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Thank you very much to Lex Gigeroff for his kind generosity in sharing his Season 2 outlines of the episodes.  It is a rough guide to Season 2 before the beans actually started writing the scripts for the season.  What a wonderful and very humorous at times look into what the series could have been.  This is the property of Lex Gigeroff who has given permission for it to be shared with the lexxverse community.

Here it is:




The crew of  THE STRIPPER (Gloggo, Rexel, Jebbed, and Dave) are towing an unknown type of bio-hazardous material  illegally over a Boundary.  Some of the boys are watching a porn flick.. The ship, in an unsafe area, passes through a patch of  magnetic disturbance and, unbeknownst to the crew, some of the hazardous material gets released. All are exposed to it.


They then pick up a radio transmission that sounds like bad poetry--


--which it is. 790 is on the bridge of the Lexx reciting stanzas of  love to Zev. Nothing has changed in terms of  his undying affection for her. In fact, not much at all has changed in the crew dynamic. We quickly learn that the gang has been drifting for a long time without finding any planets of interest. Zev is still in love with Kai and is not about to settle for Stan, Stan still aches for Zev, and Kai is still dead and not interested.


Because they have been so long adrift, these normal tensions are through the roof.  Zev is ready to kill Stan if  he doesn't leave her alone, and ready to re-kill Kai if he doesn't stand and deliver.  Stan is so desperate he can't control himself, and 790 prays to the great robot program in the sky for a body so that he can satisfy the blue haired babe of his dreams.


Stan sends out a transmission begging the 'women of this universe' to respond. To his surprise and delight, he is able to break in on a hot invitation from the insatiable nymphs of  the planet Orgasmos.... But Stan has actually picked up a scene from another porn flick playing on the Stripper. Stan orders the Lexx to track the signal and rubs himself in anticipatory glee.


The Lexx tracks the signal, comes upon the Stripper, and, mistaking it for food, swallows the ship.


The Stripper ends up in the belly of  the Lexx and starts to dissolve. Dave is dead but the other three escape and start  the endless journey up the Lexx's esophagus. They come upon a broken piece of the hull;-  just in time because a river of  toxic regurgitated sludge roars down upon them. They use the piece of the hull as a boat and ride the wave.  At a critical moment they are thrown through the esophagus wall and end up--


--in the Moth chamber. They climb in one and start flying around.


Meanwhile, Dave rises from the dead, transforms into a headless monster --an effect of  the material they were exposed to earlier-- and  starts his journey up the esophagus.


The Stripper crew locates the Lexx crew. Zev immediately forgets about Kai and sets to work lining up the boys for sex. Stan is furiously jealous and Kai could care less. Dave needs to satisfy Zev and goes off  to find her.


Just as Zev lines up the first crew member for the ride of  both of their lives, they all start turning into monsters. 790/Dave shows up and wants to get in on the action, but one of the other monsters knocks the robot head off  Dave's body. 790 is back to square one.


The day is finally saved by Kai who takes the monsters out just as they are about to kill Stan and Zev.


Lexx passes by a planet and Stan, freaked by the experience, makes the totally irrational assumption that the monsters must have come from there. He orders Lexx to blow it up. Too bad,  because he learns at the last minute that the target is PORNOS, an actual planet of  insatiable babes.


After the explosion, Stan cries like a child as millions of  pairs of  lacy panties drift past the Lexx's view screen.




Our Three-and-a-Half come upon a tiny planet that is completely urban, about the size of Brooklyn.  The planet shows no signs of life.  But once our heroes cross a threshold, the place becomes "active"...


Once upon a time, tourists from long-destroyed nearby planets paid hard cash to amuse themselves on this little planetoid, by partaking in real-life sitcoms, where all the other characters are androids.


Stan gets trapped in a kind of "Three's Company" scenario, where he's a bachelor living with two beautiful chicks. Their sparkling dialogue consists of alluring come-ons, which are always thwarted at the last minute...maybe Zev gets involved in a scenario where she's the teacher of a bunch of rascally but lovable teens...and 790 lands his own talk show, where every interview consists of endless banter about the wonderful, fabulous, enchanting Zev...naturally, everything is funny even when it isn't; a mysterious and annoying laugh track accompanies any and all speech.


