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Brian Downey and Ellen Dubin Chat Transcript 1/6/07!
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 Posted: Sat Jan 6th, 2007 08:38 pm


Please excuse the time stamps, and the typos, it would have taken ages to take out the time stamps, and I just don't have that kind of time.  It wouldn't let me post it all as one big post, so I'm posting it in two parts, enjoy the chat log!


Part One:

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

Welcome to a chat with Brian Downey and Ellen Dubin!


[veyron» hey

 mayaXXX» howdy Giggy !

Cluster » heya el

 Angel sets mode: +o giggerota

 * Ketana dances around happily

giggerota» Yes I am early early early

[12] <Angel> Hi Ellen!

* Penguin waves hello


veyron» welcome to your chat

KMoth » Whoa, hey.

<Angel> hehehehe

Dragonflygurl » Hi Ellen

angelbacchae » Hey Ellen!

 * Angel gives Giggy a fork and a knife

« Goblin » Hi Ellen

«@ Ketana» so tell us Ellen if given a chance would you have given Michael a tongue tingling kiss?

«@ giggerota» yummy love my fork and knife

 * Ketana is a horrid child of the universe

[12]«@ Aenea» Hi Ellen nice to see you again!

[12]« Koudelka » hi Ellen :)

[12]«@ Aenea» with or without the beard

[12]«@ giggerota» a tonuge tingling kiss well I don't know about that we have to date first

[12]«@ Ketana» awww crap!

[12] <Angel> lol

[12]«@ giggerota» he needs to give me the kiss first

[12]«@ Ketana» oh please...a woman has to take what she wants

[12]«@ giggerota» you are right ketana take and grab

[12]«@ Ketana» if we wait to be asked we'd still be dragged by our hair!

[12]« Goryn[rus] » hi Ellen from snowless Moscow

[12] <Angel> you got that right sister!

[12] <Angel> hiyas

[12]« DarkLight » Hi Ellen

[12]«@ veyron» snowless, is that unusual goryn?

 [12]«@ Aenea» not anymore I think......

[12]«@ veyron» whats it like in toronto ellen?

[12]«@ veyron» everyone is complaining of the heat, im freezing in colorado

[12]« Goryn[rus] » veyron, yes :(

 [12]« Dragonflygurl » not me,

[12] <Angel> we've hardly had snow in minnesota, and it's in the 30s in january, very odd for this time of year

[12]«@ Ketana» it's 70 degrees in NYC today!

[12]«@ veyron» welcome Dreams

[12] <Angel> HI dreams

[12]« Goryn[rus] » I don't remember so warm winter

[12]« Dragonflygurl » wet and windy here in the uk

[12]«@ aeonflux» 65 in boston

[12]« Dreams_of » hi everyone :)

[12]« Penguin » Dragonflygurl: and dark :)

[12]« Goblin » My magnolia is already blossoming.. that's not normal

[12] <Angel> so unusual!

 [12]« Koudelka » Angle you can have some of ours up North here LOL

[12]« Goblin » Dreams!

[12] <Angel> LOL, no thanks, Koudelka

[12]« Koudelka » it's melting more now LOL

[12] * Dreams hug Goblin

[12] * Goblin pouncehugs

[12]« Goryn[rus] » This planet goes to it's natural end...

[12]« Koudelka » What part are you in Angel?

[12] <Angel> WE got Brian too on the line, we'll begin in a few mins

[12] <Angel> near the twin cities

[12]«@ Aenea» I saw roses front of a christmas tree

[12]«@ Aenea» type 13 planet isn´t it?

[12]« Koudelka » i'm by Grand forks

[12]«@ thaidowney» OK, in the house

[12]«@ veyron» maya you look different

[12] <Angel> Hello Brian!

[12]«@ Ketana» the apple blossoms are blooming already in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens!

[12]« Koudelka » hi Brian

[12]«@ veyron» and such a deep voice

[12]« Goblin » hi Brian

[12] <Angel> ack we lost giggy

[12]«@ thaidowney» hello

[12]«@ Ketana» awww ellen got swallowed up!

[12]« Cluster » hi brian

[12]«@ Aenea» Hi Brian!

[12]« DarkLight » Hi Brian

[12]« Penguin » hey Brian

[12]«@ Ketana» yeah Ellen is back!

[12]« Penguin » wb giggerota!

[12]« angelbacchae » Hey Brian!

[12]«@ veyron» wb ellen

[12]« giggerota » got kicked off

[12] Angel sets mode: +o giggerota

[12]« Dreams » wb Ellen!

[12] <Angel> wb

[12] <Angel> hi shen

[12] * Ketana duct tapes Ellen to her puter

[12] * Dreams huggles Ellen

[12]«@ Aenea» Shen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[12]«@ Aenea» schön dich zu sehen

[12]« Dragonflygurl » Hi Brian

[12]«@ giggerota» wow duct tapes!

[12]« Penguin » oooh duct tape :)

[12]« Goblin » Hi Shenandora

[12] <Angel> we'll start in a couple mins

[12]«@ giggerota» brian you here?

[12] * Ketana comes prepared for the party

[12]«@ giggerota» good

[12]« Chappel » Just don't press the little x in the corner and maybe the duct tape won't be needed,

[1]«@ veyron» hes on the phone with maya now, as thaidowney

[1] <Angel> Okay everyone let's begin this chat!

[1]«@ thaidowney» Oh Hi ellen !

[1] * Ketana wiggles and giggles in her seat

[1]«@ thaidowney» isnt it nice to be living in the tropics finally?

[1]«@ giggerota» hey brian how is it over there

[1] <Angel> We'll leave it unmoderated, so please paste a question into the room, and if there is a question already pasted, please wait until they answer that question..

[1]«@ thaidowney» it's 50 degrees on my back deck

[1]«@ giggerota» yes it is nice and warm

[1]« Shenandora » hi, thank for the welcome!

