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I'm from Rome and I study japanese at the university.
I like to spend time playing videogames(mostly retro) or being on the internet, both of which are more enjoyables when with friends, even if they're net buddies.
One of these net buddies of mine, a dutch guy, suggested that I watched Lexx (this was less than a year ago), stating that "it's got sexual jokes and it's just up your alley". He knows i'm not particularly into sci-fi so I was curious.
I admit I was expecting to like it but I didn't know I was gonna enjoy the cast SO much, amongst other things.
Also the overall different setting and feeling of each season struck me as brilliantly enjoyable. That's also why I started watching it again right after finishing it.
I have a girlfriend that looks like Gigerotta, who I find to be the perfect character for a 'simple' haunting, evil role. :xre_21:
I recently got myself the dvd set(I think it's the latest one) on ebay, it's awesome and it looks like this . It doesn't really have the widescreen option but I don't care, it has everything and I'm happy to do something I never did before (buying a showmovie's dvd, although I love watching those things) for what I think isn't the best series, but definitely is and bound to remain my favourite one.
I felt a little LexxLove expression was in order. It's nice to be subscribed here.

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Hi Goat, welcome aboard, Lexx is still awesome even after all these years!

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OOOOOOoooo a fresh goat from Rome, Italy...quick get the coals ready, I just know this one is gonna be tasty...

welcome to something strange


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Hi goat. Fresh meat................


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Goat: Welcome from a Lexxaholic in Canada. It is great to see that there are still new fans being born and learning of the pleasure to derived from one of the most fun series to be produce and broadcast.

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