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My 2 Cents on Episode 2.8: White Trash

Being as we comprise—with regards to Lexx—a cult following (sans the weird rituals and strychnine Kool-Aid), it’s not uncommon for the lot of us to come together as one and declare, “Man alive, that episode/season/character/quote/longshot/accidental flash of incidental nudity kicked ass!” That said, regardless of how tight-knit/uniform the fan base may be, every cult show also has its share of “Shut up, you’re wrong!”/”No, you shut up, you’re wrong!” moments.  Submitted for your approval: last night’s episode.

Depending on who you ask, White Trash is either pretty good, or the unchallenged nadir of the series.  I won’t lie: I went in expecting the latter.  This is, after all, one of the few episodes that has been consistently raked over the coals by just about every respectable Lexx related site on the web. After being repeatedly told how Godawful it is, I was dying to see it, if for no reason other than the train wreck factor.

What I got instead was a few bona fide eye-roll moments wrapped around a pleasant surprise.  In the end, I’m taking a 50/50 approach to the ep as a whole...

The story itself isn’t bad. The principle characters all get their licks in, and we are treated to another history lesson, as well as an outsider’s take on the Cluster, the cleansing, etc. A welcome story element indeed, so long as you can get past the people relaying it…

I think most—hell, all—who badmouth this ep do so because of the supporting characters, and I can certainly see where they’re coming from. The Goleen clan gives Jar Jar Binks a run for his money in the pain in the ass department, and while their story certainly held my interest, they as people couldn’t die quick enough for my liking. Though I jest about it in my Lexxbar post, I was literally pleading for Kai to dispatch them with extreme prejudice (yes, I talk to my TV…and my fish…but doesn’t everybody?). This actually got me to thinking…the Beans must have been horribly wronged by rednecks at some point (cue the dueling banjos). Anyhoo, now for a quick break down...

You have to tip your hat to the visual effects crew, as they came up with some pretty nifty planet designs for this ep. We have a giant planet with a hole through the center, which looks like it was ripped straight out of a Homer Simpson fantasy; and then we have the aptly-named planet Vermil, the only known planet in the two universes capable of contracting athlete’s foot. Definitely some clever stuff.

Stan’s become quite the ladies’ man lo these past two eps. First he had a roll in the hay with Xev (albeit on a MAJOR technicality), and then got it on with Sissy. Guess the Beans felt it was finally time to throw him a bone (figuratively in this ep…literally in the previous). BTW, the editing during Stan’s encounter was a bit choppy, leading me to believe that something was cut…again Can any of you DVD buffs back that up?

So let me get this straight: there were other people hiding on the Lexx the whole time? While I’m willing to buy this, given Lexx’s enormous size, you’d think that all the chaotic goings on would have coaxed them out of hiding. What about when Lexx got pulverized by the Giga Shadow? And for that matter, how were they not killed by the GS essence when it was wafting through the Lexx and killing everything? Perhaps there are more hidden alcoves on the big bug than the set designers would have us believe (or perhaps this would be a good time to apply the MST3K “It’s just a show, I really should relax” caveat).

Who knew Kai’s brace also doubled as a pocket fisherman? That thing has more uses than a Swiss Army knife (after all, how many Swiss Army knives can wipe out a half dozen people at the flick of a wrist).

Xev seemed…fickle in this episode. At first she seemed attracted to Junior, but shortly thereafter it was as though she was completely repulsed by him. Perhaps she stopped thinking with her hyperactive libido for long enough to actually take a good look at him. Oh well, as a Stan fan it’s good to know that the Stunner isn’t the ONLY one she’s not attracted to.

As I said before, I like how they tied in the cleansing from the original movies into this ep.  Like Stan’s trial, it served as something of a coda to the original movies, although their trying situation failed to make me any more sympathetic to the Goleens. They were just so irritating that I wanted to reach through my TV and pummel them. Norb was the least irritating of the lot, though he appears to be a graduate of the Jake-Lloyd-as-Anakin-Skywalker school of acting. I think we all, at the very least, cracked a smile (or leapt up and pumped our fists) when 790 said “Kai, torture the little bastard!” Still, the kid’s appearance tied up a few loose ends. I saw a few minutes of Norb (the episode) way back when, and had no idea who the kid was or how the crew knew him (or who most of the crew was, or what the hell was up with Kai, etc…I wasn’t even a newbie at this point). Guess now I know. Kudos to the final shot of Norb cruising outside the Lexx…that was sweet.

So all in all, not the best ep, but certainly not the worst. It’s in no danger of dethroning my beloved Game, but it certainly wasn’t the utter tripe that so many have made it out to be. I’m an optimist, so I try and find the good in every episode I see, and trust me, this episode had its memorable moments. Like any venture about which you may have your doubts, you just have to approach it with an open mind, and take solace in knowing that the annoying rednecks will eventually get theirs.

Cheery bye.

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It was kind of a deliverance meet the clampetts type of episode, but I liked it none-the-less.  And MM played a blonde greasy haired cowboy in it.  I even had the costume briefly as a gift, it now lays in Maya's hands.

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*Grins*  :34:   

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