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Wayward Kitty

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 Posted: Wed Nov 1st, 2006 10:47 am


This is a public service announcement; I've decided to send out Christmas cards this year, as a part of my new guarded yet non anti-social lifestyle. To make sure they get where they are going in time, I'm sending them out the last week in November, so anybody who would like a card please PM me your addy and I'll add you to my list. I've lost my address book, so that means everybody. Figured this would give you plenty of advance notice, and it'll let me know how many I have to buy.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled board surfing, already in progress. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

I'm on migraine pills today, and am trying to appear non-spaced... how am I doing? :c030a:

luff and huggles!

I'm a woman, not a Barbie doll; if you want a stick insect, go to the pet store.
Divine Executioner

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 Posted: Thu Nov 2nd, 2006 02:45 am


You sound great to me ! Hey you can save the postage for me and just send me one online, hehe..:s010a:

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