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An oldie but goodie..


FF:  A Day In The Life Of An Assassin



~~Insert all those deadly disclaimers here~~



His Divine Shadow paced the floor of his command center. "How dare this Heretic threaten me! I will have him killed to send a message to the others. I want his head!" HDS ranted and fumed his eyes glowing black with insect essence.

A small group of Heretic terrorists have infiltrated his compound and several explosions have occurred in the last few days coming very close to the command center. HDS was sent a message proclaiming him to be the next person to die. He was furious that these Heretics were able to infiltrate his compound and he was out for blood. He became so angry that he discharged his weapon and killed several of his personal guards in a frenzy of anger and hate.

"Your Divine Shadow, we have caught one of the terrorists and he is dead. But before he died, we tortured the information out of him and the leader of the Heretic band is Mallory Taurence. The leader is said to be hiding in the peasant quarter of the city, in a bar called Cluster’s House of Ale." The guard stood stiff and straight as he gave this information.

HDS growled at his remaining personal guards to follow him as he turned, his cloak sweeping around him and he walked to the morgue.

"Ah, yes, Kai, Last of the Brunnen-G, you will do well for this mission." HDS opened the morgue drawer and released protoblood, filling Kai’s systems. Kai opened his eyes and focused. "Who would you like me to kill?" Kai asked in an eerily flat voice.

HDS hissed and studied his dark assassin, this assassin was the top of line, never missing a kill. He almost smiled as he remembered the time prophet saying he would be destroyed by the last of the Brunnen-G. This would not happen as he had control over him.

"I want you to kill Mallory Taurence, the leader of a Heretic terrorist group. This Mallory is hiding out in the peasant quarter in a place called Cluster’s House of Ale. Seek this garbage out and bring me its HEAD!!" Roared His Divine Shadow. "As you command." states Kai as he places his feet on the floor and walks out of the morgue and up the steps towards the city.


Kai walked with panther like grace through the many twisting streets of the city. People stopped and stared whispering amongst themselves and trying to be as small as possible as he walked by. They knew what he was, an assassin. Many trembled in fear, afraid he was after them. People made a wide berth as he walked past them with a purposeful stride. Kai took no notice of the fear in the citizen’s eyes as he was focused on one goal, to kill.

Kai soon entered the more run down portion of the city and with a keen eye spotted the ale house. He moved noiselessly as he crossed the street and through the doors of the bar. He scanned room and announced he was here for Mallory Taurence. Several people ran for the back door, knocking each other over in their haste to exit. They knew what a divine assassin could do and if they didn’t flee, they would be dead.

Kai’s brace screamed out into the crowd and he snatched one of the fleeing patrons around the neck and tightened his brace. The man eyes bulged in fear and his hands clawed at the brace as Kai pulled the man closer to him. "Where is Mallory Taurence?" Kai asked. The man shook in fear as he glanced at the soul-less eyes of the assassin. "I, I, don’t know who you mean. I’ve never heard of him before."  The man stammered. Kai increased the pressure on the man’s windpipe. "You are lying." The man started gasping and his eyes widened as he saw Mallory coming down the stairs from the 2nd floor landing. He motioned with his hands and managed to yell out, "Run, Mallory, run, he’s been sent to kill you!" Kai turned and saw a figure paused on steps with a hat pulled low over his eyes. Mallory turned and ran back up the stairs and towards the roof. Kai released the man who slid weakly to the floor gulping for air. "Your un-cooperation will be reported to the Divine Order. Perhaps we will meet again." Kai turned and followed the fleeing figure up the stairs.

Mallory looked back and saw the Divine Assassin closing in. "By order of His Divine Shadow, I have been sent to kill you for treason." the assassin that had once been a living man stated in flat calm indifference.

Mallory in panic thinking for a way to escape to the roof retreated up the stairs unable to take her eyes off the dark clad figure that moved to follow. Feeling as though being suddenly plummeted into a bad dream, everything seemed surreal suddenly and in slow motion. She found her self strangely entranced by the sweet timber of his baritone voice and his handsome face that never the less sent a cold knot of fear into her guts as he moved with predatory grace to deliver her death. So he was the famous last of the Brunnen-G, tales of this assassin were legendary there was no mistaking him. Such a loss, him and his people. Now Mallory found herself in living in one of those legends but for how long?

Kai armed his brace with a steely click and self-preservation kicked in with a vengeance as Mallory unsheathed her energy weapon and fired striking the divine assassin several times to no avail. Kai merely absorbed the deadly rays as though they were sunshine and released his brace screaming for Mallory’s neck. Mallory ducked and rolled as the brace whizzed past in near miss striking the wall and sending bits of stone block shrapnel stinging into her skin. Mallory quickly gained her feet broke into a run as Kai retracted his brace and aimed again. Mallory rounded the corner eluding another shot from the assassin's brace. She stumbled briefly dropping to the ground on one knee her breath wheezing in harsh painful gasps and with an adrenaline surge born of fear Mallory gathered herself up and charged off heedlessly as the assassin rounded the corner after her arm raised. Seeing the window ahead as her only slim chance of escape she leaps headfirst shattering through the glass and freefalls into the water filled reservoir below not feeling the cuts to her flesh.

