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There is an episode, either season 4 or 2, where the crew are in Halifax (maybe) and the camera shows a sign on a building with the name of the building. The Alice something building....

Brian Downey didn't know what building it is, or why we were shown the name of the building. Do you recall which episode?


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The only thing I can think of, it has to be Season 4, since all the others were filmed inside a set or took place in the Alternate universe. Probably either Fluffdaddy, or the episode where Lex plays a porn director shooting a scene with Jeffrey and Louise. They did show the theater where "actor Kai" was performing, the outside doorway where there was a poster of Actor Kai.


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Here ya go!

Edice Jean Calvin. If there's a joke or reference buried in that name, I'll be needing some charges and a pith helmet in order to extract it.

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