[1] <Angel> Welcome to a chat with Brian Downey and Ellen Dubin!

[1]«@ giggerota» yes heard it was warm there and in toronto

[1]«@ giggerota» welcome

[1]«@ Aenea» Hey Bluestar!

[1] <Angel> Please do not private message Brian or Ellen so that they have the opportunity to answer as many questions as possible in the room.

[1]« Bluestar » hey :)

[1]« Bluestar » just in time

[1] <Angel> Okay we're ready to begin, paste your questions for Ellen and Brian or both!

[1]«@ thaidowney» and as far as i'm concerned is the monkeys tsossing coconuts off the trees

[1]«@ Ketana» how was your Holidays?

[1]« KMoth » Brian, are you a God?

[1]«@ giggerota» fabulous fattening and full and family filled

[1]« Goryn[rus] » free huggles :)

[1] <Angel> We're keeping it unmoderated for now, so as ppl enter, please do not say hello, as the chat has begun

[1]«@ thaidowney» thanks goryn

[1]«@ thaidowney» hi to everyone in russia

[1]«@ thaidowney» bunny was saying she was going to come in

[1] <Angel> How is the weather up there Brian, warm or cold and snowy?

[1] <Angel> oh kewl

[1]«@ giggerota» hi to all the russian fans and everyone

[1]«@ thaidowney» warm, 50 degrees Farenheit

[1]«@ thaidowney» 12-15 Celsius

[1]« Cluster » did you get anything nice for Christmas Brian?

[1] <Angel> Wow, it seems like it is all over the place

[1]«@ giggerota» same her

[1]«@ giggerota» yup warm everywhere angel

[1]« Cluster » and did you get anything nice Ellen?

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ Cluster]~ i got a quiet night, the best gift i ever had

[1]« Cluster » lol

[1]« Chappel » This question is for Ellen. Is there any chance any pilot episodes for new series you've appeared in will be picked up?

[1]«@ thaidowney» it was so warm Santa had to use roller blades

[1]« Koudelka » Brian, How many prodjects do you have lined up for the New Year?

[1]«@ thaidowney» and a bikini

[1] <Angel> hehehe

[1]«@ thaidowney» you dont want to see santa in a bikini

[1]« Cluster » bet you looked good in that :P

[1]« Goblin » heehee

[1]«@ giggerota» thanks chappel- THE COLLECTOR - three seasons has been sold worldwide and will be in the US soon

[1]«@ giggerota» it just started in england and Hank Williams the new show I just did

[1]«@ thaidowney» Um, Kou, i cant say, as of Jan first, actors in canada are poised to go on strike, it could happen any day

[1]«@ giggerota» is waiting to hear about money

[1]« Cluster » lol, brian

[1] <Angel> You'll get alot of us fans, Ellen, that's great news!

[1]« Chappel » Outstanding. I'm looking forward to seeing it

[1]«@ thaidowney» everything in canada is on hold

[1]« Cluster » praps your right ;)

[1] <Angel> Brian can you tell us about some of your upcoming projects?

[1]«@ giggerota» thanks Chappel - will keep the fans posted as soon as I know the network

[1]«@ giggerota» you will like this show

[1]« Cluster » so Ellen, did you get anything nice for Christmas

[1]«@ thaidowney» Angel please read above

[1]«@ Aenea» To Brian: Hello from Aenea (Diane from germany), thanks again for all those vids you sent me during the past year and of course I have a little question: I always wondered what the goo and the protoblood were made of for the series...

[1]« Chappel » I'll like anything you're in, Ellen. But a quality show would be a nice bonus.

[1]«@ giggerota» yup new boots new sweater and a watch and lots of chocolates yummy

[1] <Angel> ah dang, sorry to hear that Brian, hope everything will be ok

[1]«@ giggerota» thanks chappel -this is very subtle acting and good writing

[1]« Koudelka » sorry Angle, beat you to the question

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ Aenea]~ it varied, the protoblood was a mixture of honey and dye, different sorts of dyes

[1]«@ Aenea» Ellen: I´m not pretty sure about that: Are you going to visit MegaCon in February?

[1]« Dreams » Ellen, if you aren't working is there any chance you could go to Megacon?

[1]«@ thaidowney» the problem was that if you got any of the protoblood on you, it was lunch time, eveyrone just ate the honey

[1]«@ Aenea» *lol*

[1]«@ giggerota» nope Aenea not available -

[1]«@ giggerota» hopefully another tine

[1]«@ thaidowney» Hello Karen

[1]« Dreams » Hi Brian :)

[1]«@ Aenea» ohhh...that´s sad....

[1] <Angel> Yeah it is, would have loved to have seen you again.

[1]«@ giggerota» yup wish I could be there but have a job then

[1]«@ giggerota» me too

[1]« varrtan » thaidowney does your nickname mean you are in thailand?

[1]«@ thaidowney» I've done some teaching recently, I like that, it's amazing to me how much graduating students in film DO NOT KNOW

[1]«@ Aenea» And I would have loved to ask someone to bring me back an autograph....I still hadn´t the chance to get one from you and Patty....*sigh*

[1]«@ thaidowney» I gave a four hour lecture to grad students and i allowed a Q and A and offered 3 scenes, both acting and directing, and found it startling how much theydidnt know

[1]«@ giggerota» aeana or anyone email me at and your address and I will get one to you

[1] <Angel> Brian have you heard any news about the conclave, if that is going to be released at all?

[1]«@ giggerota» no worries

[1]«@ thaidowney» they jsust didnt know anything about the Mechanics of acting

[1]«@ giggerota» Just email me and You will get one

[1]« Goryn[rus] » even in Russia?

[1]«@ giggerota» yup even in Russia have done it before

[1]«@ Aenea» Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Ellen, THIS would be SOOOO incredibly sure, I´ll do that! 1000 thanks! No, wait a billion!!!!!!!!