Kai walks to the window searching for his assignment and sees Mallory’s hat floating in the water below. His brace automatically screams out into the water towards the hat seeking his victim. Mallory swimming away underneath the water surfaces chilled and shaking at the side of the reservoir and reaches an exhausted hand up to the ledge in order to pull herself out she glances fearfully back to the window and sees the assassin looking at her.

Kai spots Mallory trying to get out of the water, his brace instantly screams out as Mallory releases her hold. His brace gets caught in the concrete of the reservoir and he uses it to pull himself across, plummeting down like a rock he hit the water with a huge splash the power of his cable pulled him so fast it sent of a rooster tail of water in his wake.

Mallory screamed in panic as the assassin arrived unexpectedly at her side; his mouth opened to speak and water spilled out drowning his words. Mallory scrambled up over the assassin's cold dead body grabbing his soaked hair-bun using it as leverage to get out- she flung herself weak and shaking over the ledge as the assassin grabbed on to the edge with his free hand and tried to free his embedded brace.

His motivation being to seize his targets as quickly as possible, Kai abandoned the freeing of his brace and hoisted himself one handed out of the water letting his cable loose in order to catch Mallory. He could subdue her first and take her head later once his brace was free.

Mallory gathered herself desperately to run once more but was grabbed by the shoulder by a cold wet and pale hand.

"I must kill you." Began the velvety voice of the dead assassin, "You are a heretic disloyal to his…." But Mallory saw that the ruckus had gained the attention of all the blind beggars that gathered here daily. "Help rape!" she screamed as she tore herself free from the assassin's painful grip loosing part of her shirt with a loud rip.

The beggars descended on Kai in a hoard, whapping him mercilessly with their canes and cursing him as scum as Mallory crawled free of the fray and ran.

The assassin attempted to identify himself to the beggars, "I am His shadow's.." *Whap *Whap! *Whap  But he could not get a word in edgewise with the angry mob intent on clobbering him and his brace was still caught. They even threw produce at him that had seen better days and was hardly fit for human consumption. He finally resorted to pitching them into the water and knocking them down. When finally they had all been tossed or had fled Kai noted that Mallory was no longer in sight. Unconcerned the rather thrashed dead assassin freed his brace and stalked off with a sloshy squelch to his gait as headed off in the direction that Mallory was last glimpsed heading.


Mallory scrambled as fast as she could down the alley, her long red hair falling in matted clumps to frame her now dirt-streaked face. She stopped, glancing frantically in one direction then the next before deciding that it was too dangerous to find a hiding place here... if the assassin didn't hear the loud thumping of her heart and find her, then he would surely tear open every crevice looking for her. Mallory thought her only hope now was to get to her ship and leave the area, but it was hidden in the garage of a building her group used as headquarters to organize their efforts against the Divine Order.

"I can't lead the assassin there." She whispered to herself as she slowly backed down the alley along the wall, her eyes darting in all directions as she feared the man sent to kill her would reappear any second. If His Shadow found out where they gathered then all could be quickly lost for them... the people in the area would sell off information on who had been coming and going to this place for just enough to buy a bottle of intoxicants if asked. She hung her head then, knowing that she couldn't go there. Her single life was not worth risking the lives of all of her comrades.

Mallory knew that her energy-weapon would be nearly useless against the undead assassin, but she had one more option open to her and she pulled it out from underneath her layers of multi-colored flowing skirts, ripping them off and letting them fall to the ground and standing there in her brown leather uniform, waiting for death to come to her. If she were going to go down, then it wouldn't be without a fight. A faint smile curled one corner of her mouth as her back stiffened and she stood there in the shadows, waiting.

Kai pulled his brace from the throat of the last of those who'd tried to stop him from going after the woman, taking no time to wipe the blood from it or his sleeve as he stalked off towards the only possible direction she could have gone in. He stopped to listen, his eyes scanning the ground until he noticed one small set of footprints leaving their muddy trail across a few bags and other stray pieces of trash into an alley towards the north. He wasted no time in being stealthy now as he hunted his target, if she were still nearby then she would be laying in wait for him. And if that were the case there was very little he could do to hide in these narrow confines with her hidden and watching for him.

He strode down the center of the alley as it twisted and took him first in one direction then the next as it wound around the mass of buildings, providing a travel-passage for those going from the main downtown metropolis to this slum sector. Kai left no faint sound around him unchecked as he went, calmly allowing his brace to fly at anything that moved as he thought only of stopping the heretic.

