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 Posted: Fri Oct 18th, 2013 01:10 am


The offspring
Warning no own]
Ahh Xev woke up from a really bad dream about ghosts, She been having these dreams ever sense Kai dies along with earth. She sat right up from her bed and put on her boots and made her way to Stan’s room to wake him up. Stan was fast asleep dreaming about lekka the plant woman from his dreams. Xev sometimes get jolliest of him dreaming of her and talks about her. She sometimes Stan would talk about how nice Xev is .Over the past weeks she started to have feelings for Stan sense Kai died along with earth. Around that time she felt alone and didn’t have anyone to turn to accepted Stan. Stanley tried his best to comfort her.
I can’t believe that is really gone She said to herself. She had been morning Kai in her dreams along dreaming about ghost.
She tapped Stan on the shoulder and he woke up.
“AH Xev you scared me”
“Sorry Stan I had a bad dream about Kai and the ghost again “she said with tears in her eyes.
Stan heart broke by the sight of this he got right out of his bed and pulled her into a hug.
Shh he said as they sat right on his bed.
She sat right up after she didn’t have any more tears in her eyes
“Stan can I stay here for the night”
“Shore” He said with a smile.
He felt the weight on the bed as she lay beside him.
Xev wrapped her arms and rested her head on his chest.
They both fell right to sleep

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 Posted: Fri Oct 18th, 2013 07:49 pm


Aww, that was nice of Stan to take care of Xev.

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