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Xenia's Music Career
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 Posted: Thu Sep 18th, 2008 11:46 am


I've tried to look up more information on Google, her official site and Wikipedia, but I think asking you guys is the best bet! :)

I have the Heartbeat single. Does anyone have a full list of remixes? I see there's an 'Ambient Remix' that was vinyl only, so I'm missing that one. Were there any others? Did she ever release a follow up single?

Someone recently put the video on YouTube, which I love! :D

I'm curious about the CDs available on her website. Am I right in thinking that she isn't actually on the Vertikals CD she is selling? It says that is the album that made her interested in joining the group. When I get some spare money I will be buying the Love Me Two Times CD. Has anyone ordered from her site? Is it reliable?

Sorry for all the questions, I just need to have my curiosity satisfied!


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 Posted: Fri Sep 19th, 2008 05:11 am


Xenia actually has been a background singer for several European groups, and one called Diary of Dreams has her as a featured singer. There's no discography listed anywhere that I know of, but the one person that knows more about Xenia's music than anyone is XS4Xever. You can PM him here through the board, and he might actually have stuff he can either trade or sell you of Xenia's that no one else can get you. As for ordering from her site, she doesn't really have any part in the sales or operation of the site per se, just the authorization. I have no idea about the Vertikals CD listed and if it's still available.

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