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The smuggler’s vessel was headed toward Terlara with it’s cargo.  The smugglers considered themselves highly honored to be chosen by Kai the daughter of Kai to see this precious cargo delivered to Terlara.  The Committee itself had ordered that it be delivered safely and without incident to the Grand High Priest on Terlara.
“You may pass the word they will be delivered to Terlara to the Grand High Priest.  I have spoken to him he will have them placed in the Meditation Gardens where everyone on Terlara will have access to them.   The people will be honored to tend to them.”  Fifth said to the old man whose family had possessed the markers for generations.
“We ask that you allow us two hours to start our walk peacefully. Defeat Mantis, don’t let our walk be in vain.”
“Dagos is history” Fifth said to the other Kais.  “All of the other planets on the list are also ready to be destroyed.”
“What was so important that you waited for a week to do what needed to be done?” First Kai asked.
“They asked me to save some monuments.  In return all the worlds on our lists were evacuated with the exception of those who were too old or infirm to fight.  They wished to contribute to the effort in another way.  They sacrificed themselves.  They chose to become food for the LEXXes.” Fifth said.
“Monuments?” Third questioned.
“Fourth you asked me what was wrong with Second, he came face to face with his memorial marker on Dagos.  He has been in a strange mood ever since.  I guess that is kind of a shocking thing to experience.  It’s on its way to Terlara along with the Markers for First and Lynna.  After the Insect Wars a descendant of Jute’s line brought them here.  He was disgusted with the edict of the Matriarch Council and stole the monuments. 
Jute’s family had pretty much claimed Second as blood.  As the old man said Both Second and Jute were treated equally as sons of both houses.  The old man’s ancestor thought the Matriarch Council had shown major disrespect to the Warrior Caste.   After Adana left to relocate to Brunnis the old man’s ancestor left to relocate to Dagos with the Markers in tow.  They were here on Dagos lovingly tended in the family’s garden.
Torq is going to have them placed in the Meditation Gardens at the Terla City Temple.  Those monuments are more than just markers.  They are a symbol of what it means to be a warrior of the caste.  Just like the Gortha.  They are the testimony of First, Lynna and Second.
Even with all the time I spent with you guys, seeing those obelisks, touching the stone; connected with something inside of me.  If I could be inspired by being in their presence, how much more will others be inspired?
Through these stones the Brunnen G become more than a myth as many worlds believe we are.  We become real.  And I’m taking a page from your book Third.  Use what you’ve got.  The smugglers will be stopping on the Alteri system before continuing to Terlara.  Like you taught me it’s always easier to rouse the rabble when you give them a reason to be roused.”
“You did the right thing.  I was born on Brunnis and attended the guild school.  Those monuments give us a physical connection to our ancestors.  I experienced the same thing in their presence all those millennia ago.  I’ll make sure my rabble gets the chance to see them before the smugglers move on.” Third said.
“Where is Second now?” Fourth asked. 
“In the cryochamber with 790.  I think he’s trying to pull Second out of his mood.” She said.  We’ll reach Typhos in a couple of days.  Hopefully he’ll snap out of it by then.”
“What is bothering you? Really?  It’s been over a week since you saw it.  It’s not shock anymore there’s something that really is bothering you about the marker.” Fifth said plopping down on the floor of the cryochamber with her back against the wall next to Second.
“Jute and I grew up together.  We went through the academy together from our first day and became more than just friends, we were brothers in every way except birth.  Our families also became good friends.  When his family would come to Duha’naur to visit Jute they stayed with my parents.  Jute spent all the school holidays with us.  During summer break I would stay with his family.  My parents would take trips down to visit them.  Now I can’t help but think about everyone left behind to deal with the loss. 
Then there is Arrana and my child.  I had only just found out that I was to be a father.  I wasn’t there to watch her grow with my child.  I never saw his face or had a chance to hear his cry.  The only thing he had of his father was a rock in a park.”
“If things had been different he never would have been born.  Arrana and  your child would have died.  You gave your life so he could live.  Don’t you think that’s more important? 
My mother was widowed when she had me.  There was a void in my life where a father should be but that void did not stay empty.  I was blessed four times over with all of you.  Your son was blessed too.  There were people to fill that void, like Jute.
Now stop moping around.  We’ll be at Typhos tomorrow and this is the last chance I’ll have to beat you up.” She teased.
Mantis was confused according to all the navigational charts there should be a planet at these coordinates and yet there was nothing just a few chunks of rock and dust.  The machine could not reason it out either.  It had mapped this planet earlier before Mantrid had merged with it.  It was a mystery.  The insect put forth an idea.  LEXX.
The Front Line
Fourth Kai stood on the bridge of the LEXX under the command of Timor.  Timor was suffering from a serious case of hero worship.  The Fourth Incarnation was on his LEXX.  The Last of the Brunnen G, the one who had sent the Messengers to Terlara 1000 years ago.   The one his ancestor had been in love with.
“What was she like?” Timor finally worked up the nerve to ask.  “The stories handed down in my family make her sound like a great warrior, but she was not Brunnen G.”
“No Xev was born on the planet B3K but she had the heart of a warrior.  She faced many dangers and challenges at my side including her own death without flinching.  You are descended from an honorable line and a special woman.”  Fourth answered him. 
“Captain May I eat the tasty snack?” The LEXX interrupted to ask Timor.
“What tasty snack?”
“The little asteroid over there.” The ship replied.
“Tell the LEXX to blow it up. It’s one of the Lyekka asteroids.”  Fourth said.
“LEXX blow it up.”
“As you command Captain.”
That was the 23rd asteroid that had been destroyed.  Two more in the first wave.  Who knew how many more Mantrid had built since launching these.
Second Kai had just received a report from one of the scout ships.  The Noah had been spotted in the vicinity of Carto-3.  Of course Carto-3 no longer existed.  It was one of the sacrificed worlds.  The Noah was traveling with a fleet of 500 ships the majority of them were larger and more powerful than anything under his command.  But he had the greater number.  His fighters were faster and had greater maneuverability.  And if all else failed, there were always the LEXXes if needed.
Third Kai was sending another group of rebels off to the occupied zone.  While Mantrid had been making his advance, Third had been cutting off his retreat.  Over half of the conquered worlds had been liberated.  There would soon be no way for Mantrid to resupply his armada.
Behind Enemy Lines
Fifth Kai had maneuvered the five LEXXes under her command to Mantrid’s rear.  She was careful to remain out of range of his army’s scanning equipment.  She was ready.  It was almost time for the battle to be joined.
First Kai was looking at how things were shaping up. Mantrid’s support network was almost completely destroyed thanks to Third.  Fourth and the 10 LEXXes on the front had been picking off the Lyekka asteroids as they appeared. Fifth was in place and Second was ready to launch his fighter’s at a moment’s notice.  What was needed now was panic on Mantrid’s part.  But it would have to wait, for now Torq requested his presence in meeting the arriving smugglers.
Once again 790 had conferenced the Kais together.  It was quickly becoming his favorite pastime since he got to see and speak with all of them at once.
“Care to explain why I am being referred to as Kai, Grandfather of Kai?” First asked Fifth.
“Don’t complain old man I’m now Kai, Father of Kai.  The smugglers were all bent out of shape over the fact that the Committee did not notice the family resemblance.” Third said.
“I know you are not complaining Third, you started this by saying Fifth Kai was my ‘daughter’.” Fourth commented.
Second was not even attempting to hide his amusement at this newest development.
“What are you laughing at Kai, Pain in the ass son of Kai.” Fifth asked him.
Fourth Kai scowled.  “Oh great, I’m cursed with him as a son now too?”
“I am not a pain in the ass.” Second retorted.
“I had to be sure that they took the monuments to Terlara, they are smugglers after all.  Besides they are even more committed to destroying Mantrid now than they were before.  It’s not just the spoiled daughter of a ‘god’ they are fighting for, our fight against Mantrid is now a Kai ‘family’ vendetta.   That they understand very well.
Besides this will bring a bit more balance to this Kai worship.  Right now all they know is ‘Daddy’s’ felonious behavior.” She teased.
“Well one good thing about this situation, I can claim child abuse the next time ‘Dad’ braces me.” Second laughed.
“Okay so now that we’re one big happy dysfunctional family, can we please get down to business?” First asked.
“Yes Great-grandpa Kai.” Fifth said sweetly.  Second smothered a laugh.
“Children behave. Show some respect for your ‘Great-grandfather’.” Fourth said, almost managing to be serious. Fifth and Second burst out laughing.
“Son, you really need to work on your parenting skills, they stink.  And don’t you think 12 or 13 was a little young to be fathering children?” Third said.
“I think crappy parenting skills are an inherited trait, Pa.” Fourth replied.
“Okay I’ll buy that, it means we can blame the two brats on First!” Third agreed.
“Besides he was  an accident.  You don’t think I’d intentionally sire a pain in the ass do you?”
“I am not a pain in the ass.” Second repeated.
First Kai leaned back in his chair and sighed. “Okay I give up, get it out of your systems.”
It took a while for the last four Kais to ‘get it out of their systems’ but they were all now seriously focused on business.
“Everything is in place we have everyone deployed where they need to be.  It’s time to draw Mantrid out.  We need to strip him of his army.” First Kai said.
“Well we could step up the revolution.  Over half the worlds he conquered are now firmly in our hands.  He’ll find it hard to resupply his army.  For every new world he conquers, he loses two on the back end.” Third said.
“What about taking out his capitol?  We borrow a page from the insect playbook.  The Brunnen G immediately entered the Insect War after the destruction of Duha’naur.” Fourth suggested.
“That was a slap in the face that could not be ignored, I kind of like the idea of returning the favor.” Third said.
“He’ll have to send in his army or appear weak.  What was that Earth phrase?  Oh yeah we’ll hand him a ‘punk card’.” Second said.  “I’m sitting on 10 squads here just itching to do some damage.  We can go in and flatten the place in one run.”
“We need to do an air and ground strike.  We want his army, not the Lyekkas.” Third said.  “I’ve got some ground troops here that have an itch of their own.  We just need a lift. I don’t want to take a LEXX from Alteri , we know it’s in Mantrid’s path.”
“I’ll pull one of the LEXXes from the patrol.” Fourth said.
“Thanks, I may need it for a while.  We’re talking about Mantrid’s stronghold here.  We may find a less than hospitable welcome on the surface.  If that’s the case we will have to stage from the LEXX.
“Keep it as long as you need to.” Fourth replied.
“Fifth you make sure that Mantrid doesn’t sneak past you, we want him headed in this direction.” First said.
“Got it covered.” She replied.
“Well kiddies what are you waiting for, Great-grandpa Kai has spoken.” First said.
It could only be the LEXX responsible for these vanishing worlds.   Mantrid had no idea how long it could survive but it lived somehow.  The question was who had the key.  Stanley Tweedle and Xev Bellringer were both dust in the grave by now so it could not be either of them.  Perhaps a descendent?  The machine had been working furiously on calculations to explain the situation.
“It is most likely the LEXX.  This makes me question the information that the missing priest gave us.  Stanley Tweedle and Xev Bellringer ended up on Terlara where they told the natives the story of Kai.  It is most probable that we deal with an embellished legend of the Brunnen G.  Kai was the Last of the Brunnen G and has been dead for 1000 years.  Humans have a tendency to embellish facts creating legends.
The Terlarans are using the Kai legend to foment rebellion.  We must destroy Terlara and that will end the legend and the rebellion.”
“When is the last time any of you have ‘recharged’?” Asked Fifth.  “I can tell when I am seeing the construct and when I am seeing the spirit.  And I haven’t seen any of you in the ‘spirit’ for weeks.  That is not normal.”
Each of the Kais thought about her question. 
“Let me guess not since we had our shared ‘vision’, right?  I think Rakais did more than cancel her deadline.    Only Vlad seems to need to be in the cryopod lately.” She added.
“Fifth is right.  I haven’t even thought about the damned thing for weeks.” Third said.
“All of our constructs should have reverted back to their disconnected atomic state after a week.” Fourth said.  “Brizon was very specific about the need to store them in the cryopods.”
“Maybe it’s because we really cannot do much good in this fight if we have to keep going in storage.” Second added.
“So are we alive, then?” First questioned.
Fourth activated his brace.  Gently he placed the edge against his forearm.  “Perhaps we should find out.”  He increased the pressure until the point had penetrated deeply.  There was no blood.  He quickly sliced through the appendage, and picked it up.  As usual the fingers responded to the command his brain sent them flexing into a fist, opening and then wiggling independently of each other.
“That is creepy.” Second said.
Fourth now held the severed hand in place.  It reconnected just as it had always done.  He tested his control again.  “We are still dead.”
“Neat trick.” Fifth said.  “So you guys are still dead but the constructs don’t need to recharge.  That’s good to know.”
“Yes it is.”  First Kai said. 

