could talk more but it's hard.
Id log in every now and then to see if people still came here and was always happy it was still around even though very quiet.
Sad to hear about the passing of Dragonflygurl. I didn't know her but I recognise the regular posters and that was some really shitty news. And ketana too?
Saw this place is likely to go and that makes me sad too. Maybe it's the sad eventuality that all places like this will end up replaced by a subreddit. But I get it.
I love lexx. I've never met anyone else in real life who does. My ex wife likes brigadoom and is fond of the show but it's one of the most important shows to me. So much of my own attempts at writing have echoes of lexx, so many video game characters called zev or kai. So many nights falling asleep listening to the music.
Anyway. Its late here. Just wanted to say even though I was always quiet, this place meant something to me. If it does go ill miss it.

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 Posted: Wed Sep 21st, 2022 06:16 pm


Hi Snake83. I really miss Dragonflygurl and Ketana, we have had alot of memories with this place. I've been debating about keeping it going or not. I have a month to go before I'd have to renew it again. I just have so many other expenses that I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do.

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