As Kai approached an opening in the passage leading off to another street he paused, noticing a pile of coverings the woman had been wearing. As he bent to pick them up an explosive, arrow-shaped projectile cut through his shoulder and sending a wave of something unpleasant he had no memory of through his upper body. He could only assume this was pain as he dropped the rags and tried to right him self before he was hit with another projectile in the chest. Kai fell backwards, his body healing slower than normal around these wounds. He squinted his eyes as he looked around him in the darkness, fairly certain of where the attack had come from.

Kai quickly raised his brace and felt a soft thud as it pierced flesh, the victim crying out sharply. He withdrew his brace and stood again with the help of the gray metal piping along the building's wall, ready to strike again if his target had not been killed by his shot. He staggered a few steps towards the scaffolding, his eyes trained upwards on the now visible dark shape laying slumped on the floor of it.

Kai carefully began climbing the ladder to retrieve her body when the woman suddenly thrust one of her legs against the rickety ladder and sent him falling backwards. Kai shot up off the ground nearly as soon as he'd landed and aimed his brace at Mallory, noticing instantly as any predator would that one of her legs were badly wounded and bleeding a trail into the building she'd quickly crawled into through a broken window. He used what protrusions remained on the scaffolding to pull him self up to the platform and inside the window after her.

Mallory gritted her teeth as tears streamed down her face as she half dragged her injured leg after her. There was no time to stop and attempt to bandage it so she forced herself to keep going. She could hear the assassin scrambling up the scaffolding as she made her way into the hall of the abandoned building and all she could do was load a few more arrows into her weapon and wait... her leg allowed her to go no further. The arrows had been specially designed to stop Divine Assassins but they were still in the test stage and far from finished. She'd been working on them for seven years, and although she knew they didn't do the damage she hoped they one day would they were still her best chance. If she could capture a Divine Assassin to do tests on for the finishing process of the arrows, then she might actually have a chance of success.

She became nervous when there were no more sounds to be heard from the room the assassin had entered. Mallory moved a few steps closer to the door when a hot, piercing pain ripped through the side of her neck. She fell to her knees as the assassin followed the rest of his arm and brace out into the hall. Kai stated flatly as the blood now poured freely down the front of her body, "Mallory Taurence, for crimes of heresy against the Divine Order and His Shadow, your punishment is death." Mallory managed a soft moan before she faded into unconsciousness. Kai lifted her body and began his trek back to the assassin coves.


"Divine Shadow, the assassin has returned with the woman."  A cleric announced as he approached his leader.

"Where is she?" HDS glowered as he stood and followed after the bowing cleric.

"This way." The cleric answered as Kai stood holding the woman just outside the chamber HDS had sat waiting in.

"Good." HDS said, his voice warm with amusement as he caught sight of the bone-white woman and his assassin who stood covered in her blood. HDS added in a curious tone as he caught sight of her hand and the strange device affixed to her wrist, "What's this? A rather... *primitive* weapon to be using." He chuckled as he turned it over in his hand. As he prepared to tear it from her small wrist Mallory's arm twitched slightly and before anyone could act she thrust out her arm and let the last three arrows fly into the chest of His Shadow.

His Shadow gasped and staggered backwards as Kai snapped her neck, the last bit of life finally draining from her. He dropped her body to the ground and stared at it as the room became alive with wailing and clerics rushing about. "We need a new vessel!" a cleric shrieked as two Bio-Scholars moved to lead Kai away, back to his chamber. One hissed at him as they forcefully drug him away, "How could you allow this? She should have been already dead before being brought to His Shadow!"

Kai was silent for a time then replied, "Her *will*... to live must have been greater than I'd thought." The Bio-Scholar replied sarcastically, "Her pulse should have given her *will to live* away." Kai responded in a low, puzzled voice, "The woman... did not have a pulse."

The Bio-Scholars had Kai stand near the entrance as they moved to drag a subject from the cellblock that was destined to become the next Divine Shadow. Kai watched as they prepared the man then wheeled him off in a tight body-cage to be cleansed, still troubled by his failure to detect that the woman was alive. One of the clerics who'd come to check on the progress of the new vessel noticed Kai apparently lost in thought and became enraged, shouting, "This assassin's programming is *flawed*! Have him reprogrammed when you work on the body of the woman!"


Kai only barely noticed before falling into stasis-sleep that the Bio-Scholars laid a tall, redheaded woman in the assassin cove next to him to wait for her time to be summoned. As the two of them were being closed up in their respective coves, Kai stared into the woman's face, her gaze as cold and threatening as his own and her hand clutching a small, black metallic weapon.

The End.



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That was wonderful Angel!!!

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dddaaaayyyyaaam girl that was one cold hearted story..well written and executed..I loved it!!


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Me too, positively chilling..... and a bunch of blind beggars beating Kai??!!! Surreal:smiley_436:

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