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 Posted: Mon Oct 3rd, 2011 11:29 pm


Congratulations on the smidgeon! (that's what I call kids 'cause they're, you know, little :P)


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 Posted: Tue Oct 4th, 2011 07:35 am


Congratulations! Don't worry, a birthday-party comes again every year... we will find a time to celebrate or simply meet us someday. There is always a reason to celebrate :2567:

An maybe we can celebrate a "all missed MM Birthdays - Party" :) . It would be a fan-meeting anyway so I think it is okay, that it won't happen on his birthday next year ... And who knows: maybe they will come back to a convention in the US and THAT really would make me travel over -- at almost any cost! Meeting with you all and then go to such a con ... Great!:bounce_pinka:

But it does not mean I would not try to come to a Lexx-Fan-Meeting (for whatever reason)!!! I haven't met a lot of Lexx fans over here yet but I just "infected" my working-comrade with Lexx and she is now totally crazy about it :) *heheheh*

So far then - congratulations again and I think we still can manage to make a party for any Lexx-Reason anywhere. :)

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