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My 2 Cents on Episode 2.9: 791

Take the basic premise of one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time; inject a dance number, a woman with no heart, and an aesthetically loopy cyborg that would give George Michael a run for his money in the "issues" department…slam all that together and you’ve got 791. Only Lexx could do it and make it work. This episode was great, though as an avid worshipper of the first two Alien films I may be a tad biased. Obviously the beans are fans as well, as this is the second Alien reference I’ve caught this season. (The scene in Terminal where Zev, in cluster lizard battle mode, chows down on Dr. Kazaan was patterned after the scene where Brett gets it).

I love the way they set the atmosphere for the whole ep. From the planet, to the eerily organic derelict spaceship (exterior and interior), right down to the rose petal eggs; every effects shot was in some way a tip of the hat to H.R. Giger’s original work (of course it could also be argued that the Lexx itself is in some way influenced by his style [outlandish techno-organic design laden with too many hidden phallic images for the rational mind to count]). I especially loved the send up of Alien’s finale, with Stan attempting to harpoon the headless cyborg just as Ripley did the xenomorph in the original movie. Naturally he missed, but come on, this is Lexx!

It was nice to see Lyekka again (they could have made the whole show about her from this point on…such is the level of my appreciation for her disposal of Pa Goleen). I had no idea she could morph into liquid…I guess in addition to Alien, they decided to throw in an Abyss/T2 reference. Her outfit kind of looked like a throwback to Live-Kai’s psychedelic getup, and definitely held my attention.

Alright, I can’t take it, let’s jump ahead to the cyborg…
I absolutely loved how they warped 790’s face. Simply put, it made him look psychotic (more so than normal). The scenes where he Xev came off as a tad choppy, so I’m going to assume the SciFi string pullers made another in their series of arbitrary cuts. All is forgiven however, as they left the best part of the ep (IMHO) in tact....Stan the disco man. I almost died laughing when I saw that part. I honestly don’t know how the actors are able to keep a straight face when shooting scenes like this, and I think it would be hilarious to see some sort of out-takes.

Poor Stan. He almost got lucky for an unprecedented third straight episode, though I have an inkling he’s glad he came up dry this time. I personally want to know what kind of mind-altering substances the beans were on when they thought up such lines as "sizzle in my pizzle." Another classic moment.

The Desh (did they ever actually say her name in the ep?) story line, while interesting, felt a little flat. It would have been nice if they’d delved a little more into her background beyond "kill to live/live to kill" (sounds like some third rate heavy metal lyrics). Still she tied in nicely with the overall story, as she was the one who crashed the ship and rewired the cyborg, plus she gave Lyekka an excuse not to chow down on Stan.

You have to absolutely love 790’s reaction to what he almost did to Stan…"This is the very definition of misery!" That’s the little talking trashcan at his best. Speaking of which, I always thought it would be funny if they had reprogrammed 790 to fall in love with Stan, whereupon, despite his high-octane love slave programming, he too finds the security guard to be completely devoid of any sexually redeeming qualities. Ah, the road not taken.

Who knew a single ship’s self destruct mechanism was capable of wiping out an entire planet? Guess they don’t make ‘em like they used to. Well, technically they never made ‘ hell, it’s late, you know what I mean ;)

Cheery bye.

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I thought the funniest part of this ep was 791's perversion to get it on with Stan.  And the Stan the Man dance scene was hysterical!


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As a "n00b" on this bored, I've spent the last couple of days browsing the threads and getting a feel for whats going on here.

Your reviews grabbed me, and sucked me right in! Good job!

If you've ever read "Video Watchdog" or "the Phantom of  the Movies Videoscope", you'd see a similarity between their reviewing style and yours. Your writing has a proffessional quality that would fit right in those particular "genre" magazines. You should make some submissions there, someday.

Please keep it up - I'm looking forward to the next one!


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I still enjoy reading your reviews pretty much! Keep up the great work, Bilbo.

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hehe I know..Bilbo has this perverse sense of style that is uniquely his own and what a treasure he is..

I also loved this episode..laughs galore and the innuendo was sublime.. 

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