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Xev/Zex- my soapbox of Kai
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 Posted: Wed Jan 9th, 2013 04:05 am


Zev/Xev. In episode 2 of season 1, Kai says he wants to spend the rest of his undead life with Zev. This affection seems to carry through the entire Zev phase. Then, Zev dies and we have Xev. And Kai becomes cranky, or more to the point borderline offended (if he was alive) by Xev’s attentions. After watching all the seasons back to back for 6 months (yep, I have no life), I have a couple theories.
#1- Perhaps it’s a cultural thing. Kai was visibly moved by Zev’s sacrifice to save him. Maybe by reconstituting her, that lessens her sacrifice. Trivializing it.
#2- Zev was born human, with cluster lizard grafted on. The new Xev contained some but not all of the DNA sequences of Zev, plus some cluster lizard, and some plant, and some astronauts from Potatahoe. Xev was not a true reproduction of Zev. Neither in likeness, personality, or soul. Kai could sense this on subatomic level. So, the one he cared for was still dead.


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First of all...don't mistake anything that was written by the writers to be carved in stone for the entire series. The show is notorious for the HUGE inconsistencies between one season and the next.

It's easily defined as: Season One: Movies=Kai actually has some residual emotions after regainng his memories.

Seasons 2-4: Kai is a re-animated piece of de-carbonized flesh with all the emotional range of a garter snake.

Oh, btw. all discussion of Lexx characters belongs in the Cluster section....


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Can't you move this discussion to it's proper place?
It is a little daunting for us newbies when arriving at The Lexxverse. I have found a grey area as big as the Lexx after reviewing the rules and reading the forums. So it is easy for us to be confused, sorry. I, myself have also entered something for discussion in the " wrong place".

Season 3&4 found Kai a little schizoid at times.

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