The shows they visit get "ratings", with Stan's going down, down, down. As a result Stan gets bumped down to lesser roles in lesser shows and finally infommercials.  But Zev draws fantastic ratings, which interests "The Head of the Network" -- and he lays out plans to "syndicate" her -- turning her into radio waves and selling her throughout the galaxy...


Stan does not like hawking idiotic products, but there seems to be no way out.  After descending to the very bottom,-- a lowly sidekick in a children's show, he realizes to his horror that the visitors to the planet who failed to make it in any type of show faced the ultimate cancellation.


So Kai has to save the day by somehow using the Lexx to "cancel" the planet...saving Zev before she is turned into particles and Stan before he's booked to play the short role in a murder mystery...





A vessel comes on the scanner...a young, handsome man is pleading for help...Zev immediately convinces Stan against his better judgment to come to his aid...


The young man (CLOD) has with him his girlfriend (BONNIE) -- but Bonnie has a problem, as she has been dead for quite some time.  Clod carries her rotting corpse around strapped to his shoulder in some kind of harness, and is in total denial that she is dead.  After all, they've made a great team for a long time. He carries on conversations with her that only he seems to really see and hear...Stan agrees to drop him off at the next available planet...It's all very sweet, this heartfelt guy with his poor, dead girl...


But Bonnie is actually in a kind of false dead state.  Clod is the second part of the same parasitic single (or team) organism...Clod dives into the bowels of the Lexx...and Bonnie comes to.  Clod releases a kind of enzyme that will make the Lexx (and its contents) palatable to the new lifeform, and Bonnie starts chowing down, consuming anything and everything in her wake, growing to a massive size as she works her way through the ship...


The Crew must defeat the invader by ensuring that Bonnie does not reach Clod, thus reuniting the pair into a single organism... Kai maneuvers Clod into a desolate area of the ship, and Clod is dispatched to the vaccuum of space... which prompts Bonnie to "save her love", and she jumps ship too... the pair tumble through the void until they land on a desolate planet...where they are stuck until...


...a mysterious Planet-Eating Force rolls through, gobbling it up...





The Lexx picks up a signal from a tiny asteroid, and on it they find a manic, hyper, twitchy salesman (GUBBY MOK).  He lives all alone there, surrounded by useless pieces of junk...He and Stan at first get along fairly well, as they're both from the same personality pool...


Gubby tries to sell Stan various useless spacecraft.  Then he offers to trade several planets for the Lexx, but Stan won't bite.  Gubby seems to be getting more and more desperate for a sale.  Unknown to our crew, he's got some real pressing debts, and there is Zev...


As a gorgeous virgin, she is worth far more than all the busted toasters he has put together...and this could be Gubby's one chance to get himself out of the red...


Gubby absconds with Zev to sell her to the Slave Cloning planet, prompting Kai and Stan to give chase in the Lexx....


And they eventually rescue Zev and blow the Slave Cloning planet to smithereens...






For some strange reason, Kai becomes motivated to cross the dimensional barrier into the Light Universe. After a lot of investigation, our heroes manage to find another fractal core.


We soon learn that during his battle with the GIGA SHADOW in the last picture of the pilot cycle, Kai received --and still has-- a little of  the insect's essence. This essence lay dormant in Kai, but is now acting up like a kind of  malaria. In fact, it is even starting to exercise some control over him.


Under the subtle influence of  the insect essence, Kai takes the Lexx into the Light Zone and seeks out Giga Shadow eggs that may have survived the insect's destruction. He argues --again showing strange 'motivation'-- that the Giga Shadow was the source of proto-blood, and therefore its eggs would likely contain, or be able to produce, the substance. If they can find one or more, Kai's  proto-blood supply problem will be forever solved.


They eventually do find one well developed larvae. The dark essence slips out of  Kai and into it. A smaller version of  the Giga Shadow soon hatches and attacks the Lexx. Kai and company have to battle it, and after much drama are ultimately successful in destroying it...


But unbeknownst to our Crew...


The new Giga Shadow is able pass its essence to an unsuspecting human...


..thus creating a new His Shadow...


...who, hooking up with directionless Clerics, founds a New Divine Order...


...and starts the whole cycle over again....





