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My 2 Cents on Love Grows
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 Posted: Wed Nov 8th, 2006 11:50 pm



My 2 Cents on Episode 2.7: Love Grows

I honestly have to wonder what kind of reaction Jeff Hirschfeld got when he first pitched the idea for this story. I’m thinking that Paul Donovan probably had to act as a intermediary/interpreter/maniac wrangler when they met with the bigwigs at Salter Street to discuss what they would be shelling out money to produce. Of all the out-there, "what if?" style plot devices I’ve ever encountered, this one had to take the cake (and that’s saying something, considering this is Lexx we’re talking about). That, it wasn’t bad.

Once again 790 had all the best lines, and his reaction to the newly "transformed" Xev is one for the books.

In what has quickly become one of my favorite establishing shots, we got another great view of the interior of the Lexx, which goes even further in showing just how big that bug really is. That one of the crew (Xev in all likelihood…Stan’s too level-headed/cowardly to stray too far from the bridge, as I imagine most rational folk would be if they had his resume of experiences). The design of the interstellar tow truck was also clever...hard to believe that technology millions of years beyond ours still has to employ an old fashioned stick shift (but then what would I know…I didn’t even know the space shuttle had a horn). By the way, did anyone else think that the long-haired crew member (not the captain…I suck at remembering names) looked kinda Jack Black-ish?

Xev was a tad bitchy in this episode, though it’s easy to understand why. It’s interesting to see these earlier episodes, where she basically detested Stan, after having seen the last few where they were much closer (though still not in the way Stan would have liked).

It’s interesting how "13" seems to be a running theme throughout the Lexx series. We have the Level 13 biohazardous, cinnamon flavored, gender swapping bug spray; and then there’s the Type 13, put-your-head-between-your-legs-and-picture-a-happy-place disaster planets (i.e. Terra Mostly Firma). Could it be a coincidence? Sure. But for as often as the beans defy internal consistency, they’re sticklers just as often. As I’ve said so many times before, this show knows how to reward paying attention.

Now to the meat of the story, the infamous gender swap. That, for me, has got to be the single biggest "WTF?" moment thus far. And once the initial shock wore off...I was rolling with laughter. I love the way they altered the characters’ voices. Xev’s "I don’t know how I got it, but I’m gonna use it!" line was absolutely classic, and Stan fans the world over can rejoice...he finally got some! Sort of…(you might say their tryst was the carnal answer to a technical knockout).

Actually, for my money, Stan handled becoming a woman rather well. If I were in his shoes I’d probably start crying, talking about my so-called "feelings," and worrying that people were talking about me behind my back ;).*

I guess this ep cemented the fact that Lexx is a "male," as he was apparently also transformed. Speaking of which, I was getting ready to cry foul when Lexx had a conversation with Kai, but then I got to thinking. We saw in S4 that when Lexx is under the weather he gets confused. Well, I can pretty much guarantee Lexx didn’t know what the hell was going on, let alone who his captain was.

The ending…honestly, I thought it was kind of a cop out (though a logical cop out). However there were only like two minutes of show left, and I doubt the beans wanted to do more than one episode with a psedo-hermaphroditic crew, though I’m certain the thought crossed their minds (oh to be a fly on the wall at one of their alcohol-fueled brainstorming sessions).

I can only assume that the appearance of the fat yokel, whom I’ve dubbed The Reanimated Corpse of Elmer Fudd on Acid, is supposed to lead in to the next ep, White Trash. I’m actually quite interested in seeing that one, simply because so many Lexxians have dubbed it the worst episode of the series.

Well, that’s all for now. Got to check my bed for cockroaches before Lexx starts ;)

Cheery bye.

*Don’t know why, but I caught a whole lotta flack for this line the first time I posted it. Since that time a few years have elapsed…I’m a little older, wiser, a little more worldly and introspective…I dare say I've outgrown some of the childish stereotypes that I clung to in my formative years...that said, I stick by my original comments 110%!!! *braces for retaliation*

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Great review Bilbo! This is ony of my favorite episodes ever. I LMAO every since time I watch this episode. I disagree with 1 point - I think Xev had the best lines!!

XEV: Wait until you see the trauma I'm packing


XEV: You ready?
STAN: (coy) No
XEV: Well I am, and that's what counts in this relationship


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LOL!  I really liked this ep.  It was an inconsistency that the Lexx talked to Kai, the only explanation is maybe the lexx's ability to take commands from its captain was screwed up during the gender switch.

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