Second Kai was briefing his fighters.  “We want to draw this out, Mantis must think that he can retake Totha using only his army.  That means that we have to give the impression of a struggle.  That does not mean that I want casualties.
First Squad, you have the least firepower but that makes you of extreme importance.  You will report to the Third Incarnation on the LEXX.  You are now under his command.  You will be handling troop transport. You are dismissed. 
Second Squad you are responsible for air cover of the troops on the ground.  Keep Mantrid’s men from slaughtering them.   This entire world is hostile, our troops won’t find any shelter here.  Third Squad, you have the most powerful weapons, you will clear the path for our ground troops by doing strafing runs on the targets to clear a landing zone for the ground troops.  Any questions?”
One man spoke up “What about Mantrid’s airpower?”
“Which squad are you with?”
“Third Squad Sir.”
“What is the first thing I taught you bozos about air assault?” Second asked him.
“Take out anything your enemy can use to become airborne.” The man replied.
 “Well then if you do your job and follow what I taught you Mantrid won’t have any airpower left at this target now will he?  Okay now let’s get this mission underway.  I want Mantrid’s capitol city to be a bad memory within 48 hours.  Third Squad hop to it, you’ll have just about an hour to do your part before the troops hit the ground.”
“It was beautifully done if I do say so myself.  Mantrid’s capitol city is nothing but dust and rubble.” Second reported.
“We made sure that there were survivors to report to Mantrid about this ‘attack’.  He’s probably finding out about it right now.” Third added.
“So we can look forward to one of two responses, his army or his Lyekkas.” First said
“He won’t send the Lyekkas.   He can’t afford to destroy Totha if there’s any chance of reclaiming it.  We’ll make sure that he thinks he has a chance.” Third said.
“We are just playing with them not really trying to conquer them.  We win a battle or two then lose one.”  Second added.
“Fifth, things still quiet on your end?” First asked.
“Yes,  Mantrid still hasn’t seen us but we’re keeping close tabs on him.” She replied.
“Fourth, any more asteroids?”
“No it is quiet.” Fourth replied.
The Machine had added this new information to what it had.  It had come to a conclusion.  “The LEXX has passed us.  One of the survivors on Totha reported a vessel matching the configuration of the LEXX.  We can handle the Totha attack by sending the human army.   We have enough firepower to destroy the LEXX based on calculations.  This will leave the ground troops stranded and at our mercy.
Totha is essential to our supply network.  Our human army must have a supply of equipment and consumables.  Much of it comes through Totha.
Terlara however is still our prime objective.  Ten heavy cruisers with a full complement are enough to launch a successful attack on Terlara since the LEXX is out of the equation.  This is the opportune time to do so.  They will not expect an offensive attack on Terlara they will expect us to  return to Totha.  We will leave the asteroids here and return to finish them after the destruction of Terlara.”
The Noah increased it speed and corrected it’s course, ten massive ships followed in it’s wake.
“Mantrid is making a move.  Ten heavy cruisers and the Noah are headed your way Fourth.  Their course takes them straight to Terlara.  Three LEXXES are shadowing him to cut off his retreat.  I have something here to take care of and then the rest of us will follow.” Fifth reported.
“And the rest of his army is headed toward Totha?” Second asked.
“Well except for a handful that seem to have been left behind here to guard Mantrid’s works in progress.  There are dozens of asteroids here in different stages of completion.  I don’t think I should leave something this dangerous just laying around the universe where anyone can trip over them.” She smiled. 
“No that would not be a good move, destroy them.” Fourth agreed.  “I think we can make sure that Mantrid does not make it to Terlara.”
“You might want to know that Mantrid believes the LEXX is behind the attack on Totha.  He’s sending his army to ‘kill it.’  He thinks that will solve his problem.  He also thinks that destroying Terlara will end the Kai Legend.” Third spoke up.
“How do you know all this?” First asked.
“Some of my rabble are; to quote a certain individual who is no longer with us, ‘good with pain’.” Third replied.  “Somehow Mantrid has convinced himself that there is no ‘Kai’.  We’re all some big Terlaran scam to drum up allies.”
“You should know that Mantrid’s army is indeed capable of killing a LEXX.  They are the most powerful weapon of destruction ever created but they are designed destroying stationary targets like planets.  If a target is not in front of the ocular parabola a LEXX can’t hit it.  But it is a ‘living’ creature so it does have a sense of self preservation and will make every attempt to avoid death.  Enough ships with powerful enough weapons can overpower one.” Fourth warned.
“If that’s the case and Mantrid is headed your way with heavy cruisers, you’ll need something a little more maneuverable.  I’ve got some new toys here compliments of the Cartoians.  They call them Star cruisers.  They are not on the level of a LEXX but they are damned destructive little ships.  They come equipped with 12 plasma cannons.  It takes a couple of them working in tandem, but they can vaporize a heavy cruiser.” Second said.
“Then we will need to take steps to keep the LEXXes from destroying your ‘toys’.  When the original LEXX was first grown, it was prohibited from firing on ships under the command of His Shadow.  790, could you recreate that program to prevent our LEXXes from firing on Second’s fleet?” Fourth asked.
“Of course I can dead and dreamy, but it could be more effectively done using transponders and receivers.   We can have any of the allied worlds mass produce them very quickly. 
The transponders would be installed on my yummy, young and studly ones’ ships.  They would send a code that would be picked up by the receivers on the LEXXes.  Any ship not sending the right code would be fair game. 
The advantage here is that no matter what ships Mantrid has in his armada they would be an open target, and any ship in ours would be off limits.  The design, configuration or planet of origin would not make a difference.” 790 replied.
“This is similar to the set up the Earth air defense forces had?” Fourth questioned.
“Yes exactly the same set up.” 790 answered.
“Alteri has production facilities that can handle it and they are closest to us right now.  The priority will be outfitting Second and Fourth.  After that is done they can ship to Terlara and distribute from there.  I’ll contact General Bann as soon as 790 can get the design to me.  Bann will have the production lines up and running within a couple of hours.” Third added. 

