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This story is rated Lexx, due to adult content, do not read if under the age of 18.











Fan Fiction:    Deepest Darkest Desires





She traced her well-manicured fingernails across the frosty glass of his pod.  She raised a perfectly arched brow, lost in her own thoughts of the dark assassin.  It had seemed so real to her……………….so real.  With a sigh she turned away and headed to her bed…….alone………..just as she has done these many years.






12 hours earlier:




“Shut up you tin can, if you don’t be quiet, I’m going to hurl you off the bridge once and for all!”   Stan took off his hat and wiped his brow, he was weary of having 790 for company on the bridge, spouting love poems about Kai or insulting him at every turn.  790 became bored and wheeled his cart into the cryochamber room, he let out a digital sigh and hearts flashed across his eyes as he thought of another love poem to occupy his lovesick microchip.  The dead man lay frozen………..completely unaware of the infatuous robot head.


Xev got out of bed and took a shower in the shower room, the water sluicing down her voluptuous body as she wondered what she was going to do today.  Probably nothing she thought to herself, as this day was the same as any other, or so she thought.  Finishing her shower, she dried off with a filmy pink gauze that served as a towel and put back on her cluster lizard outfit.  She went to the galley and stimulated the oozing phallic appendage until it erupted out the blue and green goo that served as breakfast.  She scooped it with her fingers, sucking it off her fingertips as she smacked her pouty lips while eating, her appetite temporarily sated.  Wondering what Stan was up to she listlessly wandered down the hallways that led to the bridge.


Leaning back against the pedestal, Stan mused to himself, remembering the activities that caused him a bit a of legal trouble at their last port of call and turned to find that Xev had noiselessly entered the room.  She plopped down beside him with a huge sigh and they stared out through the Lexx’s viewscreen into the emptiness of space.  “Beautiful day outside isn’t it, Xev?”  She sneered with disdain and absentmindedly plucked lint off her dress and flicked it at Stan.


Lexx’s deep booming voice echoed down the halls.  “Captain, I am receiving a signal.  Shall I answer it?”


“Great timing Lexx, I am bored out of my skull.  Who is it?”  Asked Stan as he shot to his feet.


“It is an automated signal, coming from a ship in the Hakar quadrant, Captain.”  Lexx replied.


Xev’s eyes widened in delight at the prospect of a new adventure.  “Hrmmm.”  She murmured to herself, “I wonder if there will be men on board.” 


“I’m going to get 790 to scan the ship for any hidden dangers that the Lexx may not know about.”  Stan left the bridge and shortly returned with 790, who protested all the way back.  “Stan you fleshbag!  How dare you remove me from gazing at my Kaicicle of love!!!!!!”


“Shut up, you’re actually going to earn your keep around here for a change.  You’re going to make up for the crap you’ve cause around here for the last couple thousand years!”  Stan not so gently set the robot head down on the pedestal.


“Why should I do anything for either of you?  When it’s only my dead delicious one that I care about.  I hope it’s a ship that blows you all to pieces so I can be alone with my man!”


Xev bends down and runs her fingers lightly over his casing and coos into his face screen.  “Remember 790, if anything bad happens to the Lexx it happens to Kai too.”


790 mumbled and growled to himself for a few moments considering his options or lack thereof and spat out.  “Oh……OKAY!  What is it you two losers want me to do?”


“Scan the ship for any dangers that the Lexx can’t detect.”  Stan ordered the sullen robot head.


790 scowled and did his scan and in a petulant voice said, “I don’t detect any weapon systems on board or mechanical problems with the craft.  So what do you want from me now?”


Lexx’s booming voice interrupts, “Captain that looks like a tasty snack.  May I eat it?”


Stan ponders for a moment. “Nahhhh, not quite yet, Lexx.”


Xev and Stan’s eyes met and he grinned.  “Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Xev?”


“What are you waiting for let’s go!”  She flounces off heading to the moth bay.


Stan nudges 790 with the toe of his shoe.  “Watch the store while we’re away.”


790 growled and proceeded to spout obscenities at them as they left the bridge.