[1] * Penguin notes it down :)

[1]«@ giggerota» so go for it goryn-

[1]«@ thaidowney» background info doenst help you if yo're dealing with a scene in a sitcom or making a peice of business work

[1]«@ giggerota» note it down please

[1]« angelbacchae » you might expect some mail from Finland in that case too, Ellen :)

[1]« Chappel » I'm logging everything

[1]«@ giggerota» love finland go for it

[1]«@ thaidowney» for the most part, with film history, is a finished product, you werent there and dont know how it was accomplished day by day, minute by minute

[1]« Bluestar » so they are learning more about background info than about acting?

[1]«@ giggerota» love that you teach brian so so wonderful

[1] <Angel> Somebody has to teach the youngsters of today what it's really like in the acting world.

[1]«@ giggerota» you are so right angel

[1]«@ Ketana» Ellen would you be interested in teaching also?

[1]«@ thaidowney» Angel, It's still up in the air, as far as Paul goes, Paul is also looking at doing part 2, also shooting in Prague about the Borgiasn and also in bulgaria and Romania

[1] <Angel> Who better than another actor?

[1]«@ thaidowney» We hope not transylvania

[1] <Angel> Oh really? That's wonderful news, I hope he does.

[1]«@ giggerota» too many vampires!

[1]«@ Aenea» Afraid about Vlad?

[1] <Angel> lol

[1]«@ thaidowney» lBluestar: the students seem to be able to handle equip very well, they know about not crossing the axis

[1]«@ giggerota» brian I have to work with you again- everyone loved us together on lexx

[1]«@ Aenea» I mean, didn´t the actress who played Vlad come from Finland?

[1]«@ thaidowney» and how to set basic lights up, film history, that sort of thing

[1]«@ Aenea» You should do that....yes!

[1]« angelbacchae » yeah, Minna Aaltonen is from Finland indeed

[1]« Dragonflygurl » eat garlic, that keep away, lol

[1]« Koudelka » that would keep any one away DFG LOL

[1] <Angel> There's a great picture of her in costume at some site and they talk about how they did her fangs..I'll have to dig that up again

[1]«@ thaidowney» a real situation, with actors they were very ill-informed, but I hope they knew a fair bit more at the end of the lecture

[1]« KMoth » Giggerota and Skin-man make Lexx their very own private looooooove-ship.

[1]« Chappel » This question is for both Brian and Ellen. Which movies/TV series would you say have most influenced you as actors?

[1]«@ giggerota» yes k moth - one of my favorte scnes

[1]«@ giggerota» lexx!

[1]« KMoth » XD

[1]«@ giggerota» and my new one THE COLLECTOR

[1]«@ thaidowney» Giggy: Oh yeah we both have very nice emails from Chris Bouls, he wants us all to work together again soon

[1]«@ giggerota» seriously lexx paved the way

[1]«@ Ketana» can't wait to see that one Ellen!

[1]«@ giggerota» yes chris bould you and me

[1]« angelbacchae » speaking of teaching and professions, Ellen, did Giggy had any profession? Do you know?

[1]« Chappel » ah... I meant other than something you have been in

[1]«@ giggerota» yup CANNIBAL

[1]« angelbacchae » lol

[1]«@ thaidowney» For the Russians, when Lexx plays in Russia, is it subtitled or dubbed into Russian?

[1]«@ Ketana» yup eating milk fed young men

[1] <Angel> Ellen and Brian, if both of you could act together again, What sort of role would you like to play with each other?

[1]« Goblin » does cannibalism pay well? Good hours?

[1]«@ giggerota» Ah I see

[1]« Dreams » lol Gob

[1]« Koudelka » LOL

[1]«@ giggerota» lots wizard of oz gone with the wind

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ Angel]~ Twins

[1]«@ giggerota» alot of old movies

[1] <Angel> lol

[1]« Goblin » probably good dental

[1]«@ giggerota» love comedy and drama

[1]«@ giggerota» mostly actors

[1]«@ thaidowney» from different mothers and fathers, but twins :)

[1] <Angel> :)

[1]«@ giggerota» meryl streep gary oldman liam neeson cate blanchett

[1]«@ giggerota» theatre actors

[1]«@ Aenea» Ellen+Brian: I hope there is someday a chance to see all together, preferably in a Lexx movie...but well, we all kknow how impossible it seemes at the moment

[1]« Blinker » Angel -

[1] <Angel> yes, that's the site, blinker

[1]« Goryn[rus] » thaidowney, 3 seasons have been shown with very good dubbing

[1]«@ giggerota» no pay just food wise goblin

[1]« DarkLight » Brian? it was dubbed

[1]« Chappel » Gary Oldman is fantastic. He's one of my favorites. Very talented guy

[1]«@ giggerota» yup gary oldman is a chameleon like actor

[1]«@ giggerota» I respect that

[1]«@ giggerota» that is the way I work

[1]«@ giggerota» a powerhouse of a man

[1]«@ giggerota» see all his stuff

[1]« Goryn[rus] » in 2004 I started to made subtitles, and than me and some other made them for hole seasons in half-year

[1]«@ giggerota» brian and I should work together we have great chemistry

[1]«@ thaidowney» No one has really offered any Lexx movie or continuation, i think it seems very unlikelly

[1]« Cluster » bye evry1, gtg

[1]«@ thaidowney» stranger things have happened

[1]« Bluestar » bye Cluster!

[1]« KMoth » Take care Ali! Bye *Hugs*

[1]« Dreams » bye cluster

[1]« Koudelka » Ellen, You think you will ever make it to Dragon Con?