Back in the Light Zone, Stan meets some cute and all-too available women, who turn out to be Mossad-type agents of the 94 reform planets that were destroyed as a result of the lost information from inside Stan's tooth.  He is charged with multiple genocide...


Through a series of flashbacks, we get the story of how all this happened.  At first, Stan pleads his innocence, as he had no choice but to give up the codes that were in his tooth.  The successful counter-argument is that he should have blown up his ship (which he could have done), thus destroying the amino acid codes and preventing the loss of billions of lives.


Kai and Zev provide moral support to Stan, but stay out of the process, as in general, they agree with the concept of justice being served.


A central character is the Prosecutor, an extremely overbearing Marcia Clark type with none of the, er, charm...But somewhere along the way her anger takes over and she turns the case into more of a personal vendetta against Stan than an actual criminal case.


In the end, Stan admits his culpability -- he has been feeling guilty over what happened for a long time, and it is cathartic to finally own up. 


Stanley Tweedle is found guilty on all acounts and sentenced to a horrible death... but because Stan's positive deeds, such as helping to destroy His Shadow are not taken into account, Kai and Zev change their position and finally come to his rescue...


...and our adventure continues.





Somewhere on the Lexx, a man in a stunning gold suit is being chased by something unseen.  He makes it to the Control Chamber and is about to make it to the Bridge, but just before he does...he's grabbed from behind and disappears...


In the Galley Stan has just eaten an especially yummy helping of food and orders seconds.  Enjoying round two of his glop, he bites down on a finger, and then notices bits of gold suit in his food....Stan retches, and... after a search the Crew find The Family -- The Chainsaw Gang meets The Hills Have Eyes dudes meets the Michigan Militia  -- led by "Daddy", his (not necessarily unrelated) concubine, two errant sons, a lithe and lovely daughter and an obnoxious little kid...they have been on board the Lexx the whole time since the ship left the Cluster in "I Worship His Shadow", the pilot cycle's first picture.  They have been squirreled up in various parts of the ship ever since, barbecuing rotten Cluster Lizards and the like...the guy who ended up in the food processor was the man in the gold suit, a lost technician who has been hiding on the Lexx since it left the Cluster.


The daughter, a fulsome, stupid wench, has two crossed eyes for Stan. This leads to the inevitable conflict, since Daddy is very, very possessive of his beloved daughter ("Sissy").  Soon, Daddy is chasing Stan all over the ship, ready to cut off his balls with a meat cleaver.  Zev fends off the Sons, who are far too depraved, disgusting and inbred to be taken seriously as a romantic option.


A subplot involves The Little Kid, who thinks 790 is about the coolest toy he's ever seen.  TLK takes the robot head and devises all manner of nasty tortures for it...


The two Sons steal Zev by whisking her away in a Moth and hiding in an asteroid belt.  Meanwhile, Daddy is chasing Stan down...


790 convinces The Little Kid that a grateful Zev will be his if he can manage to rescue her (although 790 has no intention of letting such a travesty actually occur).  With wet dreams dancing in his eyes, he goes to work, communicating with his older brothers in an attempt to pinpoint their location...


Stan eventually "barters" with Daddy; how would he like to be "Captain" of the Lexx for awhile, in exchange for Stan's life?  Daddy agrees (with the caveat that as soon as he's tired of running the ship, Stan is meat), and sets out to find those two young rascals of his by directing the Lexx to blast away at the asteroid belt, which eventually forces the Moth out of hiding...


Zev is rescued, the Sons and concubine are dispatched, and Daddy and the Daughter get to hang around for another episode or two...




The Lexx lands on the militantly politically correct Planet Carob. Our heroes are welcomed into the main commune, but must follow the strict rules which include learning about crystals, developing recipes for vegetarian chili and renouncing the patriarchy. Visits to the Museum of the Oppressive Male are mandatory.


Stan becomes enamored with one of  the female leaders on the planet. Under her influence and because he wants to please her, he is converted to the cause, becoming the ultimate zealot. He turns on Kai and Zev because they aren't buying it. However, his new "consenting yet still independent partner in sharing" refuses to sleep with him until he reaches the 'Seventh Level of  Enlightenment' which involves a lot of  gender neutral education and tree planting. Things go awry when Stan is caught flirting with a teenage student. In fact, she is the one who turns him in. The penalty for such a heinous crime is death;- a horrible ordeal where the offender is made into compost.  Kai and Zev are already in prison, punished for missing their turn doing the dishes.