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Behind enemy lines
So much for the asteroids Fifth thought to herself.  And so much for the ships left to guard them too.  She thought for a moment about the men on those ships.  But only for a moment.  They had sealed their fate when they chose to follow Mantrid.
“Kai, we need to talk” Vlad said coming onto the bridge.  “I have something I must do.  It’s the last thing that I must do before I can join my people.”
“You will be leaving me then?” Fifth asked.
“My job was to protect you until you could protect yourself.  You’re all grown up now.  You don’t need me anymore.
But there are 30 women trapped on Typhos that do need me.  They need me to release them so that they can purge to end their suffering.  I know what they are going through.  It bothered me to consign them to this fate just as it bothered Fourth Kai.  Our action weighs on us.  It’s time to end their suffering and our guilt.”
“We will pass within moth distance of Typhos in a few hours.   I’ll let Second know that you are coming.” Fifth hugged the Blond woman.  “Thank you Vlad.  You never let a ‘Bunny’ get near me.  You have also been more than a bodyguard.  You’ve been a friend and an advisor.”
“I will think about you on the other side Young Kai.  I’m sure that all of your ancestors look down on you with pride.  I must go and say my goodbye to Dara now.  Do not forget that the most powerful weapon in this fight is you.  When the time comes remember you carry the pain and anger of many thousands. You carry my pain and the pain of your Fourth Kai.  Use us to access that pain.”
Second was over seeing the installation of the transponders in the ships under his command.  It had only taken three days from the time Third had contacted Bann to the delivery of the transponders to Typhos.  The Alterians had come up with an ingenious idea several months prior. With all the new allies coming on board, they had needed a way to distribute the electromagnetic mines quickly and efficiently, they had converted several of their commercial transports into mobile production facilities.  The work had been done enroute to Typhos.  A similar production facility was with the front line LEXXes installing the receivers.   In another day his fleet would be outfitted.  By the time they reached Fourth’s location, the LEXXes would all have been outfitted with the receivers.
Mantis hurried to the control room.  He had received an urgent message from the scout ship sent to check on the small force guarding the asteroids. 
“Mantis Savior,” The man on the screen said.  “There is nothing here.  The sentries, the asteroids.  All are gone.  Nothing remains. But we did pick up something on the long range scan.  It was leaving the area as we were arriving.”
The man’s image was replaced by a ship.  Not just any ship, The LEXX.  Mantis disconnected the transmission without so much as a goodbye.  This could not be.  The LEXX was at Totha.  His forces had confirmed that.  There was no way the LEXX could be in two places at once.  There was more than one LEXX.  The Terlarans had built more of them.
The Machine immediately began sending out orders to the army at Totha to disengage and regroup with the Noah.  Terlara had to be totally annihilated with the first blow.
Behind Enemy Lines
“Oh delicate flower, I’m afraid I have major bad news.  Mantrid just sent an order out to his forces.  He’s pulling them out of the fight on Totha and calling them to him.  I think our secret may be common knowledge now.”
“Get in contact with the others.”
“Are you sure about this?  There are five of you and the others are all out there now.  You are safer here.” Torq said gesturing skyward.
“I lived a very long time Torq, even for a Brunnen G, I was way past elderly.  240 years old when I started my walk peacefully in my sleep.  I survived an 80 year war.  You don’t live that long by ignoring your inner voice.  That inner voice is telling me that they will need me out there in the middle of things.”
First Kai looked out the window which gave a beautiful view of the gardens.  He could see the markers from here.
“You regard me with the respect due great age, but you forget I do not live.  None of us live except The One.   To borrow a phrase from the Fourth Incarnation ‘The dead do not fear death’.   Death holds no mystery for any of us, it is our natural state.  The proof of that sits in your garden.”
First Kai sat in the comm  room of the transport carrying him toward the front lines.  Third and Second were aboard the LEXX stationed in orbit around Typhos   Fourth was still on the front lines and Fifth was carefully moving toward them.  All of them were listening to 790’s report.
“So we have to conclude that Mantrid is making this move because he has learned something which makes the immediate destruction of Terlara a priority.  There’s only one thing that would make him make such a move.  He has to know about the LEXXes.”
“I think it may be my fault.  I had just finished destroying the asteroids when we picked up another smaller ship on long range scan.  I circled around behind it and destroyed it but” Fifth said.
“But there was enough time for it to get a message to Mantrid.” Third said.
“We wanted Mantrid panicked enough to make a mistake, this may turn out to be it.” Fourth said.
“Mantrid is about to throw everything at you including the kitchen sink and you think it may be a mistake?  Is the rigor mortis of the brain kicking in again?  He’s got 500 ships some with very heavy firepower and all you have is nine LEXXes with limited mobility!” Second said.
“It is a mistake.  He is falling victim to the tendency to use overkill again.  Just as he did when the Light Zone was destroyed.   One insignificant LEXX and he sent most of the mass of that universe chasing after us.  We were sitting at the center of the implosion he caused.  Now he sends his entire army to take out one planet.  But he will have to go through me to do it.”
“Us, he will have to go though us.  I refuse to allow you youngsters to have all the fun.  I’ll be at your location in about 30 minutes Fourth.  Then we will put our heads together.  We might just need some of that Divine Assassin thinking on this one.” First said.
Vlad who had never been involved in any of the conferences now spoke up.  “There are 30 women on Typhos that must be released.  They cannot remain in their watery grave.  We will soon be within moth range of Typhos.  I will be leaving the LEXX then to take care of that issue.”
“Thank you Vlad.  It is not a guilt I wish to carry.” Fourth said. “Thank you also for your care of Fifth Kai.”
She smiled at them all.  “Mantrid has no chance.  He faces the Brunnen G.  Young Kai just as it is my task to destroy these women it is your task to destroy Echias.” Vlad touched the young woman’s temple. “Remember that I am here, just as Fourth is here.  When the times comes call on our pain, that is the trigger.” 
Duke stood in the cryochamber aboard the Noah all of the pods were empty except for five.  He went to each one and opened it laying his hand on each of the women in turn.   As each opened her eyes he told her to get to the shuttle craft waiting for their arrival.  It would be tricky getting them all out.  Hopefully Mantrid would be too involved with his conversation with the Last of the Brunnen G to notice.
“Kai! No you are dead.  You died destroying my prototype!” Mantrid’s image said in shock.
“Yes I am dead.  But I have always been dead.  Nothing more than a biomechanical machine programmed to serve the Divine Order.  One created to be pretty much indestructible.  Did you really think that I would have been destroyed along with your little asteroid?
You continually underestimate me.  You continually underestimate the Brunnen G I am born from.  The time approaches when we will meet again, very soon.  This time you will die biovizer.  Every part of you will die.” 
The Machine had a heading, the Noah turned to follow the signal never realizing a shuttle was launching at the same time.
“This will not buy us much time.” 790 said.  “I don’t know how much longer I can keep Mantrid following that phantom signal.”
“We only need a couple of days.  Did the women arrive?” First asked Second who was now busy organizing his fleet to join the LEXXES.
“Yes, all of them restored to life.  Was Bunny always this much of an airhead?” He asked Fourth.  “I think I have met rocks with more intelligence.  Anyway, I spoke to May, she seemed to be quite intelligent.  From what she has told me, killing Mantrid is going to be a very tough job.  He seems to be able to move his insect consciousness from human to machine at will.  So he can go from Mantis to Noah and back again.”
“That means you have to kill the human, destroy the Machine and Echias.  It’s a tall order.” Third said.
“He also has 30 clones of his human body held in reserve.  If his body is injured then he just occupies another clone.” Second added.
“Then the clones must be dealt with first, before his human body is destroyed.” First said.  “We must have a plan that will address this conundrum and deal with Mantrid’s army.  We are entering the endgame.
I have been thinking on how to go about destroying Mantrid.  In order to fully carry out Rakais wishes it will take all of us.  We have to destroy Mantrid, all three parts and then destroy his army.  Fifth you know your job.  You have to destroy Echias, the insect. The cloned bodies and Mantis have to be destroyed, that’s Fourth’s strong suit.  The problem is the machine.  Second is the most mechanically inclined but he is also the best fighter pilot ever born to the Brunnen G.  We need him in a fighter directing the battle between Mantrid’s forces and ours.  That leaves you to deal with the Machine Third.  790 is working on several plans to figure out which one will be best.
But before we implement any plan we need Mantrid to be completely flustered.  Fourth I understand that you have an appropriately ‘evil’ idea along those lines?” First asked.
“Yes let him see what he faces.  Let him see all of us.  We remind the insect of all its defeats over time.” Fourth said.
“You mean all of us?  We like rub his nose in it?” Second  eagerly asked.
“That’s exactly what he means.  The insect will be enraged.” Third replied.
“But won’t Echias escape his prison?” Fifth asked.
“No Echias will be too busy fighting with himself.  The Machine is determined not let him out.” First said.   Echias suffers from the fact that he is bound by his idea of order.  He cannot harness chaos like we can.”
“I would suggest that First Kai be the first to contact him.” Fourth said.
“Hello Mantrid.  Guess who?”
Mantis looked at the image on the veiwscreen it was familiar but he could not identify the old man that had initiated this contact.
“Who are you?” Mantis demanded.
“Someone who knows you well.  I wonder how many of your kind I killed? I kind of lost track after the first hundred and I was a young man then.  I didn’t even bother counting when the war got in full swing.  I considered it a relaxing hobby to search for burrows and then slaughter every insect I found inside.  Even the hatchlings.”  The screen went blank.
790 watched with amusement as the Noah abruptly changed course.  Mantrid had forgotten all about dead and dreamy.  He was now following another phantom signal, this time looking for wise and aged.   790 was discovering that being a pain in the ass is a lot of fun.
“Kai!” Mantis was enraged.  “Last of the Brunnen G I will destroy you!  I know how to shut you down, I am the greatest biovizer who ever lived!”  The machine transmitted a code designed to overwrite the Divine Assassin programming that Kai carried.
“Do you see a bun on my head idiot?  Do I look like a Divine Assassin to you?  You’re not only stupid, you’re blind.  That’s why you never saw me coming.  I should be ashamed of myself for littering the universe with all those insect parts.  I mean you had only packed thousands of them in that comet.   You should have known better.  Did you think I was just going to let you waltz in and conquer Brunnis?”
“You cannot do this.  You should be under my control!” Mantis sputtered.
“Like I said, you’re an idiot.” Second ended his transmission.
790 was truly enjoying himself as he sent the Noah off chasing yet another dead end.
“I don’t think I have ever seen 790 having so much fun.   He’s got Mantrid chasing shadows trying to find and destroy Kai.  Mantrid is also sending out that code in a blanket transmission.” Fifth said.
“Yes I know, Brizon removed all those programs when we saw him.  The art of genius is planning ahead.  Brizon knew that Mantrid would try to deactivate or control me.” Fourth replied.
“Well while 790 has been having so much fun I’ve been working out a plan.  I will stay with the LEXXes, Second you will stay with your fleet.  The two of us will tackle Mantrid’s army.   Third, Fourth and Fifth will take care of Mantrid.  We have to get Third and Fourth on your LEXX Fifth.  Then we will pull back the rest of the LEXXes to use in destroying  Mantrid’s army.”
“We’ll be nearing your location soon.   Third and I left the LEXX back at Typhos.  When we get there Second Kai’s Taxi Service will provide luxury transportation to Fifth’s location aboard the state of the art Star Cruiser 2.” Second said.
“He’s not kidding either.  The Cartoians believed in their creature comforts.  It feels more like I’m taking a pleasure cruise than in the middle of a war.” Third added.
“Fifth the captain has orders to stay with you and provide escort.  I’m sending an additional squad to you.  The commander of the squad is one of the best fighter pilots I’ve seen.  He’ll protect the LEXX.” Second added.
“Did Vlad arrive safely?” She asked.
“Yes she did, the Typhians are bringing up the Assassins one by one and Vlad is destroying them as they are bought up, 17 have been destroyed so far.” Third said.
“Mantrid, how are things pal?”
Mantis looked at the viewscreen, Kai again.  This time older. 
“You are becoming an annoyance.” Mantis said trying to keep his cool this time.
“Just becoming?  I’ll have to work a little harder at it then.  So where are you planning to run this time?  You destroyed the Light Universe.  Looks like you have nowhere to run.  But even if you did I’d just chase you down like I did before.  My only regret is that I didn’t get your child at the same time.  And you had the nerve to refer to yourself as a gigashadow?  Hell it doesn’t even take me to destroy you,  you can’t even deal with a baby clusterlizard.  Did you enjoy having Squish dine on your brain?”
Once again the screen went blank. Once again the Machine looked for the source of the signal.  Once again it was coming from a different direction.  “We must conclude that there is more than one Kai.” It said.  “We will follow this signal to it’s source and destroy this Kai then hunt for the others.”
“It’s exactly as you predicted my wise love, Mantrid is determined to find the source of the signal.  That will clear the way for the Star Cruiser to meet with us.  The only issue may be a straggler or two.  Mantrid’s armada is hard pressed to keep up with his twists and turns.” 790 reported.
“Well if we happen to be able to pick off a straggler or two it will make the trip interesting.” Third said.  “I need to go brief the rabble before we go.  I’m bringing a couple of squads with me.  We want to be prepared for anything.  I’ll feel better if we’ve got some troops at our back when we board the Noah.”
“The fighter squad is ready to go.  They’ve been briefed.  Whenever you and Fourth are ready.” Second said.
“790 will you be ready to send my transmission when we are underway?” Fourth asked.
“Of course, I’m enjoying this almost as much as I enjoy gazing upon my perfect Kais.” 790 responded.
“Do we have competition for your affection 790?” Fifth teased.
“It’s a close second curvaceous one but still second.” Said 790.
“I will contact you when we leave.” Fourth said.
“Tiring of the game so soon Mantrid?  And we have not yet even taken our little stroll down Memory Lane.” Fourth’s image said.  “And I was actually feeling nostalgic.  You more than anyone else should know ‘how peculiar’ that is.  A Divine Assassin feeling is not something that happens everyday.”
“I will destroy this other Kai.  Then I will find and destroy you.  I know there are four of you.  I will hunt you all down.” Mantis said.
“Should I tremble in fear now at your empty threat.  You are an impotent little creature Mantrid.   You forget how well I know you.  I carried you inside myself and delivered you to your prison.   However you are the one who stepped inside, locked the door and threw away the key.  When you used my brace to destroy Mantrid’s jar you sealed your fate.  There was only one place to run, the Machine that Mantrid had built.
Our time of meeting is almost here.  There is no place left for you to run.”
The screen went blank.  Even though calculations put the signal very close to the Noah, it did not change course.  The insect was determined to follow the previous signal and not give that Kai a chance to escape.  Besides the other Kai had spoke of a meeting between them.  It had to make sure that Kai was alone for that meeting.  
Mantis now spoke up “Once again you have ignored what is right in front of you.  Look at me.  You call me a clone made to interface with humans.  There are 30 ‘copies’ of me, all of different ages.   This is not the Last of the Brunnen G.  He is dead.  If it really was him, the codes would have deactivated him.”
“Mantrid’s army is becoming a mess.  Discipline is breaking down and they are beginning to question him.   His erratic behavior of late is taking its toll.   Finding nothing more than a barren rock where Third was supposed to be has widened the crack.” First said.
“I was not far from the mark when I called him an idiot.  So what now.  Does Fifth send him a message?” Second replied.
“No she will not speak to him yet.  I think Third should see if he can become more of an annoyance.  The more damage we can do to his army, the better.” Fourth said.  “790 are you ready to have some more fun?”
“Always, dead and delectable.”
“Good this time I think the message should be delivered to the army also.” Fourth said.
“Wait a minute, why don’t I get to send a message to Mantrid too?” Fifth asked.
“Because we’re saving the best for last.  The insect knows all of us.  We are just screwing with his head right now.  When you send your message he’ll be seeing his immediate future.” Third said.
“It will be a revelation!” 790 added.  “I think we should let Dara coach her.  Although you are perfect in everyway Cuddle-muffin you are descended from the space slut.  You have assets my other lovely ones don’t possess.”
“What?” She asked.
“Don’t be dense Fifth, you’ve got ‘Ta tas’.” Second said.
“Ta tas?” Third asked the question that was on everyone’s mind.
“Ta tas!  You know!” Second said making a gesture to indicate what he meant. “Breasts, boobs, tits...Ta tas!”
All the other Kais were looking at him in shock.
“Did you think I didn’t notice we make one hell of a good looking woman?  Are you all blind or what?” Second retorted.  “Mantis is human and male.   How do you think he will react when he comes face to face with her?  How does any man react when he comes face to face with a beautiful woman?”
“Rakais did make you female for a reason.  I have not considered that since you were a baby.” Fourth said.   “Dara will have to coach you on this.  We have absolutely no idea of how to use… ‘Tatas’.  We just fall victim to them.”