[1]« Chappel » What is your favorite Oldman character, Ellen. I know it's weird... but I loved him in the Fifth Element

[1]« angelbacchae » loved you both in Patches in the Sky, great chemistry indeed

[1]«@ giggerota» yup Brian is right - lexx nmovies seem unlikely

[1]« Goryn[rus] » but we can make fan-films

[1]«@ thaidowney» by the time a Lexx movie rolls around, it will be an Alshiemers stan and Xev with a cane

[1]«@ giggerota» yup fifth element and True romance!

[1]«@ giggerota» goryn if you want to make a film let us know

[1]«@ thaidowney» and you think the Lexx went mental,

[1]«@ giggerota» and giggerota's boobs will be on the floor

[1]«@ thaidowney» the food in the galley will be nothing but applesauce

[1]«@ giggerota» hee hee hee

[1]« Bluestar » LOL

[1] <Angel> LOL

[1]«@ Aenea» Brian+Ellen: When you play your you completely change into the person you play? Meaning, that you really try to imagine you´re the person you are playing or does your own personality always have some influence on the role you play?

[1]« Goryn[rus] » I'm now at Star Wars role players fandom - we play game, making fanfilms and want to do something on Lexx

[1]« Dragonflygurl » He was good in Leon

[1]«@ giggerota» great question aenea- depends on the role

[1]« Goryn[rus] » now I just making some fanvideo

[1]«@ giggerota» sometimes you lose yourself completely but all great actors put a little bit of themeselves in a role

[1]« Goryn[rus] » giggerota, certainly

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ Goryn[rus] ]~ My computer has Alsheimers, i havent seen any fan films yet

[1]«@ Aenea» For example well, Giggy

[1]«@ thaidowney» I'm they're fun

[1]« Chappel » Brian and Ellen. Are either of you musicians?

[1]«@ giggerota» especially in something emotional you must use something from yourself to really appear vulnerable and open

[1] <Angel> You need a new computer, Brian!

[1]« Goryn[rus] » thaidowney, I don't know ani fanfilm, but many fanvideo

[1]«@ giggerota» i play piano

[1]«@ giggerota» hi blinker

[1]« Goryn[rus] » I made some, but it all on russian songs

[1]«@ giggerota» brian are you there/

[1]«@ thaidowney» I love playing the tuba around the house, the neighbors hate it but it scares away the elk

[1]«@ giggerota» wonderful goryn

[1]«@ veyron» Brian has Snow Angels been released yet, what was working on that like?

[1]«@ giggerota» hee hee hee

[1]« Bluestar » hahahaha

[1]«@ Aenea» I can imagine that Ellen...brings me to a question for Brian: how hard was it for you to play the goodbye scene in Yo way yo? I mean, it´s not really easy to play such things....

[1]« Goblin » what an image lol

[1]« Chappel » If you got a Souzaphone, Brian, you could chase the animals while you played

[1]« Goryn[rus] » there is one: sound is first 7 minutes from Lexx and footage from Star Wars :)

[1] <Angel> lol brian

[1]«@ Ketana» are the both of your still surprised at how much Lexx is still loved and enjoyed?

[1]«@ giggerota» it is truly an honour- i like the fact that we have new fans and old ones who keep coming back for me

[1]«@ giggerota» very rewarding

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ veyron]~ snow angels is one of a few features that have been selected that have been selected at Sundance film festival this year, Sam rockwell and I were asked by David Gordon Green, the director to do some improv and we improved for about an hour , based on storyline of the movie, at the end of that, david said, hey guys, im not tied to a single word on this script, even tho i wrote it

[1]«@ giggerota» wow

[1]«@ giggerota» you guys must have been awesome together

[1]« Goblin » can't wait to see it

[1]« Goryn[rus] » by the way: there are many peoples in russian SW fandom, who like Lexx.

[1]«@ thaidowney» ;you basically told a couple hams, you can basically do what you want,and even tho the subject matter was serious we did have an interesting time and work well together

[1]«@ Aenea» you were all an awsome crew!

[1] <Angel> Congratulations on it being in the film festival!

[1]«@ giggerota» this year brian?

[1]« Bluestar » yes, congrats!

[1]«@ Ketana» do you ever think that maybe what you're doing now, your future works is still touched by those that think of you only as Lexx?

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ Aenea]~ unless you are a complete schizo , you the person remain in control

[1]«@ thaidowney» you have to, but being immersed in another character is essential

[1]«@ giggerota» yup variety is essential for the actor

[1]«@ giggerota» to grow

[1]«@ thaidowney» I'm a method actor only when i go to the bank, i have a method then, its very nebulous

[1]«@ thaidowney» it has a lot of lattitude

[1]« Bluestar » LOL

[1] <Angel> LOLOL

[1]«@ giggerota» yes hard to pinpoint one technique

[1]«@ Aenea» I can imagine that it´s similar to writing a story or reading a sometimes really get into the story or a person...???!!!

[1]«@ giggerota» yup exactly

[1]« Chappel » Whatever works....

[1]« Penguin » Would either of you consider attending MCM London Expo (end of may or end of october I think), or other events in the UK this year?

[1]« Dreams » I don't think there *are* many other characters like the one's in Lexx.


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 Posted: Sat Jan 6th, 2007 08:40 pm


Part two:


[1]«@ thaidowney» becoming the character is aided greatly. like hair, having some is good, props having an environment, script, director and your perosnal experience in the world

[1]«@ giggerota» don't know about that penguin

[1]«@ giggerota» would love to come to the UK

[1] <Angel> Lexx was very original, and the characters so different, quirky, funny, sexy....a great mix

[1]«@ giggerota» brian is so right

[1]«@ thaidowney» Sundance festival is this year, giggy

[1]« Chappel » Don't forget your anarchy

[1]«@ giggerota» yes it was angel -truly memorable and different

[1]«@ giggerota» great brian are you going?

[1] * Goryn[rus] just drool on Prince

[1] <Angel> yeah I think sundance is around jan. 18

[1]«@ thaidowney» Giggy, not likely

[1]« angelbacchae » yeah.. that's exactly one of the reasons I love Lexx so much; it's so different!