Each is lost in their own thoughts as Stan flies the moth to the small craft.  Xev primps herself on the way, fixing her hair and checking her make up, wanting to look good for any eligible men aboard.  Stan thinks of getting laid and his dick hardens as he imagines a tall gorgeous blonde woman with full breasts and legs that go up to her neck. 


He veers the moth around the ship, taking a good look at it before he lands in the docking bay.  The ship was small, looking like it could accommodate about 50 people.  They both had only one thing on their mind as the moth landed inside of the docking bay.


A vivid hologram of a stunningly beautiful woman appeared to shimmer in the air before them, the soothing voice of the hologram spoke calmly.  “Welcome to pleasure ship Demetrius.  I am your pleasure guide, Ashlan.  How may I serve you?”  Then it paused waiting for instructions.


“Uhhh……….well”   Stan twisted his hat in his hands, “Where are all the people?”


“Yeah, where are all the men?”  Xev crossed her arms over her chest peering at the hologram.


“You are on pleasure ship, Demetrius.  A completely self-sustained ship of dreams.  I am your guide Ashlan……..”


“Yeah, we know that already.”  Stan impatiently interrupted her, “What do you mean by this pleasure ship of dream stuff?”


“This ship is designed to make your deepest darkest desires come true.  You can select any guest room and your body will be scanned.”  Then the hologram cheerfully continued.  “After the scan is complete, your deepest desire will take place.  There is a 10-hour maximum stay.  Follow the red light and your adventure will begin. Enjoy your visit on pleasure ship Demetrius.”  As the hologram faded a red light appeared on the floor to guide them to the guest rooms.


“Pinch me Xev, is this real?  OUCH!  I didn’t mean for you to really pinch me.”  Stan rubbed his arm and followed her before she got out of sight.


“I’m going in here Stan and don’t bother me, I intend to enjoy the full 10 hours, whatever it may bring.”  The door opened and she looked around the darkened room, walking in cautiously.  She couldn’t see anything but the blue light that ran down the length of her body, scanning her.


Stan was eager for his own dream to come true.  He imagined that tall gorgeous blonde licking whip cream off his hiney as he begged to be spanked.  He entered the next room rubbing his hands together and licking his lips in anticipation.


Xev closed her eyes as she was being scanned and thought of her darkest desire.


A vibrant baritone voice floated to her over a fragrant breeze.




Slowly opening her eyes, she was startled to see that she was no longer in a room, but in a beautiful flowery meadow.


“Kai?  Kai is that really you?”  Tears sprang to her eyes when she saw the young handsome Brunnen warrior standing before her knee deep in flowers.


“Yes, Xev it is really me.  Come with me my love.”  His long slender fingers twined with hers as he led her towards a soft blanket that had the impression of his body within its folds.  Without hesitation she went with him, crying and smiling at the same time, she couldn’t believe he was really here and he was alive!  Her heart beat faster as she giddily gazed upon her dark assassin.  He was breathing, he was warm and he felt real, so real. 


His bright Rainbow suit competed with the many vivid flowers that littered the landscape, blowing gently with the breeze, the tall green grasses swayed in rhythm as if being conducted by a maestro.  His errant lovelock blew across his face as he admired her with his perceptive hazel eyes, seeing the need, the want, reflected in her own sparkling eyes.



The Magic Colors           
         by Courtney D. Hexum         
 When I think of you                  
 The colors I see, are...             
 Purple, and sometimes blue.          
 Purple for the overwhelming          
 Amount of love                       
 Packed tightly within myself         
 Blue for all of the times            
 I had to catch my breath             
 Or recover from a skipped beat       
 By my heart                          
 When I imagine being with you        
 Walking hand-in-hand                 
 I think of clouds                    
 And a fantasy land                   
 Blue misty waters                    
 Pink and yellow flowers              
 Orange and purple skies              
 And continuous music                 
 Unimaginable sites                   
 And no unhappiness                   
 I never worry about anything         
 I feel completly safe                
 In your arms                         
 Or by your words                     
 I will always know                   
 That there is an unlimited           
 Amount of love waiting               
 From you to me                       
 And, with you FOREVER                
 I will be      



Xev looked at him provocatively, her full lush lips beckoning him to her and he could not resist their temptation.  Slowly with trembling fingers she pulls the ebony pins, releasing his long silken raven mane letting it cascade around his shoulders as he leaned in and captured her full lips, his hot wet tongue encircled hers and she let out a low growl that turned into a purr as they lustfully kissed.  She could feel the silkiness of the fabric under her fingertips as her hands caressed the muscles of his strong back, she had never felt such an intense passion for anyone but Kai and she craved him.


