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*Arrange a high profile political marriage between my left and right foot, forever quashing decades of vicious ideological acrimony.

*Ponder with the lights on for once.

*Re-enroll in that “Financial Independence Through The Power of Erotic Photosynthesis” class at the Y.

*Dig a tunnel to the center of the sky.

*Post “MEMBERS ONLY” signs along said tunnel at eleven Planck-length intervals.

*Publish my dandruff.

*Sneak around behind my back and surprised myself before I’m able to get the drop on myself.

*Travel down the exact number of roads a man must travel down before you can call him a man.  On a scooter.  Walking is for the birds.

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*join the apple dumpling gang and resurrect Don Knotts

*Add gas to 100% electric car

*eat beans to add said gas

*actually find Waldo

* pay taxes

*run from the IRS

* Send the Lexx over to Bilbo's for a tasty snack


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Don't text anymore within talking distance.

Don't buy my next computer on QVC

Maintain my sparkling positive attitude

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*do not dress my x=boyfriend like a minion

*do not go into the supermarket and yell at the cakemixes to hurry up and bake already

*do not call the mayor's office and demand he show the public his brunnen-g weapon at his next
budget meeting

*do not call the airport and demand to know when the next bus leaves for Mars

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