[1]«@ Aenea» Additionally: A great mix of actors from different brought several different attitudes and ways to act into the show

[1]«@ thaidowney» I have a story

[1]«@ thaidowney» :)

[1] <Angel> Oh good! Love your stories..

[1]«@ giggerota» yes different countries and people was a highlight

[1]«@ Aenea» A story?

[1]«@ giggerota» oh

[1]« Bluestar » spill the beans

[1]« Dreams » yes, do tell!

[1]«@ Aenea» tell us?!

[1]« Chappel » I better sit dow... wait... nevermind

[1]« Goblin » Story time!

[1]«@ thaidowney» when 'the making of season three' was being assembled, on the tape was an image of ellen looking at a scene and laughing,and it's her coming out of a pot of boiling water, and she's saying 'you know in most situations, you're told that less is more, but in Lexx, more is more"

[1]«@ thaidowney» it's one of my favorite quotes

[1] <Angel> lol

[1]« Penguin » hehe

[1]«@ Aenea» lol

[1]« Bluestar » so right

[1] <Angel> You sure were a trooper playing the Queen, Ellen.

[1]« Chappel » More by any other name would still be more

[1] <Angel> Tell us about that..

[1]«@ giggerota» that is hilarious that you remember that bria

[1]«@ giggerota» meaning that in acting - subtlety is often required

[1]«@ giggerota» in LEXX over the top is not enough= the more the merrier

[1]« KMoth » Brian, if you could have designed Stanley's costume from the very beginning, how would you have made it?

[1]«@ giggerota» bigger emotions gestures everything - what fun

[1] <Angel> yeah, that's one of the things that made it such an awesome show

[1]«@ giggerota» bthanks angel- very difficult physically

[1]«@ thaidowney» Penquin: of course, we'd love to go to the UK, i love skipping down Cromwell road

[1]«@ Aenea» Ellen: did you were a divers´ suit or simply a swimsuit?

[1] <Angel> I know, you were sitting in boiling water

[1]«@ giggerota» divers suit with weights to keep me down and a hot hot itchy wig

[1]«@ Aenea» *lol*

[1]«@ giggerota» and heavy headpiece that was way too heavy

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ KMoth]~ Gold Lame' lots of sequins and a built in rock hard abs and 10 " biceps

[1] * Penguin ponders the image of Brian skipping :)

[1]«@ thaidowney» platform shoes

[1]« KMoth » :D:D:D:D:D

[1] <Angel> LOLOL

[1]« Goblin » heehee

[1]«@ giggerota» yup you would look cute in platforms

[1]«@ giggerota» just those

[1] * Penguin ponders the image of Brian skipping in that outfit!

[1]«@ giggerota» for stanley

[1]« Dreams » What, no fringe?

[1]«@ Aenea» got an imagination how Michael must have felt in the first season with the big hairdo...

[1]«@ thaidowney» oh yes, lots of fringes, sorry i forgot

[1]«@ giggerota» boiling water freezing snowy cold outside

[1] <Angel> He looked better with the bigger bun

[1]«@ giggerota» michael loved it

[1]«@ Aenea» really?

[1]«@ giggerota» yup we love big buns

[1]«@ giggerota» nope he didn't like it

[1]« Dreams » lol

[1]« Goblin » lmao

[1] <Angel> hehehe

[1]«@ thaidowney» michael is the ony actor i know that can boast of having 3 buns

[1] <Angel> LOLOL

[1]« Bluestar » hahaha

[1]«@ Aenea» lol

[1]« Goblin » lol

[1]« Dragonflygurl » LOLOL

[1]«@ giggerota» yup three buns

[1]« angelbacchae » lol

[1]« Koudelka » Ellen, do you think you will ever come to Dragon Con?

[1]«@ giggerota» hope so one day K

[1]«@ giggerota» when does it start agai

[1]«@ giggerota» again?

[1] <Angel> Are you going to TD con again this year, ellen?

[1]«@ Aenea» how many times did those weeks develop a live of their own?

[1]«@ thaidowney» the question for the russians still stands, is Lexx dubbed into russian or subtitlted

[1] <Angel> Usually beginning of sept. in Atlanta, Ellen

[1]«@ giggerota» yes hope so angel and hope the fans can come to that one

[1]«@ giggerota» thanks angel keep me posted on it

[1]« Bluestar » Gory said they were dubbed over there

[1]« Bluestar » Goryn

[1]«@ giggerota» ah dubbed

[1] <Angel> no prob

[1]« Dreams » Folling up to Angel's question, Brian I know you didn't have such a great time at TD, would you reconsider for this year?

[1]« Dreams » Following

[1]« KMoth » Ellen, what were you actually eating in the first Lexx movie when you break off parts of a moth to eat it? :)

[1]« DarkLight » Brian it was dubbed

[1]«@ giggerota» sponge toffee covered with strawberry jam

[1]«@ thaidowney» I know that in Latin America, stan's voice sounds very virile, tough etc, because stan is called 'captain'

[1]«@ thaidowney» how did the voices sound in Russian?

[1]« KMoth » Mmmmmmmmmmm

[1]«@ giggerota» the brains were made of a gelatinous food

[1]«@ giggerota» tasted awful

[1]«@ giggerota» hilarious about your voice in latin america

[1]«@ giggerota» macho stanley!

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ Dreams]~ i would not, i thought it would ask too much of fans

[1] <Angel> LOL I'd love to hear that

[1]« Bluestar » in German it was not so different from your own voice

[1]«@ thaidowney» too expensive, too long, everything that took a week to do could have been done over theweekend

[1] <Angel> I agree, Brian

[1] <Angel> And i was there

[1]«@ thaidowney» i met the guy in germany that did my voice

[1]« Goblin » way too expensive

[1]«@ veyron» it was great seeing you though, and ellen both

[1]« Goryn[rus] » thaidowney, 3 seasons have been shown with very good dubbing

[1]« Dreams » Yes. it really was!

