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1. Ok, to navigate thru the 'Verse, it's very simple. At the top of each board style is the Logo and under that, the description of the board and then next to that, the forum you're in and then the thread. When you post, it will take you back to your post, but if you want to reverse back into the thread, go to the very LAST designation on the line above the board itself. It will show you the thread you're in. If you want to back up farther, you can pick the title out in the middle, and it will take you to the forum you're in . If you want to go to the very beginning, you can go to the First designation "You have arrived in the Lexxverse'" or you can click on the Logo and go back to the beginning.

2. Text colors: There are so far, 4 different board styles. Some of them have black backgrounds. To change colors to better suit the one you're looking at, change the color of the text in the following way:

Type your response in the reply box. HIGHLIGHT it and then in the tool bar above, on the upper left side, is a Number. That's the text size. You can change the size simply by dropping the box down and selecting the size you want.

To change the color, you can go to the little blank box next to the number box and drop THAT box down and select your fave color. It will change automatically.

This trick will work with any text edit. including the Glowing and Shadow text.

Highlight it first THEN change the color or size.

3. Adding images:  You can do this one of 2 ways. Add an attachment at the bottom, but that takes up extra storage space, or you can link to a site like Photobucket.

To install the image, look at the toolbar at the top of the reply box. The icon FOURTH from the right, shows a little box with a little red mountain in it. Click on that. and then paste in the URL of the image from your hosting site. Remember to delete that little 'red' http: from the line. Then image will then appear. NOTICE.

If you place an image on the page, you MUSTS click on it, and then move over to the next space to ADD another image. That goes for Emoticons, images, or anything.

If you don't click on the image and then space over, nothing will show up if you select another pic.

4. Adding links: Third icon from the right at the top of the tool box, select that and it will give you a little box to paste in the URL. easy peasy Japanesey.

5. Adding music players. I haven't had the opportunity yet to play with that , I'll let you know what they do. :)

That's all for now !

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