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The somewhat older Kai was back. The image crystallized on Mantis viewscreen.
“Awww you came looking for me, and with your entire army in tow too. I didn’t know you cared. I’m touched. Sorry I couldn’t be there to meet you but I am a busy man you know, busy plotting the destruction of those who are loyal to you that is.
But I wonder how loyal they really are. Do they know what you are? Do they know Mantis is just a puppet?”
“I am MANTRID! I will destroy you Kai. All of you! I will destroy every last trace of the Brunnen G! Then I will turn my attention to what is left of humanity! They will accept the rule of perfect order or die!”
“Really? I wonder what your army thinks of that?” He picked up a severed 790 robot head and held it up so it now appeared on the viewscreen also.
The head spoke. “This live broadcast has been a public service announcement for the benefit of the forces of Mantrid.”
The screen went blank.

Several ships were breaking formation. The Machine issued an order for any ship attempting to leave to be destroyed. Several ships began firing on each other. The Noah quickly moved off out of range.

“Hey idiot!” The young one now. “In case you didn’t notice, it looks like your little armada is blowing itself up. But then again you are the one who issued the order to fire on your own ships. You just keep proving there is no limit to stupidity. ”
“This has been a public service announcement broadcast for the benefit of the forces of Mantrid.” The damned robot head again. Several of the ships now turned in the direction of the Noah.

Now it was the old one’s turn. The ancient bastard was laughing so hard he was wiping tears from his eyes. “Look at what’s in store for you if you stick with Mantrid! All his little toys blown up along with those who stayed to guard them.” The old man’s image was replaced with vids of the destruction of the Lyekka asteroids and the sentries then the devastated landscape of Totha. “Any of you from Totha? Well here’s a little silver lining, the fact that Totha is now a pile of smoking rubble won’t matter when this is over. Those loyal to Mantrid won’t be alive to worry about it.”
Once again the 790 head’s image, “This has been a public service announcement broadcast for the benefit of the forces of Mantrid.”

The battle was finally dying down. Over half of Mantrid’s army had deserted or been destroyed. The Divine Assassin now made an appearance.
“Are things falling apart on you Mantrid? Your army is fighting among themselves. But I thought that since they are taking a little breather from killing each other, I would offer them some entertainment. After all, morale is important to any military force. A friend sent me this vid from Typhos. It seems that she has found something that you lost there.”
The screen now showed an image of a large ship. It was lifting something from the ocean, the body of a woman. It was one of his assassins. Before he could rejoice over knowing the location of his special women, another woman entered the picture. No not a woman, a Divine Executioner. He watched as the assassin was destroyed.
“I don’t think your assassin enjoyed that very much. As a matter of fact I know she didn’t. I’ve been on the receiving end of that bite. Vlad is very good at what she does. So if your army is thinking that they will have the backing of your special guards, they are mistaken. Come to think of it you don’t have the backing of your special guards either.”

Once again the robot head’s image filled the screen. “This concludes this series of public service announcements. If you are not loyal to Mantrid, I will offer a bit of advice. Get while the getting is good. Mantrid stirred up a shitstorm and the shit is about to hit the fan!”
“We have no choice, we must activate the defectives. We will use them to remind our army of what faces them if they disappoint us.” The Machine said.
“No we won’t.” Mantis replied. “They are not there, the Cryopods are empty. And they have been ever since you decided to fill your time chasing shadows.”

“That was mean.” Fifth giggled. “You Kais should be ashamed of yourselves. You all enjoyed that. And here I thought Second was the only pain in the ass in the group. Right now I can only imagine the names Mantrid is calling you.”
“I refuse to be referred to as a pain in the ass. I will however accept hemorrhoid. It sounds more dignified.” First Kai said with a laugh.
“Fifth the next message for Mantrid will come from you. Perhaps you and Dara should work on appropriate attire.” Fourth said.

“Well 790, whats the status?” Third Kai asked.
“The fighting among them has died down almost completely. Every so often another ship attempts to leave but it is quickly destroyed. Mantrid is slowly easing the Noah farther away from his army. I believe he is waiting until the armada is attacked and then he will make a run for it.” 790 said. “There are a handful of ships also maneuvering to follow the Noah. I believe this to be his most loyal and trusted followers. They may be an issue for us.”
“Did you finish the instructions for me? If I’m going to destroy this machine I’d like to have a chance to study before all hell breaks loose.” Third said.

“Dara, I’m scared.” Fifth said. “What if I let them down. What if I’m too frightened. I know I’ve been preparing for this moment all my life, but now that it’s here I don’t know if I can face it.”
“You can face it. You don’t face Mantrid alone. You’ve got Third and Fourth who will be right there with you. You have First and Second who will make mincemeat of what remains of Mantrid’s army. I have faith in you. They all have faith in you. I think that between us we have enough faith to cover your share too.” Dara held her arms out to Fifth. Just like when she was a little girl, she let herself be wrapped in the embrace hoping to find some comfort.

“How fast can you take out these 30 clones? They have to be dead before I can destroy the machine.” Third asked Fourth.
“I will board the Noah first. I will take them out by the time you get on board and locate the power coupling 790 specified. Divine Assassins are very efficient killers, I will make sure Mantrid has no where to run.” Fourth replied.

Second was speaking to his fighters. “Half of you will take part in the battle. The other half will remain in reserve. The goal of this battle is to completely destroy Mantrid’s Army. Every last fighter under his command is to be destroyed. No prisoners, no mercy.
Once this battle is done, You will be under the command of the rebel forces under General Bann of the Alteri System. Each planet tainted by Mantrid must be liberated and his followers executed without exception. Every trace of Mantrid is to be erased so totally that no one will know he ever existed.
Now all of you are dismissed. Rest well tonight. I want you all alert and ready for anything tomorrow.”

Third was on the Comm link to Alteri. “We move tomorrow Bann. Once we have destroyed Mantrid’s army it will be up to you to and the rebel forces to erase his presence from the universe. The fighter squads will also be under your command after tomorrow.
Once Mantrid is destroyed we will all go back to the Other Zone to enjoy the peace we’ve earned. If you are a man of faith, pray that only the four of us return and that the fifth is not in our company on that walk.”

First Kai sat in the chair thinking. Everything was ready except for one issue, the most important issue. One more meeting was needed to address it.

This was the final meeting between them. In the morning the attack would commence with Fifth’s message to Mantrid. By the end of the day tomorrow both Mantis and Echias would be dead.
“Okay Fourth, we still have not addressed how you will get aboard the Noah. You keep telling me that it is a non-issue. How do you plan to accomplish this.” First asked.
“There is no need to get aboard the Noah because it will be aboard the LEXX. The LEXX will simply eat the Noah. Then when it is in the digestive tract we will have free access to it by cutting through the membrane into the tract. Fourth Kai said. This will allow me to board first. I will locate the clones, once I have found them Third and Fifth will board to make their way to their targets with Third’s troops. Dara will remain on the bridge in charge of Fifth’s Guards.”
“So Mantrid really won’t have anywhere to run.” Second said.
“But we need one of you to herd Mantrid in our direction.” Fifth said.
“No problem, We can use the LEXXes to cut off all possible routes of escape leaving Mantrid with only one option” First said.
“The option of being an appetizer.” Second said. “The fighters can prod him in the rear, we’ll push him into a funnel that ends in the LEXX’s mouth.”
“Well then, that’s it.” First said.
“Not quite,” Third spoke up. “Something seems to be bothering Fifth. I think we should address that.”
“I’m just nervous.” She said quietly.
“Nervous or scared?” Second asked. “There’s nothing wrong with being scared. The only reason I’m not scared right now is because I’m already dead. You can only die once.”