Tugging at his soft tunic open she revealed his well-developed musculature to her starving gaze.  Slipping her fingers inside his tunic, she assisted him in removing it.  Breathing heavily Kai’s hands trembled as they slowly unclasped her lizard skin top, his fingers delicately brushing across her ample breasts.  His warm lips captured hers again, while his fingers trailed lazy circles around her nipples.  His fingers drifted lower until they found themselves beneath the waistband of her skirt.  Losing no time the skirt as if by magic, appeared next to them on the grass and her shiny black boots soon followed.   Xev stood naked before him, her breasts heaving with excitement against her tawny skin.  She was trembling, she had dreamt of this for so long, being in his arms, feeling his warm breath against her soft skin.  “Kai, my love, I want you inside of me, I want to hear you crying out in release……I want all of you Kai.”  Her desire was strong and intense as she knelt before him and hastily unfastened his pants with shaking fingers freeing his throbbing appendage.  His pants were carelessly tossed aside as she placed her hands around his buttocks and her lush lips enveloped his engorged shaft.  The blood rushed to his manhood while he delved his fingertips into her wild blonde hair, he tossed his head back moaning as she sucked greedily on him, her cheeks creating suction as she moved her mouth up and down his steely length.  His hips pumped slowly against her mouth and he felt ready to explode………..”AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, Xev!!!!”  She licked the pearl of cum from the tip of his penis, causing him to gasp in pleasure.  He fell to his knees and gently laid her down on the blanket, his long soft hair falling around them, creating a curtain, hiding his face as his hands caressed the silken skin of her thighs.  Her legs parted of their own accord and her treasure was open to his view.  He lightly caressed her jewel with his fingertips and he leaned forward licking her tight bud with his wet warm tongue.  Xev was trembling, breathing in short gasps.  She tried to pull him over her, to give him his pleasure, but he held her tightly to him.  He was a master, this one, she thought vaguely.


“Relax, Xev,”  he said to her, raising his head.  “I want to feel your pleasure.”  A great shudder coursed through her body and she clenched her teeth to keep from crying out, but a groan tore from her throat.  A primeval sound, wrenched from her cluster lizard half.  He moved astride her and gently parted her sweet slit with his fingers, his eyes on her dazed face.  Once again he bent his dark head and loved her with his tongue, mouth and fingers.   He moved over her body, his sensuously carnal lips surrounded a hot pink nipple and he made love to it with his mouth until it hardened and begged for more.  Xev arched her back, her hands twined in his hair, massaging his scalp as his lips laved her twin breast.  “Oh Kai…………..Mmmmmmmmmmmmm……………how I have dreamt of this moment……”


He moved lower again, feasting on her flowing juices, then he positioned his body above hers, his lips capturing hers in a kiss, she tasted herself upon his lips as he plunged inside her. She felt her body stiffen and then her cries of passion filled the meadow.  It had been so long, so long since she had felt such pleasure.  Xev writhed beneath him, her face contorted, her hips thrusting upward frantically, almost desperately to bring him deeper inside of her hot body.  She locked her legs around his hips as he pumped in and out of her, a rhythm that she matched.  He seemed to be devouring her, consuming her as sweat glistened off his muscular flanks.  Xev was like a crazed animal, she nipped and lightly bit his strong shoulder, her nails raking down his back.  Kai winced slightly and moaned her name next to her ear as he sought to bring them both to the ultimate pleasure.  He caressed her with his gleaming dark hazel eyes as his thick, pulsing member glided in and out of her…………..”XXEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  He tossed back his head and screamed her name wildly as he climaxed, spilling his warm seed inside her trembling body.  Xev let out a loud roar as she orgasmed over and over, then she lay back limply on the blanket as she gave into the trembling of her body.  He withdrew his slick manhood from her mound and laid next to her, pulling her into his warm embrace as he whispered words of sweet love in her ear.  Xev sighed as she felt his heart beating against her cheek and looked up at him and smiled. 


