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What is your favorite new Vampire movie or tv show?
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What is your favorite Vampire movie or tv show?
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 Posted: Sat Jun 26th, 2010 09:48 pm


eLNunn wrote: Favorite new Vampire show? Well, I had to do a little research to make sure it hadn't been mentioned (and it hasn't), but "Being Human" is a pretty cool little show. It's about a Vampire and a Werewolf that decide to rent an apartment and try to live normal lives. And the apartment just happens to be haunted by a Ghost that loves to make tea. Russell Tovey, who some may remember from the Doctor Who episode "Voyage of the Damned" plays George the Werewolf. Aidan Turner, who I like simply because my Grandson shares his first name, plays Mitchell the Vampire. And Lenora Chrichlow, who is just cute as a bug, plays Annie the Ghost. Sinead Keenan, who was in the last couple of David Tennant Doctor Who specials as a green alien, is in the show also as Nina, George's ex - who he infected with Werewolism. This is an ensemble/buddy show, and it's really well done.

This show is one of the few Vampire shows lately that's managed to keep me watching past 3 episodes. There are two seasons out, and from what I understand, season 3 is just starting production. It's a BBC production, the first season was on BBCAmerica a while back, and you can find it on You-Tube. Dunno about Hulu, Joost, or any others tho'.

As far as films - the last good one I saw was " Day Watchers". It's old - made in 2006, it's long - 139 minutes, and it's Russian - which pretty much makes the plot incomprehensible to a Western viewer unless you pay close attention. But it's an extremely entertaining flick - the segment where two agents swap bodies for an investigation is hilarious. And the action segments are done just as well as any Hollywood production.

I saw that show listed on BBC America but I haven't had the opportunity to see it yet, it sounds cute.


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 Posted: Tue Oct 18th, 2016 09:49 am


Not really into Vampire shows per se. But I do quite like Buffy. Was really into it when it was on, but it's not a show I revisit often. (Spike and Giles absolutely rock, though.)
And, while not exactly a Vampire show, Preacher has one of the best TV vampires ever.

With movies it's pretty easy.

Interview With The Vampire - that film is pretty damn perfect. Now, this will sound like a heresy to some - but I actually like it better than the book. There's something overly melodramatic about Anne Rice's writing that rubs me the wrong way. The film tones it down to a much more sensible level.
Dracula (the 1992 version) - one of the best looking vampire films to date.
The Wisdom of Crocodiles - an off-kilter one; and Jude Law is one of the best film vampires I've seen...
Shadow of the Vampire - I hyena-laughed throughout the whole thing and I cried at the end.
Let The Right One In - very Scandinavian.
And Vampire's Kiss... It's quirky and insane and extremely lovable.
(I'm willing to forgive Nicolas Cage almost anything, because he was in this - and he was *brilliant* in it...:-))

EDIT: Gosh, did I just reply to a 6 year old thread?
Don't mind me... :-]

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