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Chat program help!
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 Posted: Tue Jan 23rd, 2007 11:10 pm


flash wrote: Angel wrote:
Please look at the very first post of this thread on page one, it has the instructions on how to load up mirc, plus the server name and name of the chatroom and how to get there.

Yeah, I see that but Im not sure how to do it without losing the page I use most often, It took me long enough to find that!

would I be able to change the server and room, and set it to log me into both automatically?

I'm currently logged into the java client, and maybe will be for a while, if anyone can help me with any questions, could they please log in and help me, Thanx!

what are you trying to do exactly?  What "page" are you talking about?  If you can define what you want to accomplish I or somebody can tell you how to do it.  If you want mirc to automatically log on to a server and open the lexxtalk window, that can be done.  Also you prob can open several rooms or chat windows, provided they are all on the same server.  If you trying to get mirc to log on to two servers at once i dont think it will do that.  YOu can however open two separate mirc applications and join  separate server if you want "both" but i dont understand what you are trying to do.  And i dont understand what you mean by "losing the page" what page?

Just rephrase what you want and somebody here can give step by step procedures, for someone who has used mirc before like you say.:)  I gather though you have success now, so if you need fine tuning beyond that, ask away!

DOH!  actually you can join all the servers you want, i just learned something...LOL


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 Posted: Wed Jan 24th, 2007 04:31 am


yeah, he was there, and kinda helped. Just had a few little problems which Im looking into fixing! :)

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