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Does anyone else think that the crew was kinda mean to Lexx? Well, not mean exactly, maybe more oblivious. I mean, when Lexx was starving to death they didn't seem to care much. They were annoyed because they couldn't move, but that's it. I know Lexx was just a 'big dumb bug', but still. It just seemed like no one was very concerned.

Lexx was sort of like a big puppy. Dumb, sure, but sweet. And the moths had some sort of awareness too. In Super Nova, the one that Giggerota was eating laughed at her when it left her there to get blown up. I always thought it was kind of horrible how the bugs had all that machinery and metal implanted in them. It just looked so painful. And Lexx and the moths were just so cute! I would have had trouble not treating them all like pets. But then, I wasn't raised in a box. :c030a: I don't know... maybe they don't have pets in the Light Universe.


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I think sometimes they were selfish with their own needs and didn't think much about the lexx until it was really critical. Poor bug sure went hungry alot.


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I completely agree! I felt very sorry for poor Lexx as they proceeded to not feed him for an entire season. :( And the moth eaters - no-one seemed to feel sorry for their deaths (Except Xev when she comes across the one on Fire).

I suppose if you're brought up with the equivalent of cars that talk you might not feel so attached to them.


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Hey yeah! And Stan was often pretty small in the way spoke down to the Lexx - one notable case was in The Net when Lexx wanted to turn away from the giant spider and Stan wouldn't let him.

That scene of Xev attempting to comfort the dying moth breeder on Fire was very sweet, very tender.

(Edit: love the PETA reference. Those folks are not quite as nutty as they are often portrayed as being; in fact one of my best friends is a card-carrying member.)

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I am an avid ASPCA member. The impression I got from the starving LEXX was that the crew were also starving so tensions were high.

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