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The fourth cycle of time
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I really thought about writing a story for the fourth cycle of time since this is the Kai we met and got to know through the series.  But we really don't know much about his life, so I put my own spin on the events on Brunnis 2 just prior to the arrival of the Divine Order.  I'm running the full series in the eZine but I thought I'd add the first chapter here.

The Warrior's Code

*A warrior's only possession of worth is his honor, I will act with honor at all times even when honor demands my actions be contrary to what others may think is right.  

*I will act with honor even when it conflicts with my own interests, the well being of my people is more important than my own.

*I will use all the tools and gifts I possess as a warrior to protect my people, I will stand and fight beside my fellow warriors to my last breath. I will avenge the fallen as my brothers and sisters of the Bloodlines will avenge me.

The Fifth Cycle of Time


Chapter 1
               Kai  woke up filled with excitement.  Today was his 5th birthday.  He bounded out of bed and ran to the bathing chamber climbing up on a small stool to examine his reflection in the mirror. 
                Five was an important age for a Brunnen G child. He had received his final haircut yesterday.  Well not exactly a haircut, his head was as smooth as a river rock.  Every single hair had been shaved off.  But never again would his hair be cut.  It was a new beginning for him.  He was no longer a baby.
                He quickly dressed in his new clothes.  Today marked more than one new beginning, for the first time in his life he was going above ground.  For the first time he would see the sun, and forests and the ocean!  He literally skipped into the central chamber to find his parents standing there smiling.
                “Kai, how handsome you look in your new outfit.” His mother said as she knelt and opened her arms to him.
                “Quite the little man.” His father agreed.
                “We are going to the beach.” She added.  “And you can see the ocean.” She smiled.  She stood and took his hand as they left the family’s space and entered the public area.
                It seemed like everyone had to stop them to wish Kai well on his fifth birthday.  After all this was a day celebrated by all Brunnen G.  Birthrates among the Brunnen g were just as low as infant mortality was high.There were a few stops that needed to be made before they actually went aboveground.  The first was at a small shop that sold head coverings.
                “Someone has had a birthday I see!” The shop owner greeted them.  “Well young man, I’m sure that you will enjoy your first time in the sun, but it can be dangerous.  We will need to cover your little head so the sun does not cook it!  Come and pick out a hat.”
                The next stop was at the apothecary.   Kai’s mother purchased a jar of cream to protect his skin.  “The sun can burn you.  You must remember Kai, always be careful.  Danger lurks everywhere and you must be aware of it.”
The last stop was at a small shop that carried a variety of different goods.  Kai stopped and looked up at the brightly colored floating orbs.  “What are they?” He asked his mother.
“They are balloons Kai.” She replied.
“What do they do?”
“They are simply pretty objects, they don’t do anything.” His mother answered.
Kai’s father approached carrying a long box.  “Okay we are ready to go above ground.  Let’s go.”  Kai’s parents turned to leave the shop then noticed Kai was still standing there, fascinated by the balloons.  The shopkeeper also noticed Kai’s fascination.  He walked over and plucked a red balloon from the group and handed it to Kai.
“Hold tightly to the cord or it will fly away.” The man said with a smile.
Kai remembered how bright everything was as they stepped out of the cave, he also remembered the warmth.  The trees were huge! He had no idea that trees could grow so big.  The trees in the underground gardens were tiny compared to these.
“Come along Kai the beach is just a short walk from here.” His father said.  “And when we get there I have a surprise for you.  I bought you a fishing rod.  I’ll teach you how to fish.”

      Kai awoke remembering the dream of his fifth Birthday.  He remembered how wonderful that day was, so filled with the innocent enjoyment of childhood.  Those days were over.  He like others had noticed the weak spots in the shields and seen things that indicated other worlds beyond Brunnis.  Like other Newborns he had questioned and had his questions ignored.
      There was one who may have answers, the old crone who lived in the deep lower levels.  Kai knew the stories and tales told about her, he also knew that they were not true.   The elders said that she ate children, but she hadn’t eaten him when she found him wandering around lost in the lower levels when he was 10.  Instead she had led him to the upper levels and sent him on his way.  It was also said that she was from the original Brunnis, but of course that could not be.  They were all long dead.
      He dressed quickly unwilling to disturb Aura.  It would just upset her if she knew what he planned.  She often berated him for his curiosity saying it would get him killed one day.  Perhaps she was right, but not today.  He knew the crone would not harm him.

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