But this new age planet has a dirty little secret.... Fat people are kept in squalid camps, deemed failures of the regime. They are assumed to be gluttons who consume more than their share and aren't able to contribute as much to the positive.


With the help of the father, Zev and Kai escape prison and rescue Stan. With Kai and Zev's help, the fat people succeed in taking over the planet. The former rulers are all forced to eat meat-dipped donuts and watch nude mud wrestling. Our heroes wave good-bye to the fat people and take off in the Lexx. The new rulers of the planet are in for a grand future...


...except that moments after the Lexx disappears, the PLANET EATING FORCE rolls through and eats the entire planet. 






The new incarnation of His Shadow is having a rough time. Its host brain was not 'vacced' (wiped clean), and is causing serious interference with the insect essence and its agenda. And, on a more crucial note, it turns out that Kai did not pass all of the essence into the larval Giga Shadow. His Shadow is therefore missing the thousands upon thousands of memories he should possess. He is unable to properly know himself and his role without them, and is determined to get them back.


He sends several dispossessed clerics who are charged to get the memories from Kai. Most meet their deaths trying to obtain them, but one is eventually successful in retrieving the missing memories on a disk. The disk is returned to His Shadow, who transfers his essence through the ritual of "the kiss" to a clean, fully vacced host before incorporating them. This new His Shadow quickly realizes that he should have instructed the clerics to kill Kai, as he becomes aware of the PROPHECY again.


Meanwhile, without the memories, Kai has turned into a form of vegetable. He reverts back to being a mindless assassin in waiting; his only reply to every question being "Who would you like me to kill, Divine Shadow?"  With the help of 790, Zev and Stan are able to locate the planet of the Time Prophet. As it is incredibly small, they have to leave the Lexx (taking Kai with them) and approach it in a Moth. Zev asks the Time Prophet what is going to happen now, but the ancient seer is  senile, cantankerous, and drunk. Her answers to Zev's questions are obtuse and contradictory, and she proves to be no help at all. However, when Zev asks her what their fate will be, the Time Prophet replies, "His Shadow is going to kill you all in about five minutes."


They look to the Lexx in the distance, and see one of His Shadow's ships approaching it. Zev and Stan grab Kai and  race toward the Lexx in their Moth, but they are too late. His Shadow gets on board and targets them in the Lexx's sights. He commands the great ship to blow them up--


--and the Lexx obliges. The Moth is destroyed and our heroes are all killed.


His Shadow then turns the Lexx against the planet of  the Time Prophet (with her on it) and blows it apart, and in the process accidentally breaking open a TIME LOOP. It is suddenly one hour earlier, and our heroes are alive again. They are able to use this second chance to avoid being blown up and to disable the Lexx before his Shadow can steal it. However, His Shadow manages to escape and returns to the New Cluster.


None of their actions are able to save the Time Prophet. She is destroyed forever, an event she saw coming and was anxious to finally get to.  






Zev, Stan and 790, having successfully disabled the Lexx, are now unable to get it up and running again. They are stuck drifting in the Light Universe, sitting ducks should His Shadow come after them again and with Kai in no better shape than when we last saw him.


And His Shadow is definitely planning to come after them. He has his minions scour the universe for any surviving Giga Shadow eggs. They manage to return to the New Cluster with several. The eggs are soon hatched and some of His Shadow's essence is passed to each of the insects within, developing them into living weapons. This army takes off to attack the Lexx.


Zev and Stan learn of their approach and become rightly afraid. In usual circumstances an attack like this would be no big deal, as a healthy Lexx could easily defeat such an enemy. But now their only hope is to outfit Moths with 'home-made' weaponry and engage in a dogfight. Each of the crew members (including any temporary crew members) pilots their own Moth. Even 790 is able to fly one, using his eye light to affect the control panel. Only Kai is on left board, useless to them in his coma-like state.


This rag-tag group of fighters enjoys some initial success against the attackers, but it is obvious that they will soon be overwhelmed. But Stan forces one of the insects to crash into the Lexx, where it sticks into the hull. He is able to extract some of its brain from it, board the Lexx and bring it to Kai. The essence from the piece of brain matter is passed to Kai...


