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My 2 Cents on Lafftrak
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 Posted: Tue Nov 7th, 2006 09:40 pm



***I combed the bboard archives as best I could, but I couldn't find a "2 More Cents" review for this ep...guess I never did one...please forgive me***

My 2 Cents on Episode 2.5: Lafftrak

What can I say…I laughed, I cried, I laughed at myself for crying (candy ass), all the while pondering just what in God’s name Lex Gigeroff accidentally ingested as a child. But....

...before I launch into my review, what the hell happened to Luvliner? At first I thought it may have been on last Thursday, but from what I can assess they’ve left it out completely! Sci-Fi, what’s going on here? Now they’re censoring whole episodes. Here I am singing their praises for bringing Lexx back, willing to forgive and forget their mountain of past transgressions, and they go and pull some crap like this…my fault for being an overly trusting, easily emotionally manipulated schmuck…no…scratch that…it’s their fault. Damn mouth-breathing hacks with their six figure incomes…

(*Deep, cleansing breath…)

Anyhoo, on to the ep. Calling this outing "strange" is a massive disservice to all involved in its production, but given my current lack of sleep, that’s the fifty-cent word I’m using to describe this episode. It was heavy on the wacky, offbeat (to say the least) Canadian humor that we came to know during season 4, and had a totally unique look to it. More than almost any others, this is the quintessential season 2 ep: a series of zany/near-fatal adventures that have next to nothing to do with the main story arc and everything to do with the crew doing some ill-advised exploring when they should just leave well enough alone.

The opening dogfight was surreal as it gets, and the concept of two planets full of people going to war over TV ratings is both a scream and, quite possibly, a healthy dose of cultural foreshadowing. Can’t you just picture the Beans waging an all out war with the bigwigs at Sci-Fi over their piss poor marketing of Lexx? Send my asthmatic ass to the front lines and I’ll give ‘em what for!

The "shows" that the Lexx crew took part in had me running the jocular gamut, from chuckling, to nearly choking to death from laughter. The highlight for me had to be when Stan was cast on that mock kids’ show. When he kicked the head off the annoying android kid I almost busted a gut...that’s just my warped sense of humor though.

I also had to laugh when 790 was cast in a talk show and the "host" completely ignored him, as I felt this was a dead on ringer of some of the crap that’s on TV these days.

Kai’s head getting cut off is beginning to border on redundant (name another show where you’re likely to say "Sheesh…they cut his head off again"), but this episode’s beheading was worth it just to see his headless body used as a weapon. While we’re on that subject, I never knew that Kai’s brace had a trigger/button. I always thought it was somehow a part of him, and that he fired it via some kind of muscular reaction (think Spider-man here). Guess you learn something new every day. "Freeze motherf@#$ers! I’ve got a headless de-carbonized undead Divine Assassin here, and I know how to use it!" Well, that’s what Stan should have said, though it would have been a tad out of character.

Once again we saw Mantrid and his "arm"-y (get it!!!!!) snuff out a planet within seconds. That kind of got me to thinking...does he purposely follow the Lexx around, waiting to dismantle whatever planet the crew cheated death on? Or does he just move so dang fast that he’s literally everywhere? It would seem to me that since he has come within range of the Lexx so many times that it would behoove him to just gobble them up and be done with it. I realize that the obvious answer to this conundrum is "Bilbo, you dolt! Then there’d be no story line! Stop ruining the show for me!" but I’m just calling them like I sees ‘em.

Well, that’s it for now. So far I’m enjoying season 2, as so many have assured me I would, but I can’t help wondering how it would feel to watch them the first time they aired, not knowing how anything will play out. Oh well, Lexx is Lexx, and I’m just happy to be getting my fixx.

Cheery bye.

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I bet this was a controversial episode since it dealt with the notorious world of Televsion production and ratings...very intersting concept...:c030a:

"Blah blah blah, Vampire Emergency, Blah..."
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This was a great ep with the Xev show, Stan and Lex G. who played Farty the clown and Kai with his fond remembrances of balloons...

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