[1] <Angel> Yes, it most certainly was, Ellen you were so much fun, quite the lady, And Brian you were very sweet and the life of the party. I'm buying you a drink at megacon!

[1]« Goryn[rus] » in 2004 I started to made subtitles, and than me and some other made them for hole seasons in half-year

[1]«@ giggerota» thanks angel

[1]«@ giggerota» i blush

[1]« Goryn[rus] » I'd wrote it above

[1]«@ Ketana» brian are you a smoker?

[1]«@ thaidowney» thans goryn

[1]«@ thaidowney» no, not a smoker, i stopped during a hurricane, i'll explain

[1]«@ giggerota» special hello to scifisuzi!

[1]« scifisuzi » Hey Ellen, Hello Brian and everyone else

[1]«@ Aenea» I like your original voices much better than the dubbed versions. The German voices weren´t bad...but what really sucked was the dubbing of Brigadoom....argh. The one who dubbed Michaels voice really can´t sing properly....

[1]«@ thaidowney» i had made rules, no smoking in the cars or house, relatives had come to visit, lights went out, lots of rain, i thought i'd go out and have a cig,

[1] <Angel> ut oh

[1]« Chappel » Brigadoom... hehe... love that word

[1]«@ Aenea» ouch

[1]« Bluestar » that's true Aenea

[1]«@ thaidowney» standing on my back deck, trying to make sure my cig stayed lit with trees flying by and rain pelting me i decided this is really stupid

[1]«@ veyron» lol

[1]«@ thaidowney» that's a true story

[1] <Angel> lol, maybe that needs to happen to me for me to quit

[1]«@ Aenea» good that nothing worse happened

[1]« angelbacchae » Brian - btw, had a dream about you last night ;) - could you tell us something about the dvd commentaries? Why they were included only to UK's 2nd season releases? We would have loved to have more of them!

[1] <Angel> I didn't realise you guys had a hurrican up there!

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ Aenea]~ that's too bad, michael has a nice baritone voice

[1]«@ Aenea» the German versions had no extras at all....they finally managed to show us the third season!

[1]« varrtan » giggerota I loved the death moan just before the supernova. I though it was an important part of the dark undertone of the show.

[1]«@ Aenea» Brian: Oh yes, he has...and it always wondered me why they hadn´t looked out for a better fitting voice for him...

[1]«@ giggerota» thanks for noticing vartan

[1]«@ giggerota» wanted to contrast the yes yes put on a show big larger then life voice

[1]«@ Aenea» I loved the duet with really is wonderful

[1]«@ giggerota» with just a soft squeal

[1]«@ Ketana» was there ever a time during the show that you were unsatisfied with how it was going?

[1]«@ giggerota» a soft exhale

[1]«@ giggerota» good for you to notice the music of that ending

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ angelbacchae]~ i have no idea why they're included and it's up to the producers in releasing from people who hold the rights, that decision is completely out of our hands

[1]«@ Aenea» Brian. It´s sad that you haven´t had a singing role in Brigadoom....all three up on stage!

[1]«@ thaidowney» that's too bad, if you tell me what episode, i'll send you a personal version of the commentary,

[1]« Goryn[rus] » About Brigadoom: I just yesterday at last have made release of statement Brigachoom. Itwas played exactly 5 years ago about Kyi from Chukotka which wished to learn from the shaman when at last on the TV again will show Lexx :)

[1]« angelbacchae » wow, you're serious Brian?

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ Aenea]~ the producers are oftern cheap, they wnat to save money

[1]«@ thaidowney» which is fair enough from their perspective, i always feel it's better to do things properly then to save money

[1]« Bluestar » too true

[1]«@ Aenea» Yeah..that´s absolutely right... I think you save more money by doing things properly from the beginning...

[1]« Chappel » If not singing then at least playing the tuba. Or would that mean you'd have to join the musicians union first? haha

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ Aenea]~ only the last song

[1] <Angel> Brian, what kind of things are you planning on bringing to megacon?

[1]« angelbacchae » Ellen, if you could have decided, was there any episodes you would have wished to have Giggy included?

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ Ketana]~ not all the time, there was 10 mins once when i thought things were great

[1]«@ Aenea» Brian: What was so different in shooting that ep in comparison to the others? Were there at all differences...?

[1]«@ Ketana» LOL thanks Brian

[1]«@ thaidowney» i know at one time i thought , this was very uncomfortable, I had alligator clips clamped to my nipples and I had a false electric penis with lights in it, not too comfortable

[1]«@ Aenea» lol

[1]«@ giggerota» sounds fabulous brian

[1] <Angel> Only in lexx, eh, LOL

[1]« Koudelka » LOL

[1]« scifisuzi » grin

[1]« Bluestar » eek

[1]«@ Aenea» But Xenia bending over you????

[1]« angelbacchae » ouch Brian.. :D

[1]«@ Ketana» sounds like a typical saturday night for you Brian! :D

[1]«@ thaidowney» Angel : I'm hoping to bring DVD copies of my background footage

[1]« Bluestar » LOL Ketana

[1] <Angel> oh gret!

[1]« Dreams » Jeff wrote that, didn't he?

[1]«@ Ketana» we'll see what we can get you into at Megacon!! I'll get my depraved mind on that right away

[1]«@ thaidowney» a limited quantity of #4 hats, and I'm willing to take suggestions on what folks might like to have

[1]«@ Aenea» Are there new copies or are they the same like the video tape?

[1]«@ giggerota» jeff has a wild imagination

[1]«@ giggerota» we love that

[1] <Angel> Oh if you have more bloopers! Those would be awesome to see

[1]«@ Aenea» yes.....outtakes and bloopers!!!!!!!!!!