“I’ve never felt this way before Kai……..but I knew I would with you.”


“You are more beautiful than I ever imagined, Xev.  And I have something that I would like to share with you.”  He said as he reached over her body and presented her with a small box wrapped in shiny gold foil.


“What is this?”   She said smiling as she sat up and opened it.


“It is a rare delicacy……………..chocolate.”


She inhaled deeply of its scent, “Mmmm… smells wonderful.”


Kai took a piece of the round chocolate and held to her lips.  Her tongue darted out and it was gone in an instant.  “This is absolutely marvelous, I want more!”  Kai chuckled and gave her another piece, then she abruptly straddled him, gripping the box with one hand and his member in the other.  Her slender fingers stroked his massive manhood, until it stood tall and proud, throbbing in her hand, she parted her legs and impaled herself on his sword, moving her hips up and down his long shaft, his hands came up to cup her full breasts, flicking her nipples with his thumbs. 


As Xev rode him she took a piece of chocolate and rubbed it across his sensual lips, her hair brushing his hardened male nipples as her tongue darted out to lick up the delicious confection.  “Mmmmmm…………..Kai, you taste so good……..”   He took the offered chocolate she held in her hand and it melted slowly in his mouth as he enjoyed the smooth, rich flavor.  She took another piece and rubbed it on his hard pale nipples and slid her tongue around them in lazy circles, licking up the chocolate before placing the rest of the piece in her mouth.  She sucked on it and it exploded into a burst of cherry flavor in her mouth as her own body rocked and climaxed against his.  Afterwards they shared the rest of the chocolate until it was gone and Xev pouted sexily at Kai.


“It is time for me to go Xev, perhaps we will meet again some day.”  He unentangled his limbs from hers as he stood up to retrieve his clothing.


“No, Kai, don’t go!!  I can’t lose you!  Don’t go.”  He turned and gave her a long passion filled kiss and when she opened her eyes, the meadow and Kai were gone……replaced by a darkened room with a door leading into a lighted hallway.


“No, it was too soon, you can’t do this to me!  Bring him back!  Bring him back!”  Xev cried, hugging her cluster lizard outfit to her chest.


The soothing voice of the hologram could be heard through the speakers.  “Thank you for visiting pleasure ship Demetrius.  I hope your stay was all you dreamed it would be.”


Xev couldn’t believe her 10 hours were already up as she sadly got dressed and stepped into the hallway.  Stan soon joined her in the passageway, wiping whip cream off of his mouth with his shirt sleeve.


“Wooo Weee………….Xev you wouldn’t believe the time I had!  Is something wrong Xev?  You don’t look so good.”  Stan put a hand on her shoulder, but she shrugged it off. 


“Let’s go Stan.” 


“Sure, Xev……………………….hey Xev, whatever happened to ya in there?   I hope………ahhh, nevermind.”


Stan followed her to the moth and as they flew back to the Lexx, Xev turns to Stan and with a secret smile on her lips she asks him, “Hey Stan do you by any chance know what the towing capacity is of the Lexx?”





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Wohoo Is hot in here??. I have written/read a lot of erotic novels but this one made me blush. I literally saw a soft porn movie in my head with Xev and Kai. Whoever it is that has written this novel, did a very good job.

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It's just a fan fiction story I wrote a long time ago.


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Your really good. Have you wright anything else???

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I've posted some stuff here in the poetman's prose section, you'd probably have to look at some old posts.

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always was one of my faves there did have a way with the prose my darlin'...*MEMORIEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS*

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We always were such horny old broads.....

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mayaXXX wrote: We always were such horny old broads.....
Buahahahahahahaha!  :BULLWHIP::devilblack:

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