...and the gamble pays off. The insect's aura contains enough of  His Shadow's essence and memories to 'reactivate' Kai. The last of the Brunnen-G is in fighting form again, and he is able to turn the tide of the battle. The insects are defeated, the Lexx repaired, and our heroes able to escape back into the Dark Zone.


But His Shadow survives, becoming more powerful and knowing that he must, above all, destroy the last of the Brunnen-G.




The Lexx arrives on a most peculiar planet -- everyone sings, all day, all the time.  Suddenly, the Crew find themselves in the middle of a very strange, Off-off-off-off Broadway musical...with big production values, heavy choreography, and a sweeping majestic score.  Our crew really like this and get into the whole singing thing. Soon, each is delivering their lines in the musical setting most appropriate for them. 


But Stan, of course, grows weary of having to belt out a tune every time he wants to talk.  As punishment, he has to do "The Gauntlet" -- a dangerous musical show with tasks and perils that have the look, feel and staging of an Andrew Lloyd Webber trip to Dante's Inferno...


"The Gauntlet" culminates with an overbearingly dramatic death scene, one in which the victim (Stan) gets wonderfully dramatic lines to deliver before being garrotted onstage.  Perhaps "Daddy" from White Trash inadvertently saves the day by taking the role from Stan, as he "always wanted to be in one of those musical things"...


Kai and Zev again have to rescue Stan somehow...


...and the Planet is consumed by the Planet Eating Force...




Exploring an apparently deserted planet the Lexx has landed on, Stan stumbles upon a prison compound. Near the prison, he witnesses an escaped female prisoner being captured and hauled back to jail by burly, sadistic, female guards. Some sneaking around clues him into the fact that this is an all female prison, and boy are they hot!! Stan conspires to get into the prison by  dressing up as a woman. Specifically, he dresses up as a warden. His real aim is simply to get into one of the cells and see if he can score with one of the sexy inmates, but he unwittingly winds up leading a jail break with some of the more voluptuous specimens.. The entire machinery of the prison is unleashed to recapture the escapees. Stan believes their contention that they have all been wrongly convicted and he ends up performing uncharacteristically heroic deeds as the inmates make their dash for freedom.


Meanwhile, Zev comes looking for Stan and gets arrested.


Stan gets caught and is to be tortured. But Kai arrives, also disguised as a woman, and rescues Zev. Both of them then rescue Stan. 


Eventually, the evil wardens are destroyed and all the hot babes are set free. Stan feels that, because he is such a hero, it's payback time and the ladies should show some sexual gratitude. They all proclaim that they would too, but the problem is that they are all died-in-wool lesbians. In fact, that's why they were all put in jail in the first place. The sadistic wardens were all heterosexual, but now they are all dead. Stan is out of luck once again.


Guest  stars for this episode should include Angie Dickinson, Morgan Fairchild, Linda Blair, Joey Heatherton, Tanya Roberts, Diane Baker (aka Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS), Marilyn Chambers and Traci Lords. 




The Lexx passes into a cloud-like nebulae.  The crew are lost and confused, but here and there in the clouds they can see people.  And they also recognize some of the people, remembering them from when they were alive. Many of them are people Kai killed, and they are a pretty consistent do-gooder lot.  The Lexx has stumbled across Heaven.


Eventually the Crew make their way to the Gate, garishly festooned with harps, cherubs, etc.  They encounter a St. Peter type of figure, dripping in Pentacostal piousness.  He asks each of them a series of questions (dragging in every St. Peter-At-The-Gates joke that we can muster).  Maybe Pete and Kai can begin a theological debate (Kai is open to lots of religions, while Pete is adamant that there is only one true faith, and he's prepared to bust you in the nose to make his point).  For these and other transgressions (including Stan's ridiculous answers to serious questions), the Crew are dispatched to Hell; but our heroes manage to escape.  It's a tough, rough shoot out, and in doing so, they accidentally blow up Heaven...


Which sends them....straight to Hell.




Immediately after blowing up heaven, the crew of  the Lexx find themselves in hell.


We have not fully developed the concept of Hell, but it will be custom-tailored to each of our characters.


This episode will be more of a nail biter, a darker, more serious story with a lower quotient of humor than usual.


After each of  them has been suitably cowed, the real forces of hell are unleashed, and things get thoroughly nasty...



