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My 2 Cents on Woz
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 Posted: Wed Nov 15th, 2006 07:04 pm



My 2 Cents on Episode 2.15: Woz

Ah memories. Woz holds a special place in my heart, as it is the first ep I ever saw all the way through, as well as the first ep that convinced me that this show was worth tuning in for every week. Certainly a nice little bit of nostalgia.

The Wizard of Oz send-up was marvelous. Unlike some other shows (and, sorry to say, a few season 4 eps), the satire wasn’t shoved right in our faces. Rather, the Wizard of Oz references were subtly slipped into the story, and used for plot advancement as opposed to one-note sight gags. In addition to the parody, this episode also had a well written, thought provoking story. Namely: the consequences of using technology to attain physical perfection. It’s kind of interesting to note that, from a certain standpoint, both the Wuzzard and the Dark Lady are right, it’s just that the Wuzzard also happened to be batshit insane, but more on him later.

It is kind of odd that nobody ever mentioned Xev’s expiration date earlier, but we all know it’s common practice for the beans to add plot points on the fly, so I’m not about to take them to task for that.

Ah the planet Woz, where the weather is in a perpetual state of fury. Kind of reminds me of my own home state, except it’s not quite as scenic around here. The scene in which the crew rides the moth through the middle of a tornado is sweet, though it behooves me to ask the sixty-four million dollar question of the day: how the hell was the lady they accidentally crushed walking around in the middle of a giant cyclone (and don’t give me that "eye of the storm" crap, ‘cause I ain’t buyin’ it!)? For peace of mind’s sake, I’m going to take the MST3K approach, and repeat to myself "it’s just a show, I really should relax." There, I feel better.

Based on what history has taught us, I would put more faith in Kai’s sense of direction than I would Stan’s, but when they’re out in the middle of nowhere and Kai says "we should go this way," is he basing this on anything? Should we assume he knew the layout of the planet (HDS’ hijacked memories and whatnot), or was he too just taking a stab in the dark?

Gotta love the Wuzzard. Walter Borden plays a great lunatic. The man looks like someone who’s hiding his true self, and his voice acting is top notch (he’s the evil Morgan Freeman). The way he throws his voice and speaks so calmly really does make him look and sound the part of some kind of cult leader (not that I’m in a cult...). Quite an interesting progression from the role of HDS.

Line of the night, as is usually the case, goes to 790. "Tweedle you human skid mark, tell Kai to do it at once."

This ep was also nostalgic, in that it gives us yet another season 1 cameo: the original Zev in her unaltered state. I think my initial reaction upon seeing her was something along the lines of "please dear God tell me some of that is makeup." Then I got to thinking and overanalyzed the show again: because they reverted Xev back to the original Zev, doesn’t that mean that when they change her back again she should have become Zev (Eva) again? At first I thought so, but then I figured that the genetic info/cluster lizard DNA present in Xev was still stored within the original fat Zev. After all, they just reversed the aesthetic side of the transformation, not everything. Otherwise she wouldn’t have to worry about expiring (huh…for once I actually followed through on my harebrained analysis…mark the occasion, ‘cause lightning rarely strikes twice).

Speaking of which, those propaganda films the Wuzzard forced her to watch were hardly what I would call subtle (though I’ll admit, quite creative). That can’t possibly be how you ladies see ALL of us. Can it....?

All I know is that if I were in Xev’s position, regardless of how weak or scared or whatever I may be, if I had to listen to that friggin’ song over and over I’d somehow summon the strength to break my restraints and smash the speakers. That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!

The Dark Lady’s fortress was cool, especially the slanted interior. Her crystal ball was yet another subtle Wizard of Oz takeoff, though her army of black-pack toting love slaves was a tad easier on the eyes than the old flying monkeys.

Kai certainly doesn’t beat around the bush. Did he really expect the door to open when he said "I’m here to kill the Dark Lady?" Hell, I was a telemarketer one summer (I will ingest unregulated pesticides for a living before ever going back to that waking night terror), and we didn’t come right out and say "I’d like you to dump some of your money down a hole"…we talked around the issue for a bit. Oh well, can’t fault the guy for being confident. Besides, that just gave him an excuse to pull a Batman with his handy brace. That thing has more practical uses than you can shake a drone arm at.

Speaking of Kai, I also found it a bit strange that he didn’t dust off the love slaves as soon as they attacked. After all, in season 4 he routinely shoots first and asks questions later. But I think I’ve come up with an explanation for that as well (I’m on fire…so please don’t pick apart these theories, my ego couldn’t possibly take it). Basically, Stan wasn’t in any danger. In season 4 he killed people only when they were openly threatening Stan or Xev. Well, Stan had ducked behind a wall, and Kai was able to absorb the black-pack shots, so there was no real reason to kill them. Plus, I figure since Kai was racing against the clock he decided it would be better to get info out of them instead of just dropping them and searching for the Dark Lady himself.

The Wuzzard is hardly a master strategist. His plan: everybody stand in front of me and get shot while I sneak around the back…Sun Tzu eat your heart out. Granted, it worked, but next time I storm a heavily armored fortress I think I’ll come up with a little more creative plan than that (especially if I’m slated to be part of the human shield). You’ve also got to love the bomb he strapped to himself. Who knew that those colored glow sticks we all carried around on Halloween when we were kids could be rigged into a photoelectric A-bomb (cue the MacGuyver music).

The confrontation between Kai and the Dark Lady was an important scene, as we see that the dead man is more than a heartless, heavily armed lap dog. He has a sense of honor about his work, as well as a sense of right and wrong. When the Wuzzard revealed himself for what he really was, Kai nixed on the killing, as it was not for a truly honorable cause.

The give and take between the Wuzzard and the Dark Lady was also poignant, as they both made salient points. The Wuzzard is right in that we should look at the inner beauty in people, and the Dark Lady is right in that if we are unhappy with ourselves we should take the initiative and do something about it (I’ve dabbled in personal training, and this is more or less the philosophy I preach to clients). The Wuzzard just happened to also be crazy, and have his own personal agenda. Still, the ending had the feel of a Greek tragedy. You couldn’t help but feel sorry for the Dark Lady, especially after seeing her deformity.

I don’t know why, but I always loved the scene where Kai runs up the wall. I guess the dead keep in shape.

79 years…I half expected it to be 69, but every now and again the beans take the moral high ground. Personally I wouldn’t want to know how many years I had left to live…I can’t imagine not being driven crazy, especially when I tore a page off my bedside calendar every morning. Still, in hindsight, it’s better than having 79 hours.

All in all a great ep that will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s got everything you would expect in a good Lexx episode: humor, an intriguing plot, character development, and in this case a darker, more serious edge about it. Definitely one of my all time favorites.

Cheery bye.

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 Posted: Wed Nov 15th, 2006 10:11 pm


I just gotta watch this one again Bilbo just so I can see your salient view points..Kai running up a wall? *runs to fire up her VCR*

Thanks're the best!


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I thought it was  hysterical in the beginning how the moth lands on one of the inhabitants, so much of this is like wizard of oz, you really have an understanding of what the eps are about and I love your decriptions!

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