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Lexx: new crew member
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Lexx: the new girl
By Danielle smith

On board the lexx everyone was fasted a sleep in their beds, Kai was frozen in his cryopad to reserve his proto blood. 790 were bussy reciting poems’ about his love for xev. It’s been a long day for the crew; they just got back from a planet that was evil. During the years when she was on that planet, the prisoners tortured and made fun of her for years. The poor girl couldn’t take it any more one one day she escaped from cell and headed straight to the officer’s courters and tackled with the computer to send out a distress signal.
While they were down on the planet, Kai decided that they can take her with them and become a new crew member of the lexx Stanley on the other hand was more than happy to have a another woman on board the lexx.She seems to like Stan a lot, they have a lot in common even Xev seems to get along with her a lot and to have someone to talk to while Kai is frozen in his cryo pod.
Alice is a big help to them. She can fight off any bad person who stands in her way. She has a weapon just like kais hiding under her wrist band. A long time ago she used to be a warrior back in the day for his divine shadow. Before she was a cursed of a crime. They locked her up and took her sword from her, and aloud dumb people to bully and tortored her to death. All those years she learned to cope with the pain and to become a very strong person.
“Oh look who it is worm face” 790 yelled as Stan stepped on to the bridge
“Oh shut up middle mouth” Stan said in a very annoyed voice as he took a seat on the pesto.
Stanley hum to himself as Alice walked onto the brige, and took a seat right on the bridge.
Stan smiled right at her.
“What’s up Stan” Alice said with a smile
Stan returned to smile “anoth much just chilling so how was your night”?
Alice smiled “ok I guess it’s the best sleep that I ever had sense I was down on that dam planet, you couldn’t even get any sleep without someone snoring in your ear.
Stan laughed
Alice got up from where she was sitting and walked over to Stan and kneeled in front of him.
I see your blushing at me, what’s the deal Stan” Alice joked
Stan smiled “oh nothing much” Alice then got up from the floor and took a seat right in Stan’s lap. This made him blush even more as Alice looked right into Stan’s eyes. All she saw was love a sweet man right in the depths of his blue eyes. Stan slid his arm around Alice’s neck drowning her closer to him.
Their lips was going to meet into they was interrupted by Xev walking onto the bridge.
“Mm am I missing something here”
Alice quickly hoped off Stan’s lap and took a seat right on the bridge.
“No we were just talking” Alice expiated
Stan shakes his head
Xev give them both a weird look “I looked like the both of you were connecting with each other.
Stan looked defended by this
“It’s none of your bisness xev” Stan yelled
Xev Smiled at this and laughed
“Oh whatever you say love birds next time I’ll find out the truth”
Xev Laughs
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It's nice that Stan has found a new lady friend, he could use the company.

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