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Michael McManus interview 3-17-2009
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 Posted: Thu Apr 12th, 2012 01:08 pm


Angel wrote:
How about we just keep this thread about Michael's interview and nothing else. I'm grateful he took the time to do the interview and gave us a fascinating insight into the person and the career.

I was very interested to find out what music MM has been listening to, especially with him being a musician as well. I'd not heard of John Zorn before, so went to check him out. Zorn's work addresses many of the same deep themes as those in Lexx.

Curiously as well, Portishead did a short film called "To Kill a Dead Man", back in '94 already.

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mayaXXX wrote:  I used to work as a bartender
So THAT'S who kept buying me a free round of that bubbling green stuff that kept eating through its glass and whispering my name back in the old LexxBar days!

The Ripper himself had nuthin' on my towering suspect list!

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 Posted: Sun Feb 10th, 2013 07:05 pm


Back to MM, I read or heard his interview about the obstacles faced when puting on the play Macbeth.

I went to the, Caravan Farms Theatre, web site and was fasinated by it. They have plays and other projects all year around, even in winter.

The Theater project are worked around open fields, meadows, woods and buildings.

I sure would like to visit the place to see how that is done.
And I also would like to know where and how the audiences view the productions?

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To do that you'd have to sit in. Access to the site is tough, it's in the middle of nowhere, accessible by small private plane or an extremely long car ride. Performances take place despite inclement weather or cold. Occasionally they post reviews.

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