1- 9x10- LOVELINE


The Lexx cruises through space when it receives a strange thread of a is a kind of intergalactic personals line, which offers a limitless range of personalities and looks to choose from...


Stan, fed up that Zev won't sleep with him, of course wants his own "love slave".  Which is okay with Zev, 'cause she's hot to dial up a steaming hunk of luscious funk...Kai has no interest in a fleshy partnership, but is curious about the origins of the personals line...


Stan orders up Natasha Hendridge, Zev takes Fabio,-- and the courtships are very swift indeed.  As Zev gets ready to do Fabio, she notices something strange about him (i.e.,  his skin starts coming off).  She and the Big Boy wrestle, and the truth comes out...


Natasha and Fabio are in actual fact Bounty Hunters, sent into the Dark Zone by His Shadow to at long last capture Kai and end the prophecy... and the quickest way to track down the Lexx was to appeal to Stan's carnal desires...


Off comes Natasha's skin as well, and with Zev and Stan temporarily out of the picture, the two Bounty Hunters stalk Kai throughout the ship...


He defeats them in the end, and the Lexx ends up destroying the Personals Line...




The Lexx and its crew arrive on Dorkadia, a planet rife with mousy computer geeks, Trekkies, D+D short, all those odd kids in school with thick glasses, dandruff and ill-fitting shirts.  The bulk of their time is spent playing all manner of elaborate, involved games, mostly with fancy computers.  Much of the interior of the planet resembles a kind of cheezy casino.


Desperate for some kind of action, Stan quickly gets involved in one of the big games.  He loses his shirt, Kai and Zev, the Lexx, and finally the control in his "magic palm".  Stan is thrown into "receivership"...


Zev is, ironically, sentenced to be turned into a love/slave, but in Dorkadia, the looks of  a "love/slave" are even more pumped than she already is.


The Lexx takes umbrage at the thought of being turned into a giant theme park/paintball arcade, but the ship is subdued with drugs and computers.


One of the dorks ("Flort") likes Zev just the way she is -- and with the aid of 790, manages to rescue her...but Flort is only using her to get access to Stan's hand, as he really wants to steal the Lexx....


But Kai saves the day when he invents a completely new game --  an esoteric, intellectualized cross between Chess and Go -- that takes the dorks totally by surprise. They get so hooked on it that he wins the ship back....and the Crew are able to hightail it out of Dorkadia...


...just as the Planet-Eating Force rolls through and gobbles it up... 




One day Zev starts to feel a little oddly under the weather. 790 explains to her that the Clerics on the Cluster considered variety to be the spice of  life, and that with such an abundance of  fresh love slaves available it simply wasn't necessary to preserve them for any length of  time. During her love slave transformation, her genetic material was altered to incorporate a self -destruct mechanism. Specifically, after her 'shelf-life' has passed, she will shortly transform into a bag of protein.


790 informs an incredulous Zev that the sack of protein she will soon become would  normally be fed into the protein bank, always a priority on the Cluster.


All efforts by the crew become concentrated on reversing Zev's inevitable slide towards protein sack-dom. Kai offers up proto-blood and Stan volunteers his semen, but neither can help her. Under 790's advice and expertise, they build their own homemade love slave transformation cylinder from found materials. However, the equipment they cobble together is both unstable and unpredictable, and messing with love slave DNA is always a tricky business....


Zev climbs into the rough and ready transformation cylinder and Kai fires it up. The machinery does its work, the cylinder lifts off her...


...and she becomes a Cluster Lizard.  Subdued with difficulty she is put back into the machine.  She is turned back into Zev, but the self-destruct mechanism is still intact. Several more attempts to counteract it yield no result.


The moment of truth arrives. Standing in a large basin, Zev bids her companions a tearful farewell. Then, in the space of a few seconds, she dissolves into liquid mush that fills the container.


As we leave our heroes, 790 cries robot tears over his lost love, while Stan and Kai contemplate the future without the vivacious, beautiful heart of their crew.




The remaining Crew are eating in the Galley, and look up to find Wist standing there, naked to the world...Wist doesn't recognize them at all...which Stan finds hard to believe...he wants Kai to smash her open like a pumpkin to find the Pattern worms that he's sure are inside...But this Wist seems a little different than her earlier incarnation (in "Eating Pattern", the pilot cycle's 3rd picture) fact, much closer to the Wist of the video transmission than her later self....and she's very hungry, and very scared and very lost and very frightened...


