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 Posted: Mon Mar 12th, 2007 11:54 pm


Ok guys...I had to share this one...  I just had a bad carrot dream!!!!!  I don't know whether it is all the raw veggies I have been eating lately or the FF Angel posted this morning that made me dream this but it was wild.  Weirdly enough I wasn't in the dream. 

Two guys were in a warehouse and they were driving around on a cart trying to get away from someone who was trying to capture them for doing something wrong (vague I know but at the time it all made sense) anyway one of the guys got separated off the cart and he was running through a back room full of boxes.  He thought he heard someone behind him so he stumbled into the bathroom (fitting place).  He heard a squeaking sound and he began saying that he didn't do it, that it wasn't his fault, that the other guy was responsible.  He backed into a stall and shut the door but the squeak got louder and louder.  He kept trying to convince whoever was there that it wasn't him they wanted but the squeak was relentless. He backed up near the toilet and his foot touched something.  When he looked down he saw two bad carrots with blinking eye balls staring up at him.  He started screaming and that is when I woke up. 

Weird huh?  Wonder what that means....anyway, thought I would share with some people who know what bad carrots are and what they are for....Sweet Dreams Everybody!

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 Posted: Tue Mar 13th, 2007 12:29 am


:roflrofla: LMGDAO, Kitty Kat!  Did you happen to eat some carrots before you went to bed?  *backs away when she notices Kat has a blinking eyeball poking out of her forehead*

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