Fourth spoke up. “I was afraid when I faced the ForeShadow. I knew what the death sentence meant. All I did was choose the manner of my death. I was more afraid of facing years of agonizing pain than a quick death. The only thing that changed was instead of my death being the end of my suffering it became the beginning. But that was my choice, I chose to face the inevitable as a warrior and get it over with instead of as a criminal.”

“I thought I was going to literally shit my pants.” Second added. “When I set that auto destruct sequence and locked in my course, I had second thoughts and third thoughts too. I was terrified of dying. I was terrified that my death wouldn’t make a difference. But I was more terrified of what would happen to Arrana, of facing her in the Dream Zone and having to tell her that I was so much of a coward that I had allowed her and our child to die.”

“We were all afraid. I lived through 50 years of fear. Every morning when I woke up, the thought went through my mind. I wondered if that would be the day. Every night I marveled that I had dodged the bullet again.
But you know when the fear really hit me? That last battle with my son and grandson at my side. When Timor was killed, I replayed that war in my head battle by battle trying to figure what I had done wrong. I was afraid that my grandson had died because I didn’t do something that I was supposed to do. I could only think that I had failed to fill the prophecy. It never occurred to me that the prophecy would be filled in its own time.” Third added.

“I wasn’t afraid.” First said. “I fought 80 years and never once did fear touch me, I was too consumed with hatred and rage. But after the war was over I felt every bit of the fear that I had not felt earlier. I would wake up in the middle of the night Lynna’s arms wrapped around my sweating trembling body. It would go through my mind what a fool I had been. I had walked into situations that put my life at risk time and time again without a thought to her. I had led others into the same situations with no thought to them.
Lynna was my lifeline, my anchor. I was haunted by those who had followed my blind hatred only to find their own deaths. Most nights I would fight sleep until I collapsed from exhaustion. I have a reputation of being a cranky old bastard, it’s because I would only sleep when I passed out. I knew when I slept I would see their faces and watch them die over and over again. We all suffered fear in some form.
Being afraid is normal. It is not your fear that defines you. You are KAI, just as we all are KAI. Each one of us had our own lives, but in the end KAI possesses us all. It is the ‘soul’ we share. KAI carries us forward even when our own mortal spirits would shun doing what needed to be done. KAI will carry you through this.”

“I can’t believe you were all afraid.” She said “You’re are all so calm right now.”
“The dead do not fear death. We are already dead.” Fourth said. “But the dead do fear failure, just as much as you do. But the five of us are in this together. We have each other to draw courage from.”
“That’s right. Each one of us brings our own unique talent to the table. Mantrid doesn’t stand a chance.” Third said.
“And tomorrow we will all teach Mantrid the true meaning of the phrase ‘pain in the ass’, together.” Second added.
“I want you all to know something.” First now spoke. “I am proud of all of you, just as Lynna would be. If you think about it, all of you are children that Lynna and I created. Generations may stand between us, but each of you is a result of the seeds I planted that Lynna nurtured within her body. All of you are a credit to the Bloodline and the Caste. Not many get to see the legacy that comes after them, I have.”
“Don’t go getting all sentimental old man, you have an image to uphold.” Second said. “You’re supposed to be the cranky old bastard.”

“Cuddle-muffin, off to bed with you. You need your rest for tomorrow.” 790 said as he rolled back onto the bridge. As soon as Fifth had headed to her room the robot head spoke.
“I have been thinking. We should have every advantage tomorrow, so I am going to make my own small contribution to this upcoming battle. Humans always perform better when they are well-rested so tonight I will make sure that there is no rest for the wicked.
When I was on the original LEXX and we were in orbit around Earth, I had nothing to do all day except scan communications signals. I have collected a library of thousands of Earth musical creations. Since I have already tapped into Mantrid’s comm frequency, I think that I will share my musical discoveries with them tonight at an ear-shattering volume while our own forces enjoy a nice peaceful sleep.”
“I happen to be the designated ‘pain in the ass ‘of this group, but I think I can see my way to sharing the title with you 790.” Second said. “After all, that is truly the action of a real pain in the ass.”
“It is extraordinarily evil.” Fourth added.
“Downright diabolical” said Third.
“And totally appropriate.” said First. “Thank you 790.”

The first four Kais did not need to sleep. They were all busy with last minute reviews of the next day’s plans. Third Kai was passing through the bridge when he stopped at the sound of a very annoying rhythm accompanying the phrase “Vanilla ice, ice baby!”
“790 what is that noise?”
“It is a song from the ‘rap’ genre entitled Ice Ice Baby performed by a mediocre talent that was known as Vanilla Ice. It’s currently being broadcast at maximum volume throughout Mantrid’s remaining fleet.” Third shook his head as he walked out, glad he was not on any of Mantrid’s vessels right now. He’d be tempted to kill himself.

Mantis had a headache. The racket was not ceasing, every time he thought it would stop it would start again. The current torture he was being subjected to was some guy caterwauling about his achy breaky heart.
The Machine had been working to block the signal. Suddenly the Noah was filled with silence. “The transmission is blocked. It is not possible to block it from our fleet only from this vessel. They are broadcasting on random cycling frequencies using more advanced technology than this vessel possesses. I can only keep the transmission from reaching us.”

Second Kai was going over the formations for the upcoming battle one last time. He glanced at the monitor displaying Mantrid’s armada, several ships suddenly broke away from Mantrid’s fleet and sped off. He decided to check in with 790.
“ooooo-ooooo-oooo, when I’m calling you-ooo-ooo” came through the comm link.
“I was just checking in to see what was going on. A few more ships suddenly deserted. Now I know why. That has to be the most annoying racket I’ve ever heard!” Second said.
“That selection happens to be Slim Whitman performing a song called ‘Indian Love Call’.” 790 informed him.
“You are a much bigger pain in the ass than I could ever hope to be. That is not a song, it’s the cry of a drowning Gort!”

Fourth Kai came onto the bridge to the unmistakable sound of quacking followed by someone singing “Disco, disco duck”.
“Do you hate it?” 790 asked. “It’s by a guy named Rick Dees and it’s on almost every worst song list that was created on Earth.”
“The dead do not hate, but in this case we will make an exception.” Fourth said as he hurried off the bridge.

Dara was having trouble sleeping. She was worried about tomorrow. She was heading toward the bridge when Third Kai stopped her.
“You don’t want to go to the bridge, believe me. 790 is an evil little robot head capable of unbelievable cruelty. Fourth is hiding in the moth chamber right now. Before he ran off he said something about Divine Assassins having excellent hearing which is being abused by 790’s contribution to our efforts.”
“What is 790 doing that’s so bad?” She asked.
“Playing what passed for music on Earth. I’m beginning to think he did the universe a favor by telling the original LEXX to blow that planet into atomic bits.”
“Oh come on, music is a universal language.” She said “It can’t be that bad.”

“Okay I take it back.” Dara said as she passed Third hurrying away from the bridge. “I have absolutely no clue what ‘ooo eee ooo aah aah ting tang walla walla bing bang’ means.”
“I told you so.” Third replied.

First Kai was startled by the sound of a blaring trumpet blasting over the comm link.
“Rise and shine! Time to shit, shower and shave! Today is the day we wipe Mantrid off the face of the universe!” 790 cheerfully said.
“790 what is that racket?” First asked.
“I’ve been hearing that question all night, this particular selection is not ‘racket’. This is called ‘Reveille’. On Earth it was used as a signal to tell the Earth troops it was time to start the day. It is indeed time to start the day for us. Mantrid’s forces never ended theirs. I think I managed to keep them awake all night. Well except for the 12 ships that deserted during the night that is.
Dara is getting my curvaceous one all ready for her message to Mantrid. Third and Fourth are doing a final briefing to the rebel troops and Fifth’s guards. We are just waiting on you and my young studly one to start the ball rolling. Now if you will excuse me Tiny Tim is almost done singing about tiptoeing through the tulips, I have to start my next selection.” 790 sighed. “A disc jockey’s job is never done.”

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I've got so much catching up to do on this story! I think I'll have to print it out when I get a chance.

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I'll be finishing it up this weekend. Just fine tuning the ass-kicking 5 :kai-bl: 's are about to give :wink:


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“Dara are you sure about this? It is rather revealing.” Fifth questioned.
“Compared to what the space slut usually wore this outfit is downright prudish.” 790 noted. “You can’t even see your legs.”
The black leather trousers did cover her legs she admitted to herself. And the leather vest did cover most of her torso, what concerned her was the amount of revealed cleavage. The loosely laced opening at the top gave every impression that her boobs were going to pop out at any moment.
“The outfit is designed to be alluring and distracting to Mantis while allowing you full range of motion and easy movement.” Dara said as she secured the Gortha’s sheath to Fifth’s right thigh. “There perfect! Let’s go show Mantis the power of a woman.”

Third and Fourth were waiting on the bridge. Both men stopped and did a double take at Fifth.
“Damn! Where’s that little tomboy we are so used to seeing?” Third asked.
“You have grown up to be a very beautiful young woman Fifth.” Fourth added. “Are you ready to send your message to Mantrid?”
“Yes, as ready as I’ll ever be.” She replied.
790 contacted First and Second. “We are ready when ever you are.”
“790 do you have anymore of that annoying racket?” First asked.
“I still have hours and hours of it. Do you want me to continue broadcasting?” The evil little head asked.
“First and I thought that since you were having so much fun being a pain in the ass, we should not deny you your fun. You can keep Mantrid’s communication lines tied up during the battle. It would in effect isolate each individual ship in the fleet. There would be no way for them to communicate.” Second said.
“I’ll gladly subject them to more of the same for my loves. The fact that I’m enjoying it is just an added bonus. Last night the machine ‘blocked’ the transmissions from getting through to the Noah. I did not push the issue because I did not want to run the risk of it figuring how to completely block the signal so this morning I’ll just reopen the channel to the Noah.” The head said. “And I picked out a song especially for Fifth’s introduction to Mantrid.”
Fourth Kai reached up his sleeve and pulled out a sack filled with ear plugs.
“You won’t need those my dead and dreamy one. Even I don’t want to be subjected to this!”