Wist is a manifestation of a life form which was in a larval state when "Wist" first appeared, and imitated her (There are dozens of these half-formed, podlike creatures in a certain area of the ship, and it copied "Wist" for its final form).  They fear her as alien life forms in the Dark Zone do not ordinarily turn out to be friendly.


But in the end, "Wist" becomes the key to reviving Zev (who remains a sack of protein from the previous episode).  Her species can transform themselves into the dominant species in whatever environment they visit, and by using her larval enzymes she is able to do the same for the protein sack, recreating Zev.


And perhaps "Wist" survives and stays with the Crew (for awhile).  After all, she's just this charming, lost, innocent little girl, with no place to call home...




The Lexx, being thirsty, lands on a hydro-planet.  It is completely landless, just a big ball of H2O except for all sorts of huge, delicious-looking flowers sticking out of the water.  The flowers turn out to be fly traps, but after that...


...we do not know what happens, because we have not fully developed the story.  We think it has possibility, because we want the "character" of this episode to be the planet itself -- a giant life form -- that has different moods, depending on whether it's day or night.  We also want to shoot an outdoor episode for a change, and have promised the crew that one show will be shot in the Caribbean a the end of the long Canadian winter before we re-locate to Berlin.




The PLANET EATING FORCE has been a peripheral threat in the series for some time. In this episode, it finally encounters the Lexx. However, instead of attacking the Lexx, the crew discover to their horror that it wants to mate with it. Besides, they always thought the Lexx was male. After a wild chase through space, the pursuer finally connects. Their mating tosses the crew like salad, and the much larger PLANET EATING FORCE threatens to rip the Lexx apart. It is up to Kai to insert a poisoned catheter device into the giant member of the PLANET EATING FORCE, which eventually kills it...


...but not before conception is completed. We travel deep into the Lexx's reproductive area and see that he is indeed a she... and getting fertilized at this very moment.


A pregnant Lexx will have interesting consequences down the line. Besides the attendant 'morning sickness' and other gestational complications, the Lexx  has a major mechanical and 'steroid'  grown component. The offspring, when they finally arrive (after many hot debates among the crew about whether they should allow the pregnancy to come to term) will be seriously mutated,  possibly even dangerous beasties. They could grow to become an external or even an internal threat... or weird and wonderful allies.



In the final episode of the season, the Lexx comes across a planet of men.  They are, by definition, homosexual, although since not one inhabitant has ever actually laid eyes on a female, they have no knowledge whatsoever of heterosexuality.  They do possess a hierarchy, and of course, a strange underground lab where new members of the species are "hatched".


In the course of the episode, Kai recovers his libido and goes after Zev.  790 somehow finds a body and he too goes after Zev.  Stan would go after Zev, but it is all he can do to fend off the amorous advances of one of the planet's leading citizens, who chases him through the pink alleys of the planet.


And there is another potential suitor.  The hunkiest guy on the planet thinks that Zev is just about the strangest "man" he's ever seen.  Determined, however, to win her, he turns into a figure of Herculean romance, wooing Zev with his charm.


In the final scene, Zev wakes up after a night of hot, steamy sex.  A huddled figure lies underneath a blanket beside her.  Zev tells him that it was the most wonderful experience she's ever had.  But we cannot tell who the figure is.  Kai?  Stan?  790?  The Hunky Guy?  Who popped Zev's cherry?


We will all have to wait for Episode One of Season Two to find out.



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A fascinating read indeed.  There are a few ideas here that I wish they could have expounded on...particularly the "Fly Trap" and "Bonnie" episodes (although the latter winds up being a bit too reminiscent of the finale to Eating Pattern for my liking).  I'm not at all surprised to see that several elements that found their way into the later seasons are present, albeit in embryonic form. 

The return of HDS was obviously retooled into the Mantrid arc, with which they fused the nondescript "planet eating force."  All for the better, in my opinion, as HDS' return essentially constitutes a HDS, new Order, New Cluster...not that they couldn't have struck gold by heading down this road, but I think it's for the best that they didn't.

