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 Posted: Tue Nov 7th, 2006 02:58 am
I"ve been asked to make a Disclaimer of Intent on this board, for the purposes of satisfying my Legal gene. So here we go. :c030a:


The opinions on this board do NOT necessarily reflect those of the Board Owners, Admins, Mods or members. This is a free speech board.

We are here to have fun, and share Lexx and work toward a common goal that we started a year ago, that has NOT been waylaid by recent events. :haha:

ANY member knowingly registering as underage (under 18 for US) without our knowledge is responsible for their own behavior and if said member creates a nuisance, illegal activity or otherwise disrespects the other board members, they will be removed without delay. We cannot have a minor putting the board in jeopardy because they might draw negative attention from other members. And I don't need someone's parents emailing me complaining because their child got yelled at for something they said here.

No discussions promoting the use of pirating, bootlegging or downloading from P2P sites will  be allowed, as the board owners could be at risk for fostering pirating, same goes with asking for help in hacking someone else's site.  Publicly posting offering to make copies of copyrighted movies is not allowed.

Any discussions of parties OUTSIDE this board will be the responsibility of the person posting, and there will be no  discussions of minors or their activities outside this board.  This is a sore spot with many board owners as the Minors can create disturbances and we have no recourse.

Please, no real flaming, the pretend flaming is ok. We don't have  a problem with real discussions, and arguments, they can be fun, but let's not make up any rumours about someone else just to make your point.  That really brings out the worst in me especially...

Statements about websites out of the country are your responsibility. If WE make a statement, we will have evidence to back it up, so we hope you do as well.

If you borrow someone else's artwork,  please get their permission and give them credit, lots of folks are professionals and they could use the advertising.

I think that about wraps it up, if you think of anything else that needs to be put in writing here to cover our asses, feel free to bring it to my attention..




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