Mantis was still trying to reach any of his ships when suddenly…
She bangs, she bangs
Oh baby when she moves, she moves
I go crazy 'cause she
Looks like a flower
But she stings like a bee
Like every girl in history

“Right now he is hearing a song called She Bangs. It was a hit song for Ricky Martin. Too bad I’m broadcasting the William Hung version.” 790 said with an evil smile.
Second Kai’s fighters had spread out into a semi-circle. The LEXXes were now maneuvering into position. Once positioned Mantrid’s fleet would be surrounded on three sides leaving only one direction for flight. Laying in wait for Mantrid was Fifth’s LEXX. Once Mantrid had been herded into the trap, the Fighters and LEXXes would completely surround them. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Mantis looked at the woman on the screen. It could not be. It was a woman. Although the hair was red, the face was Kai’s.
“I did tell you that we would be meeting soon. The time is now. I have been waiting for this day for all of my life. Silly little idiot, did your really think that you had the power or means to rule this universe? Mantrid you are nothing more than a pathetic excuse for a man, a self important insignificant male deluding yourself. You are and always have been the puppet of Echias. Today Echias dies and you along with him. The puppet master faces the final curtain.”
“I am Mantrid! I destroyed a universe!” Mantis shouted.
“Actually I destroyed a universe, it was my manipulation that caused you to send all that mass after me on the LEXX. I am the one who has destroyed you time and time again. I am every Kai that has bitch slapped you over the eons. I figured this time I’d just be a bitch while I slapped you.” She taunted.
“You are a woman. You are no match for me.” Mantrid said arrogantly.
“Look at your armada, right now they are being cut to pieces at my whim while you ogle my body and drool. 790, please provide Mantrid with some appropriate background music for this light show.” Fifth said.
“Gladly.” The little robot head replied before the 1812 Overture began blaring from Mantrid’s comm link.
Fifth felt the slight course change the LEXX had made. “Did you enjoy the snack LEXX?”
“Yes Captain it was very tasty.”
She radioed First and Second. “The appetizer is aboard.”

Fourth Kai wasted no time in boarding the Noah. The ‘music’ stopped. Thank you 790 he thought to himself as he quickly set off in search of the clone chamber.

Third and Fifth were waiting by the entrance to the Noah for Fourth’s signal that he had found the clones. Once they got the okay, they would enter with Third taking one squad with him and Fifth taking a squad with her. They were taking no chances on anything on the Noah surviving this day.

Second was shouting at his fighters. “Don’t let any of them escape! If they get past you chase them down and destroy them! No one survives this battle but us!”
“We can get those that won’t put your forces in our direct line of fire.” First told Second as he had the captains of half the LEXXes pull back creating a second containment line. One that they could use to the advantage of the LEXXes.

Third got the signal, Fourth had found the clones. “Let’s move everybody!” He said entering the vessel.

There were 30 clones representing different ages of Mantrid sitting there inanimate. Fourth fired his brace taking two or three out at a time.

Mantis watched the viewscreen as Fourth destroyed the clones. He grabbed a black pack. You die once and for all Last of the Brunnen G he said to himself as he hurried out of the control room at a run. The Machine began activating its defense mechanisms.

Third and Fifth had reached the intersection of hallway where they would split. Third would go right to locate the power coupling and Fifth would head to the control room. Third gave the signal to stop. “Hold up a minute. This is too easy. We haven’t encountered anything or anyone trying to prevent us getting to Mantrid.”
One of his troops spoke up. “This is Mantrid’s own personal transport. Other than the assassins and Mantis it has been unoccupied. He would have no need of ‘protecting’ himself.”
“Mantrid may be full of himself and easily manipulated, but he is not completely stupid. No matter what Second says” Third pointed out.
“You’re right.” Fifth said. “790, can you scan our immediate area? See if you can detect any booby traps?”
“I’ll see if I can detect anything that was not in the original schematics.” 790 replied.

The little ship looked like another tasty snack. Since the Captain did not specifically tell it not to eat any other ships, The LEXX gulped it down.

“Okay Cuddle Muffin I’m seeing lots of ‘modifications’. Some are putting out low level energy and others seem to be totally inert. However I suggest both my beloveds take a different route to your destinations. There should be an access panel immediately overhead. This leads to a maintenance space. As far as I can tell nothing has been disturbed there. I’m working on tracing these energy signatures to determine exactly what they are.”

The clones had been destroyed but May had not mentioned the fact that the cloning process was totally automated. For every clone he killed another ‘infant’ dropped into the blue liquid contained in the numerous large cylinders positioned around the room. Fourth began firing at the containers. This was much harder, he was having to repeatedly fire his brace in order to break them.

“Dara! We have intruders aboard the LEXX!” The captain of Fifth’s Guard reported over the comm link.
“You know what to do, no mercy.” She answered as she unsheathed the sharp sword she wore.

The maintenance space was a tight fit. Thank Rakais she had thought to create all the Kais with a slim build, Third thought to himself as he wriggled forward toward the power coupling. Fifth had gone in the opposite direction which would take her to the control room.

Over half of the rebel troops waited at the intersection, too stocky or broad to fit in the tight space. One of them looked up at the sound of hissing. A pink gas was coming from several openings in the ceiling. “Move!” he yelled. As they moved back from the gas, an energy field activated cutting off their retreat.

790 was leading Dara toward the cryochamber. He had activated the LEXX’s own defenses which he and Fourth had installed years ago. The LEXX would resorb any organic creature that did not carry the implant identifying it as friendly. But resorbing took time and the intruders would have to touch the walls. As they hurried along the passage they saw that LEXX’s defenses did indeed work. The man was stuck to the wall, slowly being ingested by the LEXX. “Get them against the walls!” Dara shouted into the comm link as she hurried past the screaming struggling figure.

The rebel troops could not retreat, their only option was to go forward hoping to make it through the slowly lowering pink fog. They dropped to the floor covering their faces as best they could crawling forward on their bellies.

Mantis screamed in frustration at the airlock blocking his progress. “The ships defense mechanisms have been activated. Normally we would not stop you but the clones have been destroyed. Most of the growing containers have also been destroyed. We are accelerating the growth to those infants in the remaining containers. You will remain where you are. We cannot afford to let you die.” The machine said.

The smaller fighters were doing an excellent job of keeping the heavy cruisers occupied. Two Star cruisers would then move in and fire all 12 cannons at once at their target. The resulting explosions were not only vaporizing Mantrid’s heavy cruisers, it was taking a toll on Second’s fighters as several were being caught in the blast zone. The fighters were suffering a significant number of casualties in destroying Mantrid’s fleet.

Second began to sing.
“Yo way yo,
Home va ray

The fighters who had learned the song and it’s meaning from Second joined in.
Yo way rah
Jerume Brunnen G!”

The LEXXes were hard pressed to destroy those ships deserting the battle. First now called in the reserve fighters to catch those ships that managed to get past the LEXXes. We are taking casualties he thought to himself but Mantrid’s forces are being slaughtered. He joined in the singing himself.

Fourth was not expecting to be attacked so he was shocked to see the length of metal rod now sticking out of his chest. He stepped forward jerking himself off of the impaling object and turned to face Mantis, or rather a Mantis clone. The naked man was swinging the steel rod at his head. He fired his brace and immediately felt something smash into his back. Another clone, this time swinging a chair. He noticed the fluid in one of the remaining cylinders behind the man suddenly drain. The tube lifted and out stepped another fully grown Mantis clone. He fired his brace latching on to a support beam in the ceiling lifting himself off the floor and swinging onto the beam. He grabbed the comm link hooked to his boot. “This is turning out to be more difficult than I thought. It seems Mantrid is just as efficient at creating clones as I am at killing them.”

Third thought for a moment. The machine had to go first. It was the machine that controlled the ship
that meant the machine controlled the defenses, and was probably controlling the creation of the clones also. This wriggling through a crawl space was taking too long. He was already dead so there was no need to try to protect his life. He pushed against the access panel below him opening it and dropping down to the corridor below.

Dara had not forgotten much of her warrior training. The man’s head toppled to the floor before his body did the same. On reaching the cryochamber she picked up a staff. “Okay 790 where are most of these intruders located?”
“Several of them are in the Moth chamber.” He said.
“Then that is where I am going.” She said before she curled into a ball and rolled out of the chamber.
“Nice to know there’s more than one cluster lizard on this vessel.” He said.

The rebel who had noticed the gas now yelled at the others to hurry. He quickly rolled forward seeing the descending air lock. Three more rebels made it under. Of those who had stayed behind, their number had dropped from fifteen to three.

The last of the five men who had accompanied him dropped down from the crawl space to the floor. “Okay let’s find this power coupling.” Third said. “The Machine is the biggest problem right now. We have to take it out of the equation.”
One of the men spun around at a noise behind them only to see three of the rebels who had stayed behind now rejoining them. Third turned and hurried down the hallway.

If Fifth was right this access panel led to the control room. The rebel pushed it open and said “We will go first. If there are any traps here we can’t afford to have you die triggering them.” He dropped down through the opening.

Two of the rebels were lifting the panel away from the power coupling. Third reached into the space, unplugging the coupling. A bright flash momentarily blinded the rebels. When their vision returned the Third Incarnation and the two rebels were gone.

The rate of clone production was increasing. Over 10 Mantis clones circled the floor beneath him. Fourth fired his brace at the cylinder again. In the time it took him to destroy a cylinder, two more clones had been ‘born’. Four more cylinders to go and then at least the Machine would not be able to produce any more. Then he would deal with the ones below.

Well hell, I really have to give up this habit of getting my ass blown to bits. Third realized that his construct was history, blown into billions of subatomic particles. He also realized that he was not in the Other Zone. He concentrated on what he could sense. He could still feel KAI. He focused on that connection and felt Fourth clinging to a support beam in his cloning chamber. Wait, ‘his’ cloning chamber? He felt Fifth in one of ‘his’ access tunnels. Somehow his consciousness had merged with the Noah. Okay it’s my job to take out the machine. He began to concentrate on shutting down the defense grid. Lets see just how big of a pain in the ass I can be he thought as he began to fry circuits.

The Machine was suddenly aware that it was not alone. It felt an alien presence. It had lost control over several systems including the defense grid. Somehow it was being prevented from accessing them.

“Oh curvaceous one, I have absolutely no idea why but those energy sources seem to be burning themselves out. All the boobytraps seem to be destroying themselves.” 790’s voice sounded from the comm link.
“Of course they are, I’m frying them!” Third said. His voice was not coming from the comm link it seemed to be coming from everywhere and nowhere. “There was an unforeseen outcome when I unplugged the power coupling. It vaporized my ass and merged me with the Noah. I’m almost done with the defense grid. Give me a minute and I’ll take care of the cloning chamber.”
“What do you mean merged with the Noah? You mean the Machine?” 790 asked.
“No I meant exactly what I said, I’m merged with the Noah. Mantrid is not a part of the Noah, he just controls it by providing ‘consciousness’ since the Noah had no consciousness of its own. It does now, mine.”