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ angelbacchae]~ tell me what you want

[1]« scifisuzi » *grinning* how about an alligator clip

[1]«@ veyron» lol

[1] <Angel> hehehehe

[1]«@ giggerota» i think brian looks cute in aligator clips

[1]« angelbacchae » don't force me to make impossible decisions Brian! :)

[1]«@ giggerota» poor stanley always having things aimed at his penis

[1]«@ thaidowney» Season 3, Paul wrote it, I must have pissed him off one day

[1]« Koudelka » LOL

[1]« Goblin » lol

[1]« Dreams » lmao

[1]« Dreams » I would love to meet Paul.

[1]«@ thaidowney» Ellen is so much fun

[1]« Bluestar » Brian, isn't Rolf Kanies in "The Conclave" too? Did you meet him on the set?

[1] <Angel> I would love to get into the brains of the beans, just to see what made them write lexx the way they did, it was so awesome!

[1]«@ thaidowney» Bluestar,: yes he was in the Conclave too

[1]«@ thaidowney» he played a Greek Cardinal

[1]« Chappel » brains of the beans... good name for a band

[1]«@ giggerota» want that conclave to go again so we can all be in it

[1]«@ giggerota» brian is so much fun

[1]«@ thaidowney» Rolf plays tough mean characters

[1]« angelbacchae » Brian & Ellen, have you been seeing other Lexx cast and crew lately?

[1]« Koudelka » I wish we could have another Uncon in Halifax

[1]«@ giggerota» and yet he is so so sweet and was great as the goofy pres

[1]«@ Aenea» he´s a very friendly person. When we had a chat we German gals chatted on with him after that....he´s very nice

[1]«@ giggerota» did work on THE JANE SHOW that Patricia is on but we didn't work together

[1]« Bluestar » yes he is

[1]«@ giggerota» and saw everyone in July at TD in Vancouver except Rolf and louise

[1]«@ thaidowney» Louise is out of the loop now

[1]«@ giggerota» that would be great koudelka

[1]« Dreams » and Patty :(

[1] <Angel> I heard she had a baby, so congrats to her

[1]«@ thaidowney» she has a child and a restaurant she's running

[1]«@ giggerota» yes I heard that

[1]«@ thaidowney» very very busy

[1]«@ veyron» shes got a nice restaruant

[1]«@ giggerota» yup have to try her place

[1]«@ Ketana» does anybody know what she had? boy or girl?

[1]«@ thaidowney» i've eaten in her restaurant , it's interesting, it's mostly hearty food

[1]« Dreams » It's in Toronto, right?

[1]« Chappel » check the IMDB

[1]«@ veyron» some kind of plant

[1]« Bluestar » haha

[1]«@ Aenea» lol

[1]« Dragonflygurl » have get my cousin to check it out

[1] <Angel> we have a link up at lexxverse with a piccie about the restaurant

[1]«@ Ketana» Xenia had a baby cluster lizard and Patty had a plant? oy..if Ellen had a baby what would that be?

[1]«@ giggerota» will check it out angel because i can't remember the name

[1]« Goryn[rus] » How I have understood, you interests in what kind in the different countries left DVD?

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ Aenea]~ re the tapes, if I can find something new I'll bring it, I have about 30 hours of background footage

[1]«@ giggerota» yikes good one ketana

[1]«@ thaidowney» anyone that's done backgound knows that 3 fourths of that is totally useless

[1] <Angel> It's called CZEHOSKI , ellen

[1]«@ giggerota» thanks angel

[1]« Chappel »

[1] <Angel> no prob

[1]«@ giggerota» yup that is right

[1]« Shenandora » I love Toronto and will certainly try that restaurant some day...

[1]«@ giggerota»

[1]«@ Aenea» sure....but I still hope that you dig out some more bloopers or outtakes....they´re always fun to watch

[1]«@ giggerota» see the great work of scifisuzi

[1]«@ giggerota» she is awesome

[1]«@ giggerota» she is so creative

[1] <Angel> It's a great site, have visited it many times

[1]« Bluestar » Brian: yeah but the other fourth is worth the time and effort

[1]«@ giggerota» want to thank her on this chat for all her hard work

[1]«@ Aenea» It´s always the funniest and most interesting part of series or movies....besides a making of...

[1]«@ thaidowney» I'm going to do my best, if I find anything interesting, I'm going to bring it

[1]«@ Aenea» Hey....why don´t all of you meet and put together a personal making of of the series: that would be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[1]«@ thaidowney» ~[ Bluestar]~ i agree

[1]« Chappel » I'd buy that for a dollar... even more!

[1]« Bluestar » that would be great! :D

[1]«@ veyron» Ellen are you planning to attend any cons over the next year?

[1]« scifisuzi » thanks guys. I'm gonna have to duck out for a bit - will try to get back soon

[1]« Bluestar » even though I won't be there :(

[1]«@ Aenea» Making of by the actors.....

[1]«@ giggerota» bye scifi

[1]«@ thaidowney» it's good to see bloopers and background footage, it makes the thing more real and it makes you feel more involved

[1]«@ thaidowney» it makes it human

[1]«@ giggerota» not sure veyron

[1]«@ giggerota» maybe timeless destinations in vancouver in the summer

[1]«@ giggerota» we shall see

[1]«@ Aenea» Absolutely right´s so wonderful to see the real persons behind the characters....that´s awesome

[1]«@ giggerota» guys i have to leave in about ten minutes to go to a singing lesson

[1]«@ Ketana» any of you still holding out on any memorabilia from the show?

[1]«@ veyron» cool

[1]«@ Ketana» she sings!!!

[1] <Angel> Wow! Would love to hear you sing sometime!

[1]«@ veyron» can we listen?

[1]«@ Ketana» do you dance?

[1]«@ giggerota» yes i have the golf ball from apocalexx now

[1]« Bluestar » singing lesson?