Naturally, the Zev/Xev changeover is absent, which is to be expected...but, I was shocked to see that Zev's gooey demise and her revival at the hands of Wist (who, in this incarnation, is basically Lyekka in everything but name, and I've a feeling they only came up with the Lyekka character because they couldn't get the actress who played Wist back) was there from the get-go.

And the "whodunnher?" cliffhanger ending...coulda been interesting!

Kinda makes me wish the gang would reunite for a few episodes of Lexx: The Lost Years.

Great find, Angel; and thanks a zillion to Lex for sharing.  Wish I could pick his brain in person about some of these ideas in person.

One question: were these all Lex's pitches, or are they outlines that the three beans hashed out together?


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Thank goodness Brigadoom was changed to the classic it became. Pa in brigadoom? Did I read right? That would have been awful. Although some of the other ideas seemed interesting. Interesting to see that the Heaven and Hell story arc from season 3 was originally thought up for season 2. Perhaps they came up with so many ideas for the characters in "hell" that they expanded it to a full season story arc.

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Love the Cole Porter-esque episode title!! :D I'll give that a proper read later.


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I did ask Bilbo's question of was it just Lex that wrote these outlines, and it was all 3 beans that came up with these ideas.

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Just read the whole lot and it was fascinating to see which ideas were used in the episodes we have as Season 2 now. I guess the "promised" Carribean trip for Fly Trap had to wait until Season 4's Xevivor?

I love Season 2 as it is, and I don't think Nook would have worked particularly well as the season finale. It worked a lot better with the darker culmination of the Mantrid storyline. I guess with His Dark Shadow resurrected there would have been a menace carrying on into Season 3. The HDS 3 parter does sound good though, especially in the place of the lesser episodes like The Net / The Web. I expect budget had a lot to do with these things never coming together.

I had to laugh at the provisional cast list for the prison episode; seeing Morgan Fairchild on Lexx would have been hilarious and bizarre at the same time.

Thanks Lex for providing these "what ifs" and Angel for posting. I loved reading them.


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Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. This is *gold!* It is at once like a season one-and-a-half/two-and-a-half and also provides an irreplaceable and fantastic window on the creative process which begat Lexx. The way ideas were altered, discarded, and transposed illuminates the show that ultimately resulted.
This is something I'm going to want to reread, just as I occasionally re-watch the Lexx episodes.
*Thank* *You* *Lex* *Gigeroff!*


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WOW thanks fascinating! I plan to read each of these immediately after I rewatch each season 2 ep :-)

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oh how deliciously demented were those Beans!!! I see wisps of genius, who doesn't eh? How absolutely marvelous were these gems of ideas! Thank you so much Mr. Gigeroff for sharing these after so much time has passed..absolute treasures!


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I remember a few years back--in the immediate wake of the show's conclusion--there was talk of a Lexx comic spin-off, which obviously never came to fruition.  It's a bit of a stretch, but I think some of these ideas could have been salvaged/recycled and given the ink 'n paint treatment, had that project ever gotten off the ground.


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These made for a very interesting read, thanks for posting this! You can see how a lot of ideas got switched around and reshuffled between episodes...

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Thanks for sharing this, as i read them i just imagined how the episode would play out on screen, most of them sound great to me.

Except yea, the return of Wist, im glad Lyekka came in instead, i wished that lyekka was used more often because although she was a bit freaky and scary at the same time, she actually cares for stan, which was nice to see sometimes :)

Also the team of Kai and Lyekka, which happened very rarely, was a killer team, a dead guy and a plant? Genius :P

It would have been cool to see a return of His Divine Shadow, but i also really enjoyed the Mantrid continuance throughout the season, it built up nicely to an ultimate battle at the end of the season, which to me defines season 2 as the best season of Lexx.

Cheers for that read :)


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really awsome, im not a big reader but still really awsome that you got this, i wish there would be a remake of lexx


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Bilbo67 wrote: I remember a few years back--in the immediate wake of the show's conclusion--there was talk of a Lexx comic spin-off, which obviously never came to fruition.  It's a bit of a stretch, but I think some of these ideas could have been salvaged/recycled and given the ink 'n paint treatment, had that project ever gotten off the ground.

I would be willing to work with someone in the creation of this. It would be awesome to see an effectively working "season" come into existence.

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