Fourth looked down, close to 20 Mantis clones were now milling around trying to figure out how to get to him. He heard a hissing noise and looked up to see a pink gas being sprayed into the room. As the cloud reached the clones below him they began to collapse in convulsions. “Nasty little neurotoxin Mantrid used in that gas.” Third said. “If you’re done playing “monkey up a tree”, take a left when you leave the chamber then the second hall to the right. You’ll find Mantis there. The Machine locked him in to keep him away from you.”

Dara and Fifth’s guards had swept the LEXX, killing or forcing the invaders into the LEXX’s walls where the LEXX would latch on to them, slowly ingesting them. It seemed the battle was over. Dara turned to speak to the Captain of the Guard when one of the invaders struggling against the wall pulled the trigger on his plasma gun. It was strictly a reflex action, but when a shot is addressed to ‘whom it may concern’ it didn’t matter. Bad luck would guide it. Dara was thrown forward by the impact into the arms of the Captain of the Guard. Like dozens of the fighter pilots and over half of the rebels that accompanied Third and Fifth, Dara had started her walk to the Dream Zone.

Fifth dropped down into the control room. The rebels had made sure that there were no surprises then secured the area. She looked around and spotted it. Mantrid’s ‘cube’.” She walked over to it and reached out to pull it from the slot it had been fitted into. “Not yet Fifth. Let Fourth deal with Mantis first.” Third said.

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“What’s going on over there 790?” First asked.
“Third has somehow merged with the Noah. He is taking over control of it from Mantrid. Fourth is on his way to kill Mantis now that the clones have been destroyed and Fifth is in place to do her job. However there is some bad news.
Another ship of Mantrid’s was eaten. Those on that ship invaded the LEXX. Between the LEXX’s own defenses and Fifth’s guard, they are all dead or dying. We only suffered one casualty, Dara. She is dead.”

Second Kai assessed what was left of Mantid’s army. Only a handful of ships remained. He heard a beep from the long range scanner. He flipped over to see that Mantrid had reinforcements. A dozen Lyekka asteroids were headed their way. “Heads up! We’ve got company coming!”

Fourth Kai had reached the airlock that separated him from Mantis. “He has a black pack. I’m not sure how it will affect you. After all the power surge should not have affected me but it did. How good is a Divine Assassin’s night vision?” Third asked.
“As good as his day vision. I just need a second to adjust.” He answered.
“No problem. The entire section of corridor is metal. I think I can stun Mantis, but I’ll have to pull the power from the lights in this section.”
“Since I know that the corridor will be in darkness, I can adjust my vision prior to them going out. Can you open the airlock at the same time?”Fourth asked.
“Yes, on the count of three.”

“We see them. We’ll do what we can to take them out.” First was telling Second. The LEXXes now had targets they were designed to fight. But these were not the old prototype, these were a new design. Able to maneuver much easier the prototype. The Lyekka asteroids began firing weapons of their own at the rebel forces.

Mantis heard the metallic click of the airlock unsealing itself. He lifted the Black pack just as the lights went out and a jolt tore through his body. He looked down in shock as the lights came back on at the blood pouring from his chest before collapsing forward. Fourth Kai calmly stepped over the body heading to the control room.

“Mantis is dead, Mantrid has transferred his consciousness back into the Machine. I’m going to push him out, the only place he has to go is into the cube. Be ready to attack.” Third said to Fifth.

Mantrid had never had a problem merging with the machine before but now there was resistance. Another was already here one that was keeping him from fully merging with the Noah. “Who are you?” Mantrid demanded.
“Who do you want me to be? The old man who wiped your kind off the face of Brunnis? The young pilot that blew your comet and your nymphs to smithereens? The Brunnen G warrior that destroyed you and trapped your child in the Light Universe? The Divine Assassin that imprisoned you in this ‘Mantrid’ form? The young woman that is about to destroy you once and for all? I am all of them. I am the one created by Rakais to destroy you. I am KAI.”
Mantrid recoiled from the advancing presence.

Two of the advancing asteroids had flanked a LEXX. The LEXX’s instinct for self preservation was overriding its Captain’s orders. It turned to face the first asteroid exposing its accelerator to the second asteroid. The second asteroid targeted the accelerator, killing it. Second Kai sent the order to the remainder of the rebel fleet to pull back and regroup. To target the Asteroids when they managed to maneuver any LEXX into exposing this vital area.

Fourth Kai entered the control room. He walked over to where Fifth stood her hand on the cube. “You must attack Echias when he enters the cube. You must completely force him from the cube, no part of him can remain. You carry the weapon that will ultimately destroy him. Third will prevent him from merging with the machine, he will be caught between the two of you. He will only be able to merge with the pain you carry.”
“Vlad said that I can trigger it by using your pain.”
“Yes, the amount of pain you carry is incalculable, the tiniest crack will open the floodgates. I will help you create that crack.”

“Why do you run Echias? Do you fear me? Or do you fear facing what you have created? What you have caused?” Mantrid realized that he was not safe in the machine. He needed to retreat and regroup the cube was safety. From there he could gather his power to destroy Kai. He retreated.
The cube began to glow as Echias entered it. Fourth Kai placed his hand against Fifth’s temple. He opened his mind touching KAI.

Fifth’s body went rigid as as Fourth laid his fingers against her temple. She was no longer Fifth Kai, she was Fourth Kai. She was experiencing his life, no his death. She was laying on her back looking up at the Black-robed figure, her entire body was one great mass of pain from the injuries she had sustained when the dragon fighter crashed into the control pod. “His Shadow” she spoke.
“His Divine Shadow.” The figure responded. She watched the dagger descend.

The fighter’s weapons were totally ineffective against the asteroids. The asteroids were systemically attacking the LEXXes. Only a few remained. First Kai found the advantage they needed against the asteroids by pure luck. A small one-man fighter craft disabled and unable to move out of the way of the asteroid’s weapon had basically just sent a defiant ‘screw you’ message by firing its own tiny weapon at the Lyekka’s weapon. The shot hit the asteroid’s energy beam targeting mechanism. The resulting chain reaction had caused the Lyekka asteroid to blow up only seconds after it had destroyed the tiny fighter.

Third felt Echias trying to return to the Machine. He pushed back forcing him out into the cube where pain awaited. Echias was effectively trapped. He could not advance past Third.

Waking up laying on a cold stone slab, waiting for her orders. Rising to kill yet again, the words coming from her mouth “Who would you like me to kill?” Fifth looked at the small girl. No she told herself. No I won’t kill her, she is an innocent. But still the brace fired, she looked at the tiny body in horror and it was no longer Fourth’s ‘death’ she was experiencing. The pain and suffering of thousands, no millions upon millions coursed through her and into the cube. It sought the one responsible, Echias.

The control room was filled with voices calling out, “Echias”. The rebels huddled on the far said of the room as the swirling black energy enveloped The One and the Fourth Incarnation. The atmosphere in the room grew heavier and heavier, they found it hard to breathe.
“Go, leave the Noah and wait by the entrance for The One.” the Fourth Incarnation said in a strained voice.

Second Kai listened in amazement to what First Kai had witnessed. “Okay then old man. They may know our weakness but the knowledge is now mutual.” He began contacting certain individual fighters pulling them from the battle and instead outlining a new plan of attack. Only volunteers would take part in this attack. There would be no survival, those who were willing to take part would die. This small group would take out the asteroid’s targeting mechanisms. It was a suicide mission. The shot had to be taken a point blank range.

Third realized that the pain Fifth carried was invading the Noah. It was not just the pain of the Assassins and Executioners she carried. She carried the pain of their victims. She carried the pain of everyone who had ever suffered under the Insect Order from the very beginning. He braced himself to keep Echias from leaving the Machine. Echias was stuck between the proverbial ‘rock and a hard place’. Third Kai was the immovable object, from behind Echias was being crushed by darkness. The combination of Fourth and Fifth Kai was sucking every bit of pain Echias had ever caused from the universe and directing it into the cube, there was nowhere to run.

Timor began yelling at the LEXX. “No LEXX continue on your course!”
“Ouch!” The LEXX said as another blast exploded against it. It’s only thought was to destroy what was causing it pain. It continued to turn left. The second asteroid fired. The resulting explosion destroyed the LEXX and all aboard.

The rebels ran toward the entrance hatch of the Noah. All around them were screams and cries of agony. The Noah was becoming infested with pain and suffering. They exited the vessel still hearing the screams.

First realized that he was in the meeting room in the Other Zone. He was feeling his age for the first time in 19 years. He walked over to the table and sat down. It’s up to you youngsters now he thought to himself.

“No! No! I do not deserve this!” Echias screamed in agony. “I did not intend to cause this suffering. I only wanted order, peace. I did not plan this. My own creation has been destroyed. I never meant to set myself against you. I only wanted order. Please Rakais, my sister, show me mercy!”

“You had order among your children. Your children and mine lived together harmoniously until you chose to destroy the balance between order and chaos, your creation and mine. My children would have continued to live peacefully with yours but you chose to attack what was mine.” Rakais spoke.

“You set this in motion. KAI is my child, I conceived KAI, I nurtured KAI and I released KAI to restore the balance that you destroyed. I am KAI’s mother; but by your actions you provided the seed, you fathered KAI. You even nurtured KAI in your own twisted way.

Your children were wiped off the face of Brunnis but you did not learn you became more determined to destroy humanity. Thousands of your children died in an instant and you did not learn. You came back again to destroy humanity. You were exiled to the light universe where you imposed your ‘order’ and still you did not learn. You hunted down the Brunnen G, and then chose to keep one of my chosen ones as your servant, a trophy to remind you of your power. He destroyed you twice and you did not learn. You ended up in this ‘prison’ and you did not learn. You destroyed an entire universe and were well on your way to destroying this one and still the lesson was not learned. Now your death is upon you and the lesson is finally learned, but too late.

Mercy? There is no mercy to be found from me or my child. Now the child destroys its father. KAI gives you only that which rightfully belongs to you. They are the ones you must beg mercy from, those who suffered at your whim. Goodbye Echias.”

There were only six asteroids left. The remaining LEXXes had been putting up a good fight, but they would ultimately lose if things continued. Second Kai said “You have your orders, your ancestors await.” He turned his fighter toward the asteroid that had just destroyed the LEXX that First had been on. You mess with one Kai, you mess with them all he thought to himself. The Lyekka asteroid noticed the small craft on an attack course and fired. The craft easily evaded the energy beam which hit the next available target, the other asteroid it had been working in tandem with. Before it could get off another shot the small fighter targeted and fired its own weapon at point blank range.

“Welcome back.” First said to Second. “I guess our part is done.”
“I guess it is. I took care of two of the asteroids, theres 10 fighters left that know what to do. Mantrid’s army is destroyed. Whatever is left is now is up to Third, Fourth and Fifth. Let’s just hope we don’t need that fifth seat any time soon.” He said looking at the chair belonging to the Fifth Kai.