[1]« Goblin » Brian - any idea when Sybil will air?

[1]«@ giggerota» and the visor of the pope

[1] <Angel> Do you have anything on your site?

[1]«@ giggerota» thanks ganel

[1]«@ giggerota» nope not on site

[1]« Dreams » she does everything ... she's awsome!

[1] <Angel> If you ever get a sound file up there, let us know!

[1]«@ giggerota» started as a ballet dancer before my knees gave out

[1]«@ Ketana» we do know you do a mean strip tease Ellen!

[1]«@ giggerota» started in musicals

[1]«@ thaidowney» Hey guys I have to go, but in parting I want to say, it's always heartwarming, alot of fun to be with and to hang out with all of us that love Lexx so much

[1]«@ giggerota» going to do sound file

[1]«@ Ketana» thank you Brian!

[1] <Angel> LOL, yeah from the boat cruise, that was so funny, the pussy cat dance you did

[1]«@ giggerota» and video files too

[1]«@ Ketana» love you Ellen!

[1]«@ Aenea» Thanks Brian and Ellen!

[1]«@ giggerota» glad you remembered that

[1]« Dreams » Thanks you guys, you're both terrific.

[1] <Angel> awesome!

[1]«@ giggerota» angel

[1]«@ veyron» thanks Brian, appreciate your presence!

[1]« Goblin » thanks guys

[1]« Penguin » thank you for coming to spend your time with us :)

[1]« angelbacchae » thank you Brian!

[1]«@ giggerota» you guys are terrific

[1]« Koudelka » bye Brian thank you

[1]« Bluestar » thanks so much!

[1]« Dragonflygurl » thanks for coming:)

[1]« Koudelka » thank you Ellen to :)

[1] <Angel> Goodbye Brian, thank you so much for coming today!

[1]«@ aeonflux» thank you both!

[1]«@ giggerota» please remember if you have any further questions for me

[1]« KMoth » Take care!

[1]«@ Aenea» Thanks for spending some of your precious time with us!

[1]« angelbacchae » it's always so great that you have time for us

[1]«@ giggerota»

[1]«@ Ketana» oh yes thank you for coming and spending some time with your most devoted fans!

[1]«@ giggerota» thanks brian

[1]«@ giggerota» adore you

[1] <Angel> Ellen you are so wonderful, thank you for being here and doing thie chat!

[1]«@ giggerota» will email soon

[1]«@ veyron» Ellen wonderful to have you, thanks!

[2]«@ Aenea» Take care and all the best!

[2] <Angel> *hugs and kisses to both of you!

[2]«@ giggerota» love you all really

[2]«@ thaidowney» thanks guys

[2]« Penguin » giggerota: expect an email from me at some point :P

[2]«@ giggerota» please don't hesitate to email

[2]« Dragonflygurl » take care

[2]«@ giggerota» i always email back

[2]« Penguin » best wishes

[2]«@ giggerota» adore you bri

[2]«@ Aenea» Thanks ellen for the email adress, I´m going to mail you21

[2] <Angel> Best wishes to both of you and I hope your careers soar!

[2]«@ giggerota» do

[2]«@ giggerota» and check out the site

[2]«@ giggerota»

[2]«@ thaidowney» i hope to be able to shake your hands at Megacon in Feb if not, i'll give you virtual hugs now and always

[2]«@ giggerota» bye guys

[2]« angelbacchae » thank you too Ellen, you'll get even more email after this chat :)

[2]«@ giggerota» want email

[2]« varrtan » thanks bye

[2]«@ veyron» cool

[2]«@ giggerota» i respond to everyone all the time!

[2]« Bluestar » virtual hugs to both of you!

[2]«@ Ketana» YES YES YES!

[2] <Angel> Love you guys, thanks so much for coming!

[2]«@ Aenea» I´ll write...promised!

[2] * Penguin promises to feed email to giggerota!

[2]« angelbacchae » email is nice


[2]«@ Aenea» wow.....great to have a chat again!

[2]«@ veyron» that was fun

[2]« Penguin » :-D

[2]« Koudelka » that was great

[2]« Dragonflygurl » A big thanks from me too:)

[2]« varrtan » whee

[2] <Angel> And thank you to everyone that came and made it fun!

[2]«@ Aenea» tHANKS MAYA FOR TYPING and angel for organiszing it!

[2]« Bluestar » yeah thanks! :)

[2]« Penguin » now I should stop skipping work and get back to it methinks ;(

[2]« angelbacchae » thank you so much Angel and maya for arranging this! You are the best!


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 Posted: Sun Jan 7th, 2007 01:00 am


Thank you Angel for posting the chat so quick as well.

I had trouble keeping up and missed some of what was been said, so I was a bit confused, lol.

And a big THANKYOU to Maya for kindly typing Brian's answers and for keeping up with it all.  A big THANKYOU  also to you Angel, who aranging it and hosting on your board:)

And a big THANKYOU  for Ellen and Brian for giving up an hour of their time to come and chat with us fans:)


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 Posted: Sun Jan 7th, 2007 08:56 am


Yes thanks for posting the chat Angel... i'll have to get the hang of using mirc


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Wow that was quick, thanks Angel! I got in through the chat portal, no probs at all, other than the fact that my internet connection failed shortly before it was due to start :fear2: but it came back just in time.
The chat was inspiring, I worked until 2 AM after that. :2567:

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I sent Brian an email thanking him for the chat and he responded by saying it was HIS pleasure and honoring the fans was the least he could do....the man is a class act all the way....


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 Posted: Sun Jan 7th, 2007 07:55 pm


Thanks Angel for posting that and for holding the chat. Sorry I missed it, but it made for great enetrtainment between calls today :D


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 Posted: Thu Jan 18th, 2007 09:31 am


Sorry I wasn't around to join in, but this is great to read, thanks for all the work in doing it & transcribing it!     :bounce_pinka:

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