Echias’ torment increased. The pain was overwhelming. His consciousness was slowly being buried under eons of pain. As his consciousness faded, the energy that was Echias began to unravel. Dispersed across the universe to escape the pain, the energy dissipated until nothing was left intact.

Fifth Kai had collapsed. Fourth struggled to pick up her semi -conscious form. He was also weakened and exhausted. She had carried the weapon but he had been the conduit through which all that pain had traveled. Between the two of them they had channeled the collected darkness. It had taken a lot out of her, but it had taken everything out of him.

It seemed to take forever to reach the entrance. He was only a few yards away when he finally collapsed unable to take another step. He patted her cheek. “Wake up. Fifth you have to wake up now and leave the Noah.” He was encouraged by a small moan. “That’s it, open your eyes.”
Fifth lashes fluttered for a minute before her eyes opened. “Where?”
“The entrance to the Noah, or rather exit. You must leave now.” Fourth said tiredly. “Go.”
She stood and reached down for him.
“No, Echias is dead. I must remain with Third and the Noah. I cannot go back, but you must. You have to finish it. Track down Mantrid’s followers. Remember no mercy to those loyal to him.”
“Fourth, I don’t want to leave. I’ll never see any of you again.”
“Yes you will, in the fullness of time. When the time comes for you to set foot on the path to the Dream Zone, I will be waiting for you. I promise. I will be there to bring you home.” Fourth said.
“Go Fifth. You will see us all again one day. It had better be long time from now when you are just as old and wrinkled as First.” Third spoke. “First lived a long life. Even I lived a great many years. Fourth’s life had just started and Second’s had not even begun. Live a long life Kai, for them.”
Two rebels cautiously entered and helped The One off the Noah.

“You still with me Fourth?” Third asked.
“Barely.” Fourth Kai responded. “You have to take the Noah through the digestive tract and out of….”

“…the auxiliary access passage.” Fourth said to First and Second who were both looking at him like he had lost his mind. “Uh that was meant for Third. I was trying to tell him how to maneuver the Noah out of the gastric tract and into the moth flight access passage.”
“Mantrid is dead?” First asked
“ Yes and Echias is destroyed. Fifth is safely off the Noah, it must now be destroyed.”
“I don’t think he heard that part about the auxiliary passage.” Second noted.

“Out of the what?” Third asked before realizing that Fourth was gone. Well hell, he thought to himself. What goes in the mouth eventually comes out the ass. He directed the Noah toward the LEXX’s rectum. This is going to be one hell of a dump.

790 was frantic. He had seen the LEXX his wise one was one destroyed moments before the fighter his young studly one was piloting. They were gone. He could not contact his dead and dreamy one nor his distinguished one. The frantic robot head was relieved to see his curvaceous one step onto the bridge just as the LEXX suddenly grunted and yelled “OWWWWWW!!!!!!” 790 adjusted the viewscreen to see the Noah shoot out of LEXX’s anus.
The LEXX turned to target the Noah. “That really HURT!!” the ship said as it fired its weapon blowing up the Noah. Fifth closed her eyes as the tears started.

"I guess this means you are the biggest pain in the ass of the group now." Second said to Third as he finally joined them in the Other Zone.

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90 years later
Once again the Terlarans prepared to celebrate. The annual Feast of Liberation. The Grand High Priest busied himself in the Temple. He could remember the war although he was a boy at the time. He even remembered occasionally catching a glimpse of The One. He remembered how she would sit in the garden with the children of the Temple and read to them from the book, or tell them stories of the Four Incarnations after the end of the war. She had been instrumental in bringing the message that all humans were creatures of balance. All of us carry Darkness and Light, just like KAI. The Four Incarnations had all represented a different balance that humanity carried.
Echias had been destroyed early in the war. He was no longer the source of evil, mankind was responsible for its own evil. Being human was about achieving the balance. It was what the temple taught now. Temples had been established throughout the Unified Worlds as they began calling themselves after the end of the war. It had been the unified efforts of hundreds of worlds that had wiped out Mantrid’s remaining followers.
The Priest wondered if she would be up to taking part in the celebrations. Lately there seemed to be a tiredness about her. She spent more time in the past than she did in the present. Perhaps the arrival of her family from Alteri tomorrow would cheer her.

The Other Zone
It was almost time. There were now six chairs grouped at the table four were occupied.
“How old is she again?” Second asked.
“108 years old.” First said. “She lived a long life. She’s just as aged as I am now.”
“The two of you will have a lot in common then. You can complain together about your Lumbago.” Second’s head toppled to the floor.
“Nice shot” Third said to Fourth who was resetting his brace.
Fourth stood up. “It’s time. I wouldn’t say anything about her age when we get back Second. Cluster Lizards become more aggressive the older they get.”

Terla City
The old woman couldn’t sleep. All day her thoughts had been on the past. She was remembering the war, the one that finally made humanity the undisputed dominant species in the universe.
She had been tossing and turning for an hour she was tired; mentally, physically and emotionally. She rose from her bed. There was no use laying there when sleep truly eluded her. She grabbed a cloak and left the small room she called home. A walk might help.
Her steps led her to the foyer where a warrior priest bowed reverently at her as she passed. She went out into the cool night air. She let her feet decide where to take her, so it was no surprise when she found herself in the gardens. She made her way down the path to the central meditation garden. This place had meant peace to her for decades, ever since the war.
She made her way to the obelisks in the center of the garden. Four large memorial markers, each dedicated to one of the Four Incarnations dominated the space. Two of them were ancient transported here from Dagos where they had been smuggled from Brunnis after the first Great Evil. The other two had been made here on Terlara immediately after the war.
This was why she could not sleep. The four men had been weighing on her mind all day. She thought of each one. First Kai, she had more wrinkles than him now. Second Kai, forever the pain in the ass. Third Kai, probably the only one who would understand the life she had chosen, rejecting the position that was offered to her all those years ago. Fourth Kai, even after all these years the darkness still connected them. She still sometimes caught flashes of his memories.
She looked around at the other monuments. One large monument the same size as those belonging to the Four Incarnations stood sentry over the smaller monuments scattered around it. This large monument like the first two of the monuments to the incarnations had come from Brunnis, it was dedicated to Lynna, mate of First Kai and long held to be the mother of the warrior caste on Brunnis. Dara’s monument was also here, the mother who raised her although she did not give birth to her.
Then there was the final monument just installed yesterday. It stood to itself at the garden entrance. The one dedicated to Bann of Brunnis. If not for Bann would humanity even be here? Would it have survived? It was Bann who set everything in motion all those eons ago. Without him, First Kai would never have been born. The Kai bloodline would never have existed. The long struggle had finally ended with her.
It was another Bann that had been her right hand after the death of Echias and the destruction of the Noah. The next five years had been spent tracking down and executing Mantrid’s followers. When the war ended neither of them acknowledged the relationship that had grown between them. She had returned to Terlara and Bann had gone home to Alteri.
She thought back to the days right after the war. The loneliness she had felt. Vlad gone. Dara gone. The Four Kais who had been with her from the moment of her birth, gone. Torq had asked her to follow him as Grand High Priestess and she had turned him down. She spent her days thinking of those who were lost to her. She had no idea how long she would have wallowed in her loneliness and grief if Bann had not come to her rescue, this time not as a warrior but as a suitor.
Although he was 20 years older than her, the match between them was a good one. They both carried Brunnen G blood and he also knew the great responsibility that had been put on her at such a young age. He had met the other Kais and understood her grief, he had worked closely with Third training the rebels. On Alteri she was not reminded so much of those she had lost. She was able to be wife and mother. Then when Bann finally took his walk to the Dream Zone, she had come back to Terlara.
Now here she was old, tired and alone; her daughters had built lives for themselves on Alteri. She sat down on the bench in the center of the four large markers. She would just rest a minute and then go back to her room.
He caught her as she fell over, gently laying her on the bench. It would not be long now, her heart was worn out by all the years of living. He brushed her gray hair back off her peaceful face remembering when it was the same flame red as another woman who was such an important part of his existence. Even with the signs of advanced age, he could still see the impish girl she once was. Her life was ending just as they had all wanted, with a peaceful start on her walk after many long years.
She sat up with a start. She must have dozed off for a minute. She blinked at the figure standing in front of her. It had been 90 years since she had last seen him on the Noah. When he had half carried and half dragged her to the exit before collapsing. She remembered his promise.
Fourth Kai, Divine Assassin smiled as held his pale hand out to her. “I promised that I would be waiting for you, little shadow. It is time for you to step on the path and come home. They are waiting for you.”

Beyond the Frontier
Far out in the deepest reaches of space, it sat. Nothing more than a barren rock at first glance. But it was not, the blond man stood there with his arms widespread and his head thrown back. He had been standing there for a long time. Almost 90 years patiently waiting. Waiting for another stray atom of pain to find it way to him. Each one made him stronger. Another atom gravitated to him. He now knew who he was, Prince.
It would take centuries for him to gather enough pain to come back but that was fine. He had nothing but time. And when he came back he had business with someone named…Kai.

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 Posted: Wed Sep 1st, 2010 05:39 am


This has been incredibly interesting so far, I wonder where it will lead to next? Great Job !!


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I'm going back to the beginning of it all. I really want to develop the first three Kais, kind of touch on their motivations and create a little Brunnen G 'history'.

I did end this one with a 'cliffhanger' though. The death of Fifth Kai ended the Fifth cycle. But there are 6 seats in the meeting room now so there may be a new Kai to face a new (old?)nemesis in Prince.


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Your fanfic has been recommended to me, so I had to check it out.
Looks like i'm a bit behind on the reading, but i will catch up on it in this next week. :2567:
Really like what i'm reading so far, and am looking forward to reading the rest. Keep it up, i havent read some good Lexx stories for a while now :)

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Thank you! I'm doing more writing but posting it in an eZine that I publish because they are so long almost more novellas. I actually am now in the middle of the story of the First Kai and have plans to also write Second and Third Kai's stories before seeing what prince gets up to when he returns. I have a feeling that he may end up being a really fun, really evil character!


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Your welcome:)

I had a look on your ezine bloggy thingy from the other thread, but i couldn't find any stories on it. I'm not very good using websites like that, do you have a direct link ?

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This is the direct link, it should take you to the subscribe page. once subscribed you should have access to the previous issues. Issue 3 the one I published today had a hiccup and I will have to publish it again tomorrow


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Ah, i see the problem, i need an account to view it :)

I'm off to bed now, i'll see what i can do in the morning.

Speak tomorrow :)

P.S. It really is nice to come across some new fan fiction, a lot of other people